Personal loans in Nashik are a convenient and efficient way to get the money you need for everything from home improvements to paying off debt. Whether you’re looking for an installment loan or just a lump sum of cash, you will find many options in Nashik.

Piramal Finance, India's leading NBFC, has been offering personal loans in Nashik since 2018. Our loan amounts range from a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs and are offered for 12-60 months. With Piramal Finance’s personal loan in Nashik, you can enjoy flexible repayment options, including EMI payments or bullet payments across the entire loan tenure.

Benefits of Personal Loan in Nashik

Loan Amount Limit

When you take a personal loan in Nashik, you can borrow any amount between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lahks. This can help you and your family with all your financial needs

Attractive Interest Rates

The personal loan interest rates in Nashik for salaried and self-employed individuals start at 12.99*% p.a. We offer reasonable and competitive interest rates based on the customers’ profiles and convenience.

Hassle-Free Documentation Process

We at Piramal Finance offer a seamless and hassle-free customer experience in terms of paperwork and documentation. You can apply for an instant personal loan in Nashik within seconds via our personal loan page and submit all documentation in PDF format.


Everyone wants to get the loan amount disbursed into their bank account as soon as possible, and we understand that. Get an instant personal loan in Nashik from Piramal Finance. Once the loan is approved, we will disburse the amount within the next few minutes.

Documents Required for a Personal Loan in Nashik

SalariedSelf Employed
Last 3 months' salary slip, stating employer's name, salary break up, and bank details
Business registration certificates issued by government authorities such as GST certificates, Shop and Establishment licenses, etc.
Valid identity proof such as Aadhaar card/Voter’s ID/Driving License/Passport
Last 3 years Income Tax Return along with computation of Income, Balance sheet, and Profit & Loss Account statement certified by a Chartered Accountant
Latest 6 months Bank statement
Latest 6 months Bank statement
Form 16 or Income tax return (ITR) for the last 2 years, if applicable.
Proof of continuity of business i.e., the partnership deed or proprietorship letter etc. in case of self-employed professional for more than 1 year, if applicable

Eligibility Criteria for a Personal Loan in Nashik

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only individuals aged 21 and above but below 60 are eligible.
  • To be eligible for this program, applicants must have been employed full-time for at least two years and earn a minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000/- or more.
  • The individual must have residence proof of Nashik.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan in Nashik

Piramal Finance offers competitive rates and flexible repayment options for all, whether employed or self-employed. Follow this step-by-step guide to apply for a personal loan at their Nashik location:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Before filling out the application form, ensure you’re eligible for our personal loan. Check the eligibility criteria on our website and if you are eligible, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application & Submit It

Fill out all the necessary information, including your professional, personal, and income details. Ensure you fill in the correct information, as any wrong input will result in rejection. Once done, submit it.

Step 3: Submit Documentation

Scan and upload all the necessary documents required for the personal loan application. Submit documents such as your income, photo ID, and address proof.

Step 4: Verification

Once you submit the application and documents, wait for the experts at Piramal Finance to assess and verify them.

Step 5: Approval & Disbursal

Once the verification is done, we will approve your application and disburse the personal loan amount on the same day.

Personal Loan Interest Rate in Nashik

Piramal Finance ensures that you get the best rates available, starting at 12.99*% p.a. Plus, there are no hidden costs. What you're presented with is exactly what you can expect to repay when time comes. We prioritize transparency and fairness as fundamental elements of our commercial activities; we make sure to declare all processing charges upfront so there won't be any surprises for you later!

At Piramal Finance, we offer the lowest personal loan interest rates in Nashik. Our customized charges are tailored to each individual's credit rating, income, and current employment status; so, you can rest assured that repayment will be stress-free! Take advantage of our competitive rates today for a one-of-a-kind borrowing journey.

Uses of Personal Loans in Nashik

Personal Loans in Nashik can be used for different reasons. Some of the common uses are:

1. To finance a new purchase

Whether it is a car, home renovation, or any other major expense, an instant personal loan in Nashik can come in handy.

2. To consolidate debt

Consolidating high-interest credit card bills and other debts into a single low-interest payment through an instant personal loan in Nashik can be financially beneficial

3. To pay for medical expenses

Loans provide funds to cover medical costs that insurance may not cover.

4. To fund education expenses

Personal loans are often used to cover tuition fees, books, and supplies for students needing more means to pay all at once

5. For travel expenses

A loan can help those who want to take an international trip but may need more in their savings to cover travel costs

Nearest Branches of Piramal Finance where you can visit and apply for a Personal loan in Nashik.

The Nashik branch of Piramal Finance is located at Shri Gurudev Tower on the 3rd floor. You can take public transportation and get off at the nearest bus stop to get here. You can apply for a personal loan in Nashik by providing the necessary documents.
The Sinnar branch of Piramal Finance is located at Sony Tower on the 2nd floor. If you want to get here, you can take a cab. Applying for a personal loan in Sinnar is quite easy.
Hari Prabha Solitario Thatte Nagar Nashik
The Hariprabha Solitario Thatte Nagar branch of Piramal Finance is located at Unit No. 202, Hariprabha Solitario, on the 2nd floor. To reach here, you can take a taxi from any place in Nashik. You can take a personal loan in Thatte Nagar, Nashik from Hari Prabha Solitario branch to meet your long-term financial needs.
Piramal Finance's Malegaon branch is situated in Satana Chowk, Office No. 26, directly across from the district court. Local trains and buses from several locations across the city have easy access to the branch. For individuals seeking personal loans in Malegaon, we also provide simple loan aid.

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