Home Loan offerings by Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. (Piramal Finance)

Key Features

Loan amount

₹ 5 Lakhs - 2 Crore

Loan tenure up to

30 years

Interest rates starting at

9.50%* p.a

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Who Can Apply?

The eligibility criteria mainly depends on your employment. Choose the employment type and check your eligibility.

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Documents Required

For a House construction loan, we require certain documents based on the profession/occupation of the applicant.

KYC Documents

Proof of Identity & Address

Income Documents

Proof of Income

Property Documents

Land & property related documents


Passport Size photographs


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Our Happy Customers

I applied for the Gruh Sethu home loan plan, which got approved for 29 years of tenure, which is what I needed. My family and I are so excited and happy to be moving into our new home soon.

Rajendra Rupchand Rajput

Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons to choose a home extension loan from Piramal Finance, and here are a few:

  • Pan India branch network & amazing post disbursement
  • High and excellent standards of transparency, integrity, and ethics
  • Devoted team of experienced professionals who operate on industry-leading information systems
  • Multiple repayment options
  • Option to enhance the loan amount if there’s any escalation in cost
  • Quick and seamless loan approval and disbursal

Benefits of Home Extension Loan by Piramal Finance

Easy and Hassle-free Application Process

You will experience an easy and seamless application process at Piramal Finance. You can apply for a home extension loan digitally to save time.

Simple And Quick Approval Process

You can get quick and easy approval for a home extension loan. Therefore, we are regarded as the leading provider of home extension loans in Bharat. We've also streamlined the procedure by making it a quick digital verification process.

What Is The LTV Ratio Of Home Extension Loan

The LTV or Loan-To-Value ratio of a home extension loan is the total percentage or share of a residential property’s worth that we can finance and disburse through the loan.

The LTV ratio for such a loan must not surpass the regulatory and official caps on the home loan LTV ratios determined by the Reserve Bank of India. Here’s a breakdown of the loan amounts disbursed through home extension loans along with their respective LTV ratios:

Amount Of Loan To Be DisbursedLTV Ratio
Maximum of INR 30 lacsA maximum of 90% of the construction cost estimate
From INR 35 lacs to INR 75 lacsA maximum of 80% of the construction cost estimate
From INR 35 lacs to INR 75 lacsA maximum of 75% of the construction cost estimate

We as a financial institution, assess creditworthiness to figure out the final LTV ratio for the prospective borrower seeking a home extension loan. A few of the key considerations for credit risk evaluation comprise the loan petitioner's creditworthiness, repayment ability, real estate market value, and so on.

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