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Top Benefits of Why to Get Housing Loan in Women’s Name


Home purchasing is at the top of the priority list, regardless of the cause. However, putting together the necessary cash to purchase a home can sometimes be challenging. Home loans are available for those who need them. Banks today offer attractive home loans that can make people’s long-held dream of owning a home come true. Several states in India give extra benefits to women who buy property to be more independent.

Previously in India, it was uncommon for women to make financial decisions, as men often held this authority within the household. Women’s socioeconomic status in our society has changed along with the times. Today’s women have achieved financial parity with males and can choose their loan terms and neighbourhoods. The only industry where women still have work to do to catch up to males is real estate.

Women can get extra benefits that give them more power and help them become financially independent. These are the advantages of a home loan that you, as a woman, should be aware of to make an informed decision.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of getting a home loan in a woman’s name:

Payment perks

During the financial year, you can get a tax break on the interest of up to Rs. 2 lakh if you live in the property. The total interest on the home loan will be taken out of the Net Rental Value after the home has been rented. Women can also get a tax break of Rs 2 lakh on the interest rate they pay on a home loan. If you and your husband are co-owners of the house loan, you can claim tax refunds for the interest you have spent on the loan.

Open to a more significant loan amount and a more extended repayment period

Another advantage of the housing loan for women is that they may be eligible for a more significant amount of money and a more extended repayment period. Lenders extend home loan qualifying criteria to entice women and borrowers by granting Rs 30 lakh to Rs 3.5 crore loans for up to 25 years. These additional benefits and the relaxation of eligibility requirements are considerable advantages for women.

The interest rates are at a lower level

When it comes to applying for a house loan, this will be one of the most significant perks that women will receive. Indian banks typically provide lower interest rates to women borrowers regarding housing loans. When applying for a loan, the most attention is paid to the interest rate charged on the borrowed money.

Since home loans are usually for large amounts over long periods, even a tiny change in the interest rate can make or break the borrower’s interest burden. Women’s house loan interest rates are usually 0.25 percent to 0.50 percent lower than men’s. Other financial institutions offer a reduction in the interest rates that they charge on women’s home loan programs to female homebuyers.

There’s a better chance that your loan request will be approved.

Before approving a loan application, all lenders check it against a set of rules. This necessitates that the borrowers fulfil the eligibility requirements set forth by the lender, provide all required documentation and proofs, and have a satisfactory CIBIL score.

Conversely, people often believe that women are more responsible with their financial obligations than males. When making payments toward EMIs, they are frequently considered to have a higher degree of dependability.

Given that loan approval is based on a series of figures and records. When a woman is listed as the primary borrower on a loan application, there is a greater chance that the request will be granted. This fact transcends the guidelines set forth by the financial institution.

Reductions are Made to Stamp Duty Fees

In some places, Stamp Duty is less when a property is bought and registered in a woman’s name. However, this is not an incentive the lender provides, and it is still considered a form of women’s house loan. Stamp duties are determined by the governments of individual states, so their rates differ from one another.

While stamp duty rates vary from state to state, they are often lower for single women buyers or co-owners. Stamp duty is also a significant financial burden for anyone who buys a home. In some states, women are usually given a 2% or 1% discount when purchasing a house. For example, this could save you up to Rs 100,000 on a home that costs Rs 50,000,000.

When governments sell pieces of land through a lottery system, there may be some unique privileges that are explicitly reserved for women. It is in a couple’s best interest to purchase a home jointly in the name of the female spouse because of the numerous benefits of doing so.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) plan benefits

As a result of the government’s “Housing for All” campaign, more support is available to women who want low-interest home loans. The government mandates that women take advantage of an interest subsidy of up to Rs 2.67 lakh. Through this program, women are given priority when applying for home loans and are treated equally to males.

Women of various ages, social backgrounds, and marital statuses can make their own financial decisions, bringing them closer to equality. While many opportunities are open to women, the one thing to keep in mind is finding a lender with reasonable rates.


Now that you know the privileges granted by the lenders to female borrowers, you can proceed. They should seriously consider purchasing a home because there is a better-than-average probability that they will be approved for a mortgage loan. Lenders also encourage women to apply for home loans because the default rate for home loans taken out by women is lower than that of men. The benefits of a housing loan might be used toward a property purchase.