Personal Loan

What Could Be The Best Interest Rate For Your Personal Loan At Piramal Finance?


What is personal finance?

Personal finance is all about,

  1. Achieving financial goals
  2. Understanding ways to achieve all your financial goals
  3. Creating strategies to achieve those goals

It is also the sector of the economy that offers financial instruments to achieve these objectives.

Introduction to personal loan 

Whenever you need money, you either turn to your family or your friends. Piramal Finance has a better option for you in this situation.

Before moving on to learning what’s the best personal loan interest for you, let’s first understand briefly about personal loans.

A personal loan is a type of loan that does not require any security. It is offered with minimal documentation for any legitimate financial requirements.

Here is the list of features that make it a preferred financing option:

  1. Flexibility of usage
  2. Minimum documentation requirements
  3. Quick processing of applications
  4. Shorter repayment tenure compared to other loans

If you are looking for the best personal loan interest rate, this article will convey the benefits and security that Piramal Finance has to offer you for your loan.

Piramal Finance benefits in personal loans

There are various options available for your loan, but no one wants to take risks right? We all are well aware of loan scams that exist in the market. So trusting anyone out there can put you at huge risk.

With Piramal finance, you can rest assured. The company has many benefits to offer. These benefits are completely secure too. Let’s go through the benefits of personal finance at Piramal finance. This will explain why Piramal is the best personal loan interest-providing company.

  1. Zero prepayment and foreclosure charges
  2. The loan amount ranges from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh
  3. Quick penalty and instant disbursal
  4. Flexible repayment tenure
  5. Pocket-friendly EMIs
  6. Clubbing income with a family member for higher loan eligibility
  7. The procedure to apply for personal load is very easy
  8. Customers can opt for online applications as well
  9. No loan scams with Piramal Finance

Who can apply for personal loans at Piramal finance?

Salaried employees who work at:

  1. Government institutions
  2. Private sectors
  3. Public sectors
  4. MNCs
  5. Partnership firms
  6. Proprietorships

Salary required to apply for a personal loan at Piramal Finance

The minimum income requirement for being eligible to apply for loans at Piramal finance is Rs. 25,000 per month and you must have at least 6 months of work experience in the organization you are working in currently.

For higher loan eligibility, Piramal allows you to club your income with a family member such as a spouse, child, or parent.

How Piramal offers the best personal loan interest rates for your loans?

Navi group, a technology-driven financial products, and services company has now partnered with Piramal Capital and Housing Limited to offer ‘Digital Personal Loan’ to customers across India.

  1. Instant loans up to Rs. 20 Lakhs with tenure of up to 72 months on the Navi app
  2. 100% paperless loan process from application to disbursal
  3. Flexible and hassle-free repayment methods
  4. Interest rate starting at just 9.9% p.a.
  5. Easy and faster process
  6. Instant approvals and real-time disbursals
  7. Flexible EMI options
  8. Zero preclosure and part-prepayment charges
  9. Instant no-due certificate
  10. 100% secure without any loan scams

Things to consider before taking a personal loan

It is crucial to have relevant information before applying for personal loans. It improves the chances of your loans getting approved. It also helps you secure a lower interest rate on your loan.

You might have now realized why it’s said that Piramal offers the best personal loan interest rate. Now let’s discuss a few important things. You must consider these when planning to take a personal loan from any company:

  1. Keep a good credit history
  2. Select the right lender
  3. Have all the required documents ready
  4. Compare the interest rates in the market and verify that it is not a loan scam
  5. Consider all the fees that your lender charges before making any final decision
  6. Evaluate your ability to repay the loan amount
  7. Check the foreclosure rules
  8. Beware of fake plans and offers

You can make the process of applying for a personal loan, whether online or offline, easy and hassle-free by keeping in mind the things indicated above.

If you are looking for a transparent, best personal loan interest rate, free from loan scam offers, Piramal Finance is here for you. It offers instant loans up to Rs. 20 Lakhs at attractive interest rates. Check it out for more details, and avail yourself of the financing you need, instantly.


We hope you have got an understanding of personal loans. You can now easily choose the best option for fulfilling your loan needs. We expect that you won’t fall prey to loan scams that are abundantly present in the market.

Piramal Finance is the best and most trustable solution. In case of any doubts regarding personal loan interest rates or if there’s any other consulting requirement, you can reach out to our financial expert at Piramal Finance. We offer customized loan solutions for business owners and professionals.