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Business Loan

Collateral-Free Loans

Gone are the days when you had to worry over business-related cash crunches and monetary issues. Your business may show you ups and downs but then there are always solutions to the unfortunate days. Business loans help you pull your business out of burdens and avoid future losses.

Be it the immediate need for the installation of new machinery or the due payment of your suppliers, having the helping hand of a no-collateral loan can take care of all these issues. We understand the off days in business and so the need for business loans. This is the reason we offer you a non-collateral loan starting from INR 3 lakh and up to INR 10 lakh. The tenure for the same is 36 months. If you are looking for a small business loan, this could be your ideal deal.

Our dedicated team helps you do the paperwork in no time and with utmost authenticity, and transparency. You just decide the amount and reach out to us. To relax your burdens will then be our priority.

Key Features of Business Loan

A loan for different customers

This loan is not limited to any one group of customers or professionals. Be it self- employed professionals or future business tycoons, the self-employed non- professionals, everyone can avail new business loans without any hassle. If you have a business vintage of minimum 4 years, you are all set to kickstart your business.

Hassle-free business loan

At Piramal Finance, we promise a loan procedure where you don't have to run around to understand the terms and conditions and go from one office to another to get it sanctioned. We offer online business loans where you are in your comfort zone and easily apply for business loan without having to wander here and there.

Our professional team of trained employees will take care of all the procedures by being available for you at your doorstep. So, plan, apply, and relax, we got your back!

Avail maximum possible benefit

Piramal Finance also allows you the maximum possible benefit under minimum formalities and simple eligibility. We give our best to make the process as simple as possible. We aim to make you fit for maximum business loan eligibility so you can avail the maximum loan you desire to get.

Your comfort, our priority!

We not only pay heed to creating favourable loan deals for you but we also respect your time and comfort. This is the reason why we make sure none of our customers has to take the burden of reaching out at our premises. We also offer doorstep services so you can execute the process without taking a leave from your office or sparing your precious time at your home.

Business Loan Eligibility

Business Loan Eligibility
We have carefully curated simple and easy-to-achieve business loan eligibility so you can fulfil the maximum of them for the best possible business financing. Here is a chart mentioning several criteria like age, employment type, etc.
Self-Employed Professionals Self-Employed Non- Professionals
23 years

65 years
  • Qualified Doctors (MBBS, MD, MS)
  • CA
  • Architect
  • Business Owners
  • Proprietorship
  • Partners of Partnership Firm
  • Promoter/Director of Closely Held Private and Public Limited Companies
Apart from this, you must have 4 years of business vintage or a minimum of one registered property in your name. It could be your residential home or the office/shop where you are running your business.

Business Loan Interest Rate

Business Loan Interest Rate
The business loan interest rate is quite simple to understand as well as to pay. So, you need not face an excessive interest rate burden while enjoying the benefit of the business loan. The chart below shows you the interest rate:
Interest Rate
Customer Type Rates
Self-employed customers Interest Rates starting from 17%* p.a
So, with interest rates starting at such affordable rates, you won’t have to think much before planning your next business loan.

Business Loan Fees and Charge

Business Loan Fees & Charges
Business Loan Fees & Other Charges as applicable on application/ during the term of Loan are as under. These are subject to modifications from time to time as decided by Lender as per its internal policy and any such modification shall be notified by the Lender through its website or its branches or such other medium as Lender may consider appropriate
Schedule of Fees & Other Charges Details
Processing Fees Processing Fees upto 4 % of Loan amount + applicable taxes (payable before disbursement of Loan)
Default Interest 2% p.m. on default of PEMII/EMI from the date of default till the date of actual payment
Documentation Charges NA
Prepayment charges 5% of Principal amount being repaid + applicable taxes
Part Payment Charges 5% of Principal amount being repaid + applicable taxes
Cheque Bounce Charges ₹ 500/- + applicable taxes
Collection pickup charges Rs. 250 per visit + applicable taxes
Any Legal cost/charges At actuals + applicable taxes
Recovery related charges At actuals + applicable taxes
Stamp duty charges At actuals + applicable taxes
Statutory Charges At actuals + applicable taxes
Loan Repayment Schedule (only applicable for physical copy of statement) ₹ 500/- + applicable taxes
Change of Loan repayment mode ₹ 500/- + applicable taxes
Duplicate No due Certificate issuance charges  (only applicable for physical copy of statement) ₹ 500/- + applicable taxes
Statement of Account (only applicable for physical copy of statement) ₹ 500 + applicable taxes
Cash collection charges 1% of collection amount of Rs.50000 and above in cash + applicable GST
Charges for Copy of any Document ₹ 500/- + applicable taxes

Documents Required for Business Loan

Documents Required for Business Loan

Be it SME loan (small and medium-sized enterprise business loans) or large-scale business loans, there are several mandatory documents that you need to have when planning to apply for business loans. The PAN Card is a mandatory requirement.

It includes:

The application form must contain a recent passport-size photo
  • Aadhaar
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Bank statement of the past 6 months of your primary bank account
  • Latest ITR
  • Utility bills-monthly electricity bill,telephone bill.
  • Aadhaar
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • Spouse or first blood relatives(parents,sibilings,or children) of maturity age
  • Partners ,directors ,shareholders
So now that you know how easy it is to avail of business loans and manage your business from Piramal Finance, start planning your next business loan and let us execute it immediately for better growth of your business.

Risk Gradation

All "Borrower/s" on the loan facility are hereby informed that the company has the following approach and considers the following factors for assessing the gradation of risks for each Borrower:

  • Profile, the market reputation of the borrower including usage of internal credit scoring models leveraging traditional approaches like Bureau performance as well as alternative data sources,
  • Inherent nature of the product, type/nature of the facility, refinance avenues, whether the loan is eligible for bank financing, loan to value of asset financed,
  • Tenure of relationship with the borrower, past repayment track record, and historical performance of our similar clients,
  • Overall customer yield, future potential, repayment capacity based on cash flows and other financial commitments of the borrower,
  • Nature and value of primary and secondary collateral/security,
  • Type of asset being financed, end use of the loan represented by the underlying asset,
  • Interest, default risk in the related business segment,
  • Regulatory stipulations, if applicable, and
  • Any other factors that may be relevant in a particular case
  • Tenure, quantum, repayment schedule, and structure (including proposed moratorium, if any) of the proposed loan

The rate of interest for the same tenor for different clients can be different depending upon the combination of one or more factors listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to take a business loan?

    A business loan can act as a blessing when your business is at an initial stage or even in its growth stage. The loan amount will help you cater to your short-term as well as long term capital needs. At Piramal Finance, we offer you loans to help you tide over any financial crunch.

  • Who can get a business loan from Piramal Finance?

    At Piramal Finance, we offer business loans to professionals as well as non- professionals or self-employed individuals. These loans are quite flexible and also available at affordable rates.

  • How can I repay my business loans?

    You can repay the loan as per your choice, through Post Dated Cheque, Electronic Clearance Services or also through Direct Debt methods

  • How to apply for a business loan from Piramal Finance?

    To apply for a business loan, go to Quick Apply on our web portal. Fill in the given form and submit it. You will soon receive a call from our executive.

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Avail Piramal Finance quality service and business loan instantly in the top commercial and metropolitan cities of India to meet the needs of your growing business.

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