How To Make Use Of FD Interest Calculator

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FD Interest Calculator

Do you want to know how to use FD Interest Calculator? You must use a fixed deposit calculator to see the interest rate on which you can earn desired returns by making a money deposit for a fixed period.

A fixed deposit, also known as an FD, or a term deposit in banks, is a safe and widely used investment choice in India that can help you manage your income and finances. FD has the least risk of losses with assured returns making it the most viable and famous option for investing money. Almost every bank offers an FD – and to know which FD can cater to your needs, you must use a simple but useful tool called FD Calculator.

The FD Calculator is a tool that aids in computing the exact amount, returns, and time of an FD.

We will discuss in detail various features and perks of using an FD Interest Rate calculator.

What is an FD Interest Calculator?

By using an FD Interest Rate calculator, you can get an idea about the returns on your fixed money, which you will get at the end of a fixed term, at the ongoing interest rate.

If you want to know how much interest you will earn on a fixed deposit, you must use an FD calculator to do the math. The maturity period of an FD is found by taking a sum of the initial deposit, the interest rate on the FD, and the total no. of years until maturity. After the FD term expires, the maturity amount is paid out. It has all interest accrued on the fixed money.

The FD interest rate calculator is used to:

  • Know about your Fixed Deposit’s yearly rate of interest.
  • The amount of money to be fixed can be decided more easily by the investors with the help of an FD calculator.
  • To know how much money or profit you will make over time.
  • To know how much money you can get each month or quarter by fixing cash in an FD.

The FD (Fixed Deposit) Interest Rates Calculator: How Do I Use It?

To know about the total cost of your Fixed Deposit, the rate of interest, and the date it will get mature, you must use an FD Interest Calculator.

  • You can choose from the “Normal” and “Senior Citizen” categories of FD.
  • You can choose a fixed deposit with a higher rate of interest.
  • If no date is fixed, today’s date will be used as the FD date in the FD Calculator.
  • Type in the Amount you wish to get fixed.
  • You can enter the FD’s maturity in a year-month-day or days only format.
  • If you have chosen the no. of years you want to fix your money, enter it.
  • You can see the interest rate, maturity date, and application amount.

How do you calculate the rate of interest on an FD?

The formula for calculating interest is as follows:

  • The rate of interest for the next quarter is calculated using the entire balance.
  • The fixed deposit pays interest based on the discounted value at the end of each month after it has been compounded.
  • The simple interest method is used to calculate interest in the case of a short-term fixed-income investment.

How to figure out when a fixed deposit will mature: NP(1+r/n)(n*t) = Maturity Amount

The initial FD investment amount, denoted by “P”,

  • “The rate of interest denoted by r,”
  • “The annual compounding rate, denoted by n,”
  • “t is the term length of the FD.”

What are the benefits of using the FD Interest Calculator?

Using an FD interest calculator has the below-mentioned perks:

  • An idea of your fixed money’s maturity date and returns will help you to plan the term length.
  • The best bank for your deposit can be chosen by putting in the details and comparing the results.
  • Verify that your inputs and results are always precise and error-free.
  • Speed up your calculations compared to using a calculator or spreadsheet.
  • You can compare the maturity amounts and make more informed decisions on fixed deposit renewals.
  • To find out the regular interest payments.
  • Smart budgeting and money planning.
  • Allows for several uses for comparing the results of different inputs.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Very accurate and error-proof.
  • Use of the FD calculator is free.
  • One can use it as often as needed before fixing money.
  • The details input by you will not be shared anywhere.


If you calculate the interest amount you can earn on a fixed deposit manually, it can be very tough. It can get very tricky and cost you a lot of time. But, in a flash, you can evaluate your potential profits from a Fixed Deposit with financial expert Piramal Finance using their quick and easy FD interest calculator. To get a rough idea of returns, you must enter your desired term in years and the amount of money you wish to invest into the FD interest calculator. It is easy to use & accurate in calculations and can help you plan your investment activities.

An FD is the easiest way to invest your money, but even it needs analysis. Now that you know about the FD Calculator do not wait anymore and plan your fixed deposit to grow your wealth. To know more about financial calculators and how to make use of them for personal loan solutions, visit the Piramal Finance website.