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Home Loan in Pune

Apply for home loan in Pune at Piramal Finance. Get attractive interest rates with minimum documentation and quick approval. Visit Piramal Finance to avail home loan in pune.

Dreaming of buying a house in this beautiful city seems easier in the head but can get daunting in reality. However, with Piramal Finance acquiring a home loan, in Pune can be the easiest thing you can do. Here are some of the details you must know before buying a housing loan.

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Key features and benefits

Finding home loans in Pune that suit your requirements and take less time is no more a difficult task. Piramal Finance present easy and hassle-free housing loans that can fulfil the dream of residing in your own house.

  1. Simple and easy processing:

  2. One of the major features of the housing loan offered by Piramal Finance is their easy and quick application process that saves your energy and time. Also, the process is fully transparent so you are always informed about what's going on.

  3. Less documentation:

  4. Respecting the convenience and valuable time of their clients, Piramal Finance demands minimal documents to process your home loan.

  5. Top-up loans:

  6. With Piramal Finance you can buy a top-up loan in Pune easily as an add-on to your existing home loan. Furthermore, these funds can be used for home improvements or other reasons.

  7. Flexible tenure and repayment options:

  8. There are a lot of financial commitments that require your attention, in this case, flexible repayment options can help a lot. With this provision, you can alter the amount of the monthly premiums by increasing or decreasing your tenure. Lower tenure requires higher repayment and vice versa.

  9. Tax benefits:

  10. Investments made towards home loan premiums are eligible for tax deductions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. An individual can claim up to INR 1.5 Lakhs from this investment.

  11. Online Account management:

  12. PHFC’s online customer portal provides easy access to your home loan details, transactions made, and other information.

Eligibility Criteria

Salaried Individuals Self-employed Individuals
Age 21 years to 62 years Age 23 years to 70 years
Employment Type: The individuals working in the following are eligible:
  • Government Institution
  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • MNC
  • Partnership Firms
  • NGOs
Employment Type Individuals into the following professions are available:
  • Doctors, Architect, CA, etc
  • Business owners, proprietors, partners of firms, etc
Documents needed:
  • Identity proof
  • Income Tax Returns receipts for the last two years
  • KYC documents
  • Copy of Form 16
  • Salary Sips and Bank Statements for the past 6 months
Documents needed:
  • Identity proof
  • Income Tax Returns receipts for the last two years
  • KYC documents
  • Copy of Form 16
  • Bank Statements for the past 6 months
  • Collateral property documents

How to apply for a home loan in Pune?

Follow these easy steps to buy a home loan in Pune:

  1. Log in to Piramal Finance official website or click Once you understand the terms and conditions, click on “Quick Apply”.
  2. Enter the required details and wait for the official representative to contact for further processing.

In a nutshell

With Piramal Finance, purchasing a home loan in Pune has just got easier and much more beneficial than ever. So, just choose your dream house, decide your housing loan amount and rest assured because Piramal Finance will aid you in the process of transform your dream into your own home.

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