Home Loan offerings by Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. (Piramal Finance)
Key Features
Loan Amount

₹ 5 Lakhs - 2 Crore

Loan Tenure Up To

30 years

Interest Rates Starting At

11.00%* p.a

For detailed fees and charges Click here *T&C apply

Who Can Apply?

The eligibility criteria mainly depends on your employment. Choose the employment type and check your eligibility.

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For a Home Loan Interest Rate we require certain documents based on profession / occupation of applicant.
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Proof of Identity & Address
Income Documents
Proof of Income
Property Documents
Land & property related documents
Passport Size photographs

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Home Loan Interest Rates

Let's look at the current home loan interest rates offered by Piramal Finance

Segment Slab Home Loan Interest Rate
Affordable HousingUp to INR 35 lakhsStarting From 11%* per annum onwards
Mass AffluentFrom INR 35 lakhs to INR 75 lakhsStarting From 11%* per annum onwards
If you are trying to find a new home loan interest rate, this illustration will help you see its effect on the EMI that you would end up paying.
Loan Amount Tenure Rate of Interest EMI
INR 10 lakhs10 years*11%*₹ 13,775
INR 25 lakhs10 years*11%*₹ 34,438
INR 50 lakhs20 years*11%*₹ 51,609
INR 50 lakhs30 years*11%*₹ 47,616
INR 1 crore30 years*11%*₹ 95,232
*Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Happy Customers

I applied for a home loan with Piramal and I got sanction for the required amount for 29 years under the Gruh Setu Home Loan. I have purchased the row house, and my family and I are happy that we will be moving into our new house soon.

Rajendra Rupchand Rajput

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Types Of Home Loan Interest Rates

Before we discuss the house loan interest rates it is important to understand the 2 different types of housing loan rates.

Fixed Home Loan Interest Rates

As the name suggests, such types of housing loan rates remain fixed. This means that the home loan rates that are applied stay the same throughout the tenure of the loan. As these rates remain constant, they allow you to plan your future finances accordingly.

Floating Home Loan Interest Rates

Floating housing loan rates are variable. There are many factors that can affect the home loan rates today and thus, such loans often come with the risk of an increase in rates.

Factors That Can Influence The Home Loan Rate
Type Of Interest Rate
While the fixed rates will not change, the floating rates would be influenced when the RBI brings in any modifications.
The Ratio Between Loan And Value
The loan to value ratio, better known as LTV, is the maximum limit that the lender can extend. It is a percentage of the property’s present market value. In order to decrease the loan quantum, you can increase the down payment.
The Property
The resale value of the property depends on factors such as its location, its condition and also its age. Any property with a high resale value becomes a lucrative opportunity for the lender, who would attract the borrower with low-interest home loans.
The Term Of The Loan
More convenience, to select a floating or a fixed interest rate when you opt for a home loan.
The Borrower’s Gender
Most financial institutes offer a much better deal to women borrowers.
The Borrower’s Profile
In most cases, salaried employees are considered to be a safe bet as they have a stable income. Also, maintaining a good financial profile can help you in attracting competitive interest rates.
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