Step-By-Step Bank Account Login Process To Check Your Bank Balance

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Digital technology has changed the way almost everyone conducts their bank transactions. With the click or touch of a button, a financial transaction can be carried out from anywhere which is also easy and secure. People no longer need to go to the bank and stand in line to make a transaction or check their bank balance.

Using a smartphone or a computer, you can easily perform bank-related tasks like a bank login, checking your bank balance, and depositing and withdrawing money. Constantly logging into your bank account and checking your bank balance also keeps you on top of any possible mistakes or fraudulent activities related to your bank account.

To check your bank balance, you can send an SMS, use internet banking, access Unified Payments Interface (UPI) services, use mobile banking apps, and other methods. This article details multiple ways to perform your bank login and check your bank balance in a few seconds.

What You Need to Check Your bank balance

Before you check your bank balance, you need to be registered with the apps or platforms that enable you to perform actions related to your bank account. This includes:

  • A registered mobile number
  • Access to internet banking, your bank’s mobile app, or a UPI app

5 Ways To Check Your Bank Balance 

These are 5 of the most popular ways to perform a bank login to check your bank balance and conduct other financial transactions:

1. SMS or Phone Banking

You can send an SMS from your registered mobile number to your bank to check your bank balance. This option does not require you to log in to a website or an app, but simply send a message from your phone. To find the number to which you need to send an SMS, you can call the bank or check on the bank’s website. Once you send an SMS, you will receive an SMS from the bank in return with your bank balance.

Or, you can use phone banking. This is ideal for people who do not use smartphones. Simply call the phone banking number from your registered mobile and listen carefully to the automated recording. When the recording asks if you want to know your bank balance, dial the corresponding number and listen to the bank balance which will be read out to you. Almost every bank offers this facility to account holders.

2. ATM/Debit Card

You can check your bank balance using an ATM. Simply insert your ATM card or debit card into the ATM and follow the on-screen instructions. These are the steps to use an ATM to check your bank balance:

  • Insert your ATM or debit card
  • Enter the four-digit ATM pin
  • Choose the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option
  • Check your bank balance
  • Log out
  • Retrieve your card

It is recommended to use the ATM of your bank. Usually, other ATMs will charge a fee even if you do not withdraw cash from them. Furthermore, your bank may levy additional fees if you use an ATM in a foreign country. 

3. Internet Banking

One of the most common ways to check your bank balance is through your bank’s internet banking service. To use this feature, you must go to the bank’s official website and create an internet banking account using your personal information and bank account-related information.  

If you have not registered for this service yet, go to the bank’s website, the internet banking page and click on ‘Register’ or ‘First-Time User’ and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your account number, phone number, email address, debit card number, and CVV. Complete the form. You will get a one-time password (OTP).
  • Step 2: Enter your username (new) and password after entering the OTP. It is now set up.
  • Step 3: Select ‘Login’, enter your bank login information (username and password) and you can check your bank balance.

Using internet banking, you can check your bank balance and perform financial transactions at any time and from any place. It is recommended to use your own personal devices and not shared devices since your bank login information may not be secure on a shared computer.

4. UPI Apps

Another simple way to check your bank balance is through UPI apps. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Download the UPI app from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Start the registration process as soon as you have downloaded the app. 
  • Enter the mobile number registered with your bank to generate an OTP. 
  • After receiving the OTP, log into your app and check your bank balance.

In most cases, the UPI app will automatically detect the account connected to the mobile number you entered. The last 4 digits of your account number will be displayed. Once you complete the confirmation process, it will generate a new UPI ID. Once verified, a UPI passcode is activated. Using a UPI app, you can check your bank balance.

5. Bank’s Mobile App

Your bank’s official app is one of the most convenient ways to check your bank balance. Download your bank’s official app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To make sure you are downloading the official app, you can go to your bank’s website and click on the link that will take you to the correct app. Enter the requested information including your registered mobile number, OTP and other information. Once you have registered, you can now use your bank’s official app to check your bank balance and carry out other tasks carry from your smartphone.


Many banks today provide their customers with services, websites and apps to check their bank balance and conduct financial transactions. This includes services for people who are not comfortable using the internet or who do not have smartphones, tablets or laptops from which they do their bank-related activities.

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