What Is Net Banking And How Does It Work?

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Today is the last day to pay your kid’s school fees and you have to go to the school to make the payment. Suppose you don’t have cash at hand and you need to rush to the bank to bring cash. You only have 1 hour left. It is impossible, to be in 2 places at the same time! Who’s going to be your lifesaver?

Net Banking is the facility to save you in such times. It helps to pay your utility bills, and order groceries or medicines for your parents online. You can complete such payments without rushing to the bank. Banks allow you to use banking services over the internet.

In this article, we will discuss what net banking is. Further, we will discuss how it works and how to use banking services without visiting the bank, in detail

What Is Net Banking?

In simple words – net banking is online banking or internet banking. It is convenient facility banks provide to make payments through the internet. Moreover, it is also a secure method. 

Net banking is a feature given by banks to do various transactions. A few services to name are:

  • Sending funds to another bank account
  • Checking your payment history
  • Checking your account balance
  • Paying various bills
  • Applying for a loan
  • Log payment-related queries.

In short, net banking is a digital method of banking or an electronic banking system. Like physical banking, net banking allows you to access your banking account online. But with a simple click, you can do online bank login and complete payments. 

Now that you know what net banking is, let’s see how it works and how it helps you to begin using net banking.

How Does Net Banking Work?

Net banking is an online banking service provided by banks. You can use this service sitting in your home. Yes, no more stress. 

Complete bank login online and do all banking payments comfortably. If you have a computer, laptop or mobile phone, you can access your bank account through net banking. This can be done without visiting the branch while having a cup of tea at home. That’s how net banking saves time.

Here’s how to start using your internet banking account with online bank login.

How To Do Net Banking Login For First Time?

For using online banking services, an online bank account should be set up. First, reach out to your bank and get the user id and password for your internet bank account. Go to the webpage of your bank. To start your account bank login, enter the user id and password on the login page.

On the net banking login page, there will be a host of services offered by the bank. Use most of these services by simply doing a bank login via internet banking.

Why Using Internet Banking is helpful?

Net banking login is a useful service provided by banks. There is a long list of features of net banking provided by banks. 

You can simply log in to your account and use net banking services all day long.Crucial banking tasks became easy with an online net banking facility. Using both financial and non-financial services with online internet banking is convenient.

 Some of the features are:

  • Easy to operate

With internet banking, you can do most of the bank operations online easily. It is easy to do net banking without visiting the bank using the internet service. 

  • Works 24X7

Unlike banks which run for a specific time of the day, the net banking facility is available 24X7. Even after the bank closes for the day, net banking allows you to do banking transactions all day long. No need to rush to the bank chasing time!

  • Funds transfer and other financial services

Merchandise payments, bills payment, funds transfers, etc., are easy and only a click away with net banking services. Moreover, you can do it anytime at your convenience.

  • Non-financial services 

Net banking makes other bank services easy. These include requesting a chequebook, applying for a home loan, managing a trade account, opening fixed deposits, starting investments and many more.

  • ATM Debit card pin generation 

The traditional way to do ATM Debit card pin generation is at any ATM. Net banking allows pin generation from net bank login too. 

  • Complete Safe and Secure Banking System

Online net banking is a password-protected banking system. Rest assured, online net banking is a fully safe and secure banking system for customers. Customers can do net bank login with their user id and password. Do not share your user id and password with anyone so that others can not access your account.

In short, net banking:

  • Enables to track account payments, account balance and statements
  • Allows funds transfer online without visiting the bank physically
  • Works 24X7 and helps customers to do transactions all day long
  • Allows financial and non-financial banking services
  • Helps in paying taxes, utility bills, insurance premiums, etc.
  • Allows you to request a new chequebook 
  • Is a safe and secure method of banking
  • Helps in opening Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • And, many more.

Final thoughts 

Now you know how to use online banking services provided by banks and are now able to do online bank login to access your bank account. 

Net banking makes life easy. It allows accessing the bank 24X7 from the comfort of your home. Be it paying bills online, applying for a credit card, home loan or personal loan, etc. 

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