How To Check Bank Account Balance By SMS?

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It has become easy to conduct a transaction in the present digital era. Within seconds, you can either send or receive money from wherever you are. Technology has made everything handy and accessible. But sometimes transactions become challenging as people are unaware of their balances; there is no need to worry about it anymore. You can check bank account balance or make a balance enquiry through SMS. Well, to know more, scroll more.

Balance Enquiry – Now At Your Fingertips

Initially, making balance enquiries or checking your account balance was challenging. You would have to visit the bank and stand in long lines to get to know your balance. However, those times have changed. Just one missed call, and you can check your account balance via SMS to your registered phone number.

Through SMS banking, you can get all the required information about your account anywhere and at any time. Balance enquiries via SMS offer automatic notifications about your latest transaction. It makes you keep an eye on your credit and debit transactions. 

How To Check Bank Account Balance By SMS?

Consumers can get their required information instantly and enjoy various banking operations with the SMS banking facility. With it, you can make balance enquiries, pay bills, and carry out transactions at your convenience. You should message your bank in the suggested format to get all the details you need. In addition, it is essential to know that you’re availing of the services through your registered mobile number.

To get the balance enquiry via SMS, you first need to register for the SMS services. Below are the steps for obtaining seamless SMS services.

Step 1: The consumer or account holder should send an SMS to the particular number of the bank through their registered phone number.

Step 2: Now, the consumer will receive a confirmation SMS that indicates the successful registration of the SMS banking facility.

Step 3: After successful registration, you can message the particular number given by your bank to make the balance enquiry. For instance, type ‘Bal’ <your account> to check your bank account balance.

It is essential to note that you’re availing of the services through your registered phone number. Also, if you don’t get any reply, it is suggested to repeat the same procedures after some time. If you still face an issue, go to the bank and resolve it immediately.

Balance Enquiry with Banks

Before making the balance enquiry, you need to know that some banks are nationalised and merged. Syndicate Bank merged with Canara Bank. Also, the United Bank of India and OBC Bank combined with the Punjab National Bank. Allahabad Bank merged with the Indian Bank.

State Bank of India 

BAL to 09223766666

For another account: BAL<space>Account number sent to 09223766666

Union Bank of India

For the Union Bank of India, you can request the balance via the following methods.

For primary account: UBAL sent to 09223008486

For another account: UBAL<space>Account number sent to 09223008486

Indian Overseas Bank

BAL<space>Last four digits of the account number sent to 8424022122

Oriental Bank of Commerce

ACBAL Account number send to 9915622622

Federal Bank of India

BAL <Space> myshortno send it to 9895088888

IDFC First Bank Limited

BAL <Space> last four digits of account number send it to 9289289960

Yes Bank Limited

To check bank account balance: YESBAL <customer ID> send it to 9840909000

Things To Check Before Making Balance Enquiry

Nowadays, you can check bank account balance or make a balance enquiry through the internet or mobile banking using the particular bank’s website or application. But the easiest way to make the request is via SMS banking. 

However, you should know a few things before making a balance inquiry. 

Mobile Number: It is mandatory to check whether you’re messaging or making missed calls from your registered mobile number to avail of the details via SMS.

Check for Charges: Most banks charge for receiving and sending SMS, as per bank regulations. Therefore, it is suggested to check whether the bank charges for the SMS facility. 

Follow the Steps: Follow the instructions to send an SMS. Please type the number and alphabet correctly before sending it.

Not to Share: Please note that you do not share your ATM pin, CVV, or OTP number with anyone while availing of the SMS facility.

Various Facilities

Apart from balance requests, you can avail of various other services via SMS banking. Let us discuss them below.

Mini Statement: Through SMS, you can get the mini statement of your concerned account. The mini-statement is nothing but a summary of your last 5–6 transactions. Therefore, you can also avail of those services.

E-statement: Consumers can also get their e-statements without going to the ATM or sending email requisitions. You can access your e-statement for the month via SMS banking with password protection.

Cheque: You can also request your chequebook via SMS facility.


Getting to know your balance through SMS is very convenient. But make sure you’re availing of the services via your registered phone number. Nowadays, if you are subject to fraud, your SMS facility will also alert you. Meanwhile, if you face any challenges, go to your bank and approach them directly to get a better solution.

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