Top 10 Features of Sony 32-Inch TV


The world of entertainment has evolved so much. With 4K movies, top-notch VFX and cinematography, the entertainment world is more exciting than ever. And how exciting would it be to have the theatre-like experience at home? Sony Bravia is your answer to this!

Sony Bravia series has been a leader and a fan-favourite when we talk about amazing TV sets. But this Sony Bravia 32-inch LED TV is one of the best TVs in India right now. With an ultra-stylish exterior, this TV has a sleek design with a narrow bezel. The TV has a built-in subwoofer to give you a real-time experience. The patented ClearPhase technology of Sony adds a cherry on top of the whole system. This high-sound definition feature makes Sony Bravia 32-inch TV a steal deal. It elevated your music and movie-watching experience to new levels.

The MotionFlow technology of Sony Bravia makes watching movies more fun. No doubt why it is one of the best TVs in India. The revolutionary upscaling technology used in Sony 32 Inch TV creates a stunning experience with high-definition 4k quality. It improves your viewing experience.

What else?

Sony Bravia offers you to surf different entertainment apps, chrome cast, etc., which makes your TV a smart TV. With seamless usability and sleek design, Sony Bravia 32-inch TV offers you to experience entertainment in new definitions. The TV offers such picture quality that you feel everything is coming to life. The 4K processor enhances TV viewing by providing crystal-clear picture quality. With great colour quality, dynamic contrast and detailed clarity, Sony Bravia 32-inch TV provide a thrilling experience. Undoubtedly, one of the best TV in India, Sony Bravia, has a 4K Processor that upscales every pixel beautifully.

Some of the top 10 features of sony 32 inch TV are:

This 32-inch (80cms) TV offers a complete HD resolution. This high-resolution TV makes characters simply come alive on the screen. This HD display offers actual colours and a clear display to enjoy TV watching experience.
Sony TV 32-inch Price is quite affordable, and you can also avail some of the best deals online or in the showroom.

Sleek design
Another important feature of this TV is its sleek and streamlined design. With a minimal frame, the TV looks incredibly attractive and instantly adds beauty to your living space. The streamlined design also helps the easy and hassle-free mounting on the wall.

X-Protection PRO

The Sony 32-inch TV has been designed keeping environmental factors in mind. The technology itself comes with an extra-protection design. Whether it is humidity, dust or any shock, the TV can resist and sustain. It has no ventilation holes, and an insulated and anti-humidity coating on the circuit just elevates this whole technology to stand apart. It also has a primary capacitor that takes care of the TV’s components for any unstable electrical supply.

X-Reality PRO

This is another interesting feature of sony 32 inch TV. With the X Reality Pro, all digital content appears even more stunning as it offers upscaled pixels. This picture processing engine in this TV cuts off any noise and simultaneously improves the texture, edges, and contrast of all scenes.

Easy Connectivity

The sony 32-inch TV comes with 2 HDMI ports and two multi-format USB ports. It allows you to connect to any external device conveniently. You can also play various music and movie files as the TV easily supports various codecs.

Easy Access to the Internet

Sony 32-inch TV has taken your experience to another level as you can easily access all your OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, and YouTube, on the big screen of this TV.

Screen Mirroring
This is a great feature for sharing funny videos, memes, jokes, and anything and everything that your friends send you on the phone. All of it can be viewed on the TV’s huge screen with the help of the screen mirroring feature. This feature makes it one of the
best TV in India.

Photo Sharing Plus

Now Sony 32-inch TV also offers you to share photos and videos with friends and family via your Sony TV. This feature lets you share files with up to 10 other devices. Isn’t that incredible?

Motionflow™ XR

Don’t miss out on any details in the fast-action sequence, as this TV comes with Motionflow 200 Hz technology. This in-built technology is used for consecutive frames and inserts any extra frames in case it finds any missing action for a visually pleasing experience.

Built-in Subwoofer

Well, you need good audio for an amazing TV viewing experience. Sony Bravia 32-inch TV comes with an in-built subwoofer system that lets you not only listen to songs but live and listen to every beat, every breath! Enjoy high-resolution music at your convenience. Who said you can’t transform your living room into a concert in a moment? Make it happen with Sony Bravia!

Crystal clear, Powerful Sound

Whether it’s watching Interstellar or a documentary, you want to experience something out of the world. And one of them is the sound quality that determines your experience. Sony’s ClearPhase technology and DSEE-HX sound system are some of the best high-sound-definition technologies in the market. It makes Sony Bravia 32-inch TV a must-have. You can finally watch movies glitch free with an in-built 2.1 channel speaker system. This technology increases the impact of the audio. It enhances natural sound reproduction and clear sound image position.


With all these amazing features, no doubt Sony 32-inch TV is one of the best TV in India, and it comes at an affordable price. Sony TV 32-inch price in India varies between INR 23,000 and INR 26,000 depending upon different online platforms and offers they are running. You can also purchase this TV on no-cost EMIs with great deals and discounts and guaranteed delivery that these sites have to offer. This HD-ready smart LED TV is a great addition to your weekend nights and general enjoyment. With HD resolution, easy connectivity, Dolby audio, HDR display, and easy warranty options, Sony Bravia 32-inch TV is one of the best TV in India. Other interesting features of this TV include signal analysis, real-time control, and evolving database. This TV has everything you can imagine, with flat area detection and digital noise reduction.

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