Personal Loan offerings by Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. (Piramal Finance)

Key Features

Loan Amount

₹ 1 Lakhs - ₹ 10 Lakhs

Loan Tenure Up To

60 Months

Interest Rates Starting At

12.99% p.a

For detailed fees and chargesClick here *T&C apply

Who Can Apply for Personal Loan Online?

The eligibility criteria mainly depends on your employment. Choose the employment type and check your eligibility.

Calculate EMI & Check eligibility
    Your Personal loan EMI is
    Principal amount
    Interest amount

    Documents Required

    Certain documents are required to get a Quick Personal Loan. Documents for Personal Loan may differ based on profession / occupation of applicant.

    KYC Documents

    Proof of Identity & Address

    Income Documents

    Proof of Income



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    How to apply for a personal loan from Piramal Finance?

    • Step 1: Click on Apply Now and start your digital Instant Personal loan application
    • Step 2: Once you have applied for the personal loan, enter your mobile number that is linked to your bank account
    • Step 3: You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP to proceed.
    • Step 4: Next, enter your PAN details and confirm the same
    • Step 5: After filling and confirming the PAN details, enter your employment details and confirm the same
    • Step 6: After this, complete your KYC and select your address
    • Step 7: Once you have completed your KYC, view your loan offer
    • Step 8: Now that you viewed your loan offer, enter your bank account details
    • Step 9: Next, verify your bank account details and confirm the same
    • Step 10: Once you have verified your bank account details, upload your bank account statement and salary slips
    • Step 11: Now, verify your income
    • Step 12: Take a selfie and verify the same
    • Step 13: Once you have verified your selfie, view your loan details and edit it if necessary
    • Step 14: After you have completed all the edits, set up auto-pay
    • Step 15: Complete your auto-repayment setup
    • Step 16: View your final offer details
    • Step 17: Check your loan application status
    • Step 18: And lastly, download the Piramal Finance App to track your loan details, statements, credit score, etc.

    After completing the final process within a few minutes, the Personal loan will get credited to your verified bank account.

    Benefits of Personal Loan at Piramal Finance

    Piramal Finance offers the best personal loan in India. Some of the benefits of availing of a personal loan from Piramal Finance include competitive personal loan rates, quick personal loan sanction and disbursal, flexible repayment tenure, and many more.

    Zero Foreclosure Charges

    Zero pre-payment and foreclosure charges

    Clubbing Incomes for higher loans

    Piramal finance offers great flexibility of clubbing incomes for higher loan amounts eligibility

    Quick Disbursals

    Quick sanctions and smooth disbursal processes: You repay your debts or do major purchases, and we will handle all the formalities.

    Personal Loan EMI That Fits Your Pocket

    There are multiple options available when it comes to framing a personal loan structure that suits your requirements. We empower a lot of flexibility in the loan tenure, prepayment and foreclosure as well.

    Minimum Documentation

    To further ensure an easy and hassle-free process of a personal loan application, Piramal Finance requires minimal documentation.

    Applicable Fees and Charges for Piramal Finance Personal Loan

    Some common fees and charges associated with personal loans are as follows:

    Processing charges:

    The processing fee for a personal loan is related to the administration costs of the lender. It ranges from 0.50% to 2.50%.

    Verification charges:

    A personal loan will be disbursed by a bank or financial institution only after the borrower's repayment capacity has been verified. Borrowers may need to hire third-party verification agencies. That is why they charge borrowers a verification fee.


    All borrowers will have to contribute a certain amount toward GST.

    Late payment fee:

    When a borrower fails to pay the personal loan EMIs on time, they will have to bear a late payment fee.

    Prepayment or foreclosure charges:

    Borrowers are usually required to pay a prepayment or foreclosure charge when they are willing to close a loan before its stipulated tenure.

    Prepayment and Part Payment in Personal Loan

    When you get your hands on some extra funds, you should try contributing them toward your personal loan. The prepayment facility helps you repay a loan before the fixed tenure. It ensures that you will be debt-free sooner than the loan term. Instead of prepaying the entire amount, you can make a partial payment on a personal loan.

    A part payment involves paying a lump sum amount toward your personal loan. However, it is lower than the principal outstanding amount. Part payments can bring down the unpaid principal amount while lowering the EMIs and the total payable interest.

    Types of Pre-Payment

    Full Pre-Payment: It revolves around pre-paying the entire amount.
    Part pre-payment: It entails prepaying a significant portion of your outstanding principal to your personal loan bank.

    Modes of Personal Loan Payment or Repayment

    Electronic Clearance System (ECS): It revolves around making repetitive and periodic transactions.
    Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs): The payer writes a PDC to be withdrawn at a future date.
    National Automated Clearing House: The centralised system was developed in India to consolidate multiple ECS systems. The system supports fund transfers between different bank accounts.
    Debit mandate or standing instruction: In this case, the borrower can provide a fixed instruction to the bank to debit a specific amount from their account automatically.

    How to Improve your Chances of Getting a Personal Loan?

    Credit Clean-up:

    You can improve your personal loan eligibility by increasing your credit score. A higher credit score makes you a reliable borrower.

    Rebalancing your income and debts:

    Your income-to-debt ratio helps determine the portion of your income that gets contributed toward covering your debts. A low income-to-debt ratio can make you more eligible for personal loans.

    Consider Co-signers/Guarantors:

    If you fail to repay your personal loan on time, your guarantor or co-signers will be responsible for repaying it. Therefore, adding a co-signer or guarantor makes you a low-risk borrower.

    Limit Your Borrowing:

    If you have too much debt, lenders will see you as a risky borrower. If you plan on taking a personal loan, try repaying your existing loans first.

    Choose the Right Lender:

    The best personal loan bank or financial institution will have less rigid eligibility criteria. As a result, working with a lender like Piramal Finance increases your chances of receiving personal loan instant approval.

    Types of Personal Loans:

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