How To Start A Beauty Salon From Home?


The COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone very severely. No matter what business you were in, everyone got affected by those 2 long years of lockdowns and social distancing. During this period, the demand for personal grooming got in the back seat. The need for beauty salons has increased as the world returns to the old normal. 

The beauty industry in India is growing in an unprecedented manner. With a compound annual growth rate of around 18.4%, the industry is set to cross over 2400 billion rupees by 2024. Moreover, with the widespread use and availability of the Internet, the demand for beauty salons will grow further. 

The beauty salon is a woman-centric business; most people go to their neighbourhood parlour. Due to this, you would have noticed a couple of beauty salons in every neighbourhood. 

So, let’s see how to start a beauty salon from the comfort of your home.

  1. Do the homework: 

Like any other business, opening a beauty parlour also require some planning. You can’t just get up and start a beauty salon in the extra room of your house. You need to ensure your parlour business gains long-term success and adds value to your life and your customers. 

So, start with proper planning, like the investment you need to make, the services you will offer, and the price of each service. There is cutthroat competition in neighbourhood beauty parlours. Thus, as a new business, you must ensure how to attract and retain customers. 

  1. Learn the skills of a beautician: 

All planning can go in vain if you lack beauty care and grooming skills. So, you must ensure you know the skills, to begin with. A beauty parlour offers services, including haircare and skincare. Apart from this, you should also learn basic grooming techniques such as threading and waxing. 

You can learn these skills under the guidance of a trained beautician, or you can go for a beautician diploma course. There are institutes available in almost every city. Besides learning the craft of running a beauty salon, you can also earn as a part-timer during the course duration. 

  1. Choose the perfect location: 

As you plan to open a beauty salon in your home, you can run it in your drawing room. But, of course, you will need a proper set-up. Besides, the shop should be easily accessible to customers. 

Try to open the salon on the ground floor, as most customers prefer to use something other than the stairs. If your house is near the main road, that would be much better. In some places, you may also need to get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from two of your neighbours. 

  1. Decide the services you want to provide in your beauty salon:

When it comes to a beauty salon, the services you can provide are endless. From a simple haircut to a pedicure and manicure, and from hair colour to bridal make-up, the list is quite long. 

So, make a list of all the services that you want to offer. You may also provide beauty products as an add-on to increase your client base and profit. 

  1. Create a menu: 

Now that you have decided on the services you want, it’s time to create a stylish menu. A good menu is a difference between a standard and an ordinary beauty salon. You can convert your one-term clients into long-standing patrons with a good service menu. 

So, dedicate some time to tweaking your service menu as per your neighbourhood and client base. In the beginning, the trick is to make it accessible to all. So, include those services that are well-aligned with multiple benefits. At the same time, adding a section to serve customers as per their requirements would be better. 

In this way, you can save costs on product usage and wastage.

  1. Choose skilled beauticians: 

While this doesn’t matter if you work alone in your beauty salon if you plan to start the salon in your home with the staff, choose the skilled one. The hired workforce should be trained in salon work as well as in customer service. 

Trained staff will ensure the customers are adequately served and required products are always available. So, having an experienced beautician is essential for your salon’s success. 

  1. Get your legal documents sorted: 

This is quite important if you plan to open a beauty salon in your home. Once you open a business in your house, it will be treated as a commercial space. Therefore, you will need proper permission and documentation before moving further. The cost of these certifications can vary from place to place. 

These documents include 

  • PAN Card 
  • Aadhar Card 
  • GST registration (conditional) 
  • NOC certificates from the fire department 
  • Trade license from the local municipal body 
  1. Keep your stocks full always: 

Now that your beauty salon business is ready to open, there is one last thing you need to take care of. With a full range of services on the table, you will require specialised instruments. For example, you will need a steamer, hair spa cream, and specialised combs, among other materials, just for the hair spa service. 

Besides, you will also need to show hair and skin care products. As these products are costly, they go to a wholesale market. 


These are the 8 steps you may follow to start a beauty salon from your home. Once your beauty salon is ready for opening, use some funds for advertising. At the same time, word of mouth goes more quickly in a beauty salon business. You will need some visitors initially for that too. 

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