What is balance enquiry number and what are the different usage of it?

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People who have bank accounts can check account balances in several ways. One way to do this is to use the balance enquiry number provided by the bank. Balance enquiry is the number used for checking the bank balance and raising inquiries about any issues arising from the bank’s side.

Depending on the type of account, an individual customer may have opened several accounts. Customer accounts are available on the balance enquiry process. It ensures the customer knows what amount is remaining on their store credit vouchers, gift cards, or gift certificates.

Read the article to learn about the balance enquiry number and its uses.

What Is the Balance Enquiry Number?

The number which customers dial to get their inquiry related to their balance is the Balance Enquiry Number. Before the banking industry came to India, it was tricky for customers to inquire about their accounts, like their salary credit or balance details.

But you don’t need to worry about it anymore. It is because you can call and receive all the information you need by SMS to the phone number you have registered for your account. Nowadays, all the central banks in the country offer you SMS and missed call banking facilities.

Customers can now check their account balance and access their account info with their registered mobile number. Also, you can do the above through some of the bank’s apps, which are available for iOS and Android smartphones. You can also check your account balance by sending a missed call or SMS to the number indicated on the balance enquiry form.

Through these facilities, you can access all the essential information anytime and anywhere, regardless of where you are.

What Can You Do with the Balance Enquiry Number?

There are several ways the Central Bank of India enables its customers to keep track of the finances in their accounts. Customers can check their account balance by using either the Central Bank of India’s online banking platform or the central bank’s mobile application. It is available on the App Store or Google Play Store.

A Central Bank of India customer also has the option to register their mobile number at any Central Bank of India ATM. The customer will have first to register their mobile number when opening an account at the Central Bank of India by filling out and submitting the registration form for mobile number registration. Then the MPIN will be sent to the customer in a few days after the bank has approved the application.

Also, they can use the SMS and missed call services available only through that number once the number is registered. Every time a high-value transaction is executed, a notification is sent to the customer to let them know.

What is the Procedure for Checking the Account Balance Through the Bank Enquiry Number?

It is also possible for account holders to access their account balance by using the debit card that has been issued to them. You can access your account by:

  • Swiping your ATM-cum-debit card to complete the transaction.
  • Entering the 4-digit ATM PIN to access the ATM.
  • Selecting the option of “Balance Enquiry” from the given menu.
  • Completing the transaction by clicking on the Finish button.

While there are various processes, this process is considered the easiest one. All you need to ensure is that your mobile number is up to date. Also, the bank will charge nothing for the call services.

Other ways to Check the Bank Enquiry Number

Customers can also check their last ten transactions by selecting the “Mini Statement” option at the ATM. The mini-statement will give you information about the previous ten transactions that have been made on the account. Account holders can also use a third-party ATM service to check the balance on their accounts.

Note that the RBI has set a limit for the number of free ATM transactions performed per ATM card. Even balance inquiries are considered transactions by the system. Once you exhaust your free transactions, you will be required to pay transaction charges for each transaction. It is for you to undertake throughout the month.

Since ATM transactions and transactions conducted at a physical location are included in the numbers, account holders should opt to check for their balance online through payment inquiry. Thus, only use ATMs for cash withdrawals and not for anything else.

You can inquire about your balance or any different bank account balance using mobile or online methods. Both are convenient and cost-effective methods to check your bank account’s balance.

Using SMS Services to Inquire About Your Balance

By registering your number for the SMS service, you can receive updates about your account balance. To sign up for this service, you can send an SMS from the phone number on which you have registered your email address.

For registering, send an SMS to the REGAccount number. It should contain the text ‘REGAccount Number’ in the format ‘REGAccount Number.’ A confirmation email will be sent to you with registration confirmation within a few minutes of the SMS being sent.

Besides checking the balance of your account, you can request a mini-statement or an e-statement.

Final Words

As soon as you become familiar with the credit, you will be able to make sensible use of the network. And you will be able to preplan your usage so that you do not lose your balance during an emergency or when you need it the most.

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