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Piramal Finance – Use Our Personal Loan Emi Calculator For Better Accuracy

Personal Finance

When you need money quickly, the best option is typically a no-collateral personal loan because you won’t have to risk losing anything with the loan. You won’t have any trouble having access to these funds, and you are free to use them for anything you like, including paying for school, making repairs to your home, paying for unanticipated expenses, or just putting money away for the future. You might be able to make the most of this opportunity with the assistance of a personal loan that provides you with many repayment options. Using a personal loan EMI calculator to make comparisons between the various loans is a time-efficient and effective method for locating these discounts.

For this reason, Piramal Finance provides a tool to help you estimate your monthly payments on a personal loan. Before agreeing to a loan, this might give you a good idea of your monthly EMI payments.

Learn more about the Personal Loan EMI Calculator and how to use it

Your Personal Loan EMI with Piramal Finance can be checked using these steps:

One, go to Piramal Finance’s main page.

Check out Piramal Finance on the web. To use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator, go to the Calculator menu.

Submit the Loan Amount in Step 2

Next, specify how much of a loan you need.

Third, type in the length of service i.e the tenure.

The loan tenure is how long you plan to pay back the money you borrow. To calculate your EMI, please specify how long your loan will be.

Fourth, plug in the interest rate.

You must then input the interest rate that is displayed on the Piramal Finance website. Typically, it starts from 12.99%.

A personal loan EMI calculator’s perks

Gets rid of the need to convert from hand to number

The EMI calculator is easy to use, so the borrower doesn’t have to do complicated math. To see how much you have to pay back, all you have to do is enter the amount you want to borrow, the personal loan interest rate, and the length of time you want to borrow the money. This lets you avoid the tedious process of using the EMI formula to do calculations by hand.

Describes the whole process of paying back the loan.

An EMI calculator not only tells you how much you have to pay each month, but it also helps you understand how you usually pay. It makes an amortization chart for your loan term that shows how the loan amount you may have to pay back is split up. This picture shows how much of your principal and interest payments make up each EMI and how they are divided up.

Helps compare the prices of different options

Since an EMI calculator is easy to use, you have the freedom to compare offers or even loan terms. Here, you can compare how much you’d have to pay back for different loan terms until you find one that works for you. When comparing different loan offers, this same rule holds.

Factors That Have an Impact on Monthly Payments for a Personal Loan

Amount Borrowed and Time to Pay It Back

The EMI will rise with the size of the loan. In contrast, the EMI decreases with a loan’s length. Choosing a longer repayment term may seem appealing, but remember that you’ll end up paying more in interest and principal. If you have the option, select a shorter repayment term.

Credit Score

The odds of securing a low-interest personal loan increase when the borrower has a high credit score (750 or higher). An additional benefit of a low-interest rate is a correspondingly low EMI.

Current Debt

Current Debt Creditors will be hesitant to extend credit if they see that you’ve applied for several loans in a short period. In addition, credit scores are severely impacted by late or missed payments. There will be fewer loan options available to you and higher interest rates if your credit score is low.

Your Age and Income

For the lender, the risk of default increases with age. If the borrower is nearing or over retirement age and their income is uncertain. For this reason, it might be difficult for those above a certain age, especially retirees, to secure a loan. It still won’t end well for them, though. If you have a stable job, you may qualify for a low-interest rate on a loan, reducing your EMI.

Modifications to a loan’s term

Your EMI payment may change if your loan time is extended or your interest rate is lowered, both of which occur seldom.

Personal Loan at Piramal

With a personal loan from Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited, you can expect a quick and simple process with no hidden fees for default. Our loan is the one-stop shop for all your financial needs, whether they be for a vacation, to buy a dream item, the payment of school tuition, or a wedding. Quick approvals and deposits into your account are guaranteed thanks to our staff of advisors who will assist you throughout the entirety of the application procedure.

Features provided by Piramal:

●      There are no charges for prepayment or foreclosure.

●      A loan starting at one lakh rupees and going up to ten lakh rupees

●      Minimum documentation

●      Swift cash distribution

●      EMIs that are easy on the wallet each month

●      Flexible repayment terms, starting at 12 months and going up to 60 months

●      Combining multiple sources of income to increase eligibility for loans


The popularity of unsecured personal loans has soared in recent years due to their adaptability and need for collateral. In times of urgency or financial hardship, many borrowers choose personal loans despite their higher interest rates compared to other types of loans, such as loans secured by the property. Nowadays, borrowers almost always opt for online EMI calculators for personal loans instead of doing the maths manually. When applying for a personal loan, the only way to guarantee accuracy and clarity is to use a personal loan EMI calculator. The personal loan calculator on Piramal’s website is reliable. For more such information, please visit us at Piramal Finance.