Everything You Need to Know About the EMI Network Card in 2022

Save & Invest

With so many things on the market, it’s more tempting than ever to buy, but it’s also easier than ever to spend more than you should. There are some of the best appliances, gadgets, and household items on the market, but they are often very expensive. But we don’t let the high prices stop us from buying the things, especially since we have options like cost-effective EMIs to spread out the payments.

It’s easy to buy on EMI, and it’s even easier when there’s no interest to pay on the EMI. Many online and offline stores in India, like Flipkart, Amazon, Vijay Sales, Chroma, and others, accept the new EMI Network Card

You can choose no-cost EMIs when you use an EMI Network Card, which means you won’t have to pay too much out of your pocket. The cost of the purchase can be spread out over many months with small payments, giving you more money to invest or spend on other things.

The Convenience of Making Purchases Online

The ability to purchase online at any hour of the day or night, avoid the hassle of struggling through crowds, and save time are three of the many benefits that make online shopping pleasant. The EMI Network Card might be an excellent choice for a financial instrument if you are interested in purchasing the most up-to-date consumer goods, furnishings, or appliances, among other things. 

You can make interest-free monthly payments on a wide range of different items if you use this card. The EMI Store provides several advantageous features, such as no initial payment required, no interest charged, cash back, and free delivery right to your home. The Network Card is accepted at the checkout of thousands of online stores all around the globe.

Buying Things at the Shop is an Easy and Uncomplicated Process

Although it is now easier than ever to shop online, there are still certain things, like sofas and appliances, that are better off being bought in person. By using the EMI Network Card at partner stores like Chroma, Reliance Digital, Vijay Sales, and many more, you will have the opportunity to get the most recent and cutting-edge products in easy monthly installments (EMI). 

You may be eligible to get interest-free payments with this card, in addition to a variety of savings and cash-back options. You may discover a wide variety of lifestyle partner businesses in a variety of locations, which is convenient if you’re looking to do some shopping quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Spend Up to 4 Lakh Rupees

If you are in the market for a new washing machine or a television with a large screen for your living room, you should be aware that these purchases could put a significant dent in your monthly budget. 

It allows you to spend up to Rs. 4 lakh, which enables you to get the most recent technological devices into your house. If you have been putting off purchasing a new piece of fitness equipment or air conditioner because of your monthly budget, now is the time to make the purchase and save money without feeling guilty about it.

Lengthy Lease Terms, With No Late Fees or Other Penalties

Making purchases on no-cost EMIs for a wide variety of goods, including electronics, can be made easy and cost-effective with the use of this card. When you get your card, you’ll have the option to tailor the payback period (which can be as long as 24 months) to your specific requirements. After the initial monthly installment has been paid, there are no additional costs associated with paying off the loan early.

Online Registrations Made Simple

The card was designed to be compatible with contactless payment systems, making its usage speedy, uncomplicated, and risk-free, not just in physical but also in virtual retail establishments. To apply for the card, all you need to do is make three simple clicks. 

The whole procedure may be completed digitally and quickly. Your membership card will be sent to you as soon as the membership fee has been paid and the required “Know Your Customer” documentation has been submitted.

Make Use of it Both Online and Offline 

The EMI Network Card, much like other debit and credit cards, can be used to make purchases in-store or online, just like any other debit or credit card. Whether you prefer to shop in person or online, you can use this EMI card to make purchases at your preferred retailer.

Simply providing the salesperson with your card information to pay with EMI is required whenever you make a purchase in a physical store. You can choose the EMI option when you are purchasing from an online store that accepts the EMI Network Card. After doing so, you will be able to choose how long you want to take to pay back the purchase, enter any other pertinent information, and then complete the transaction.

It is even simpler if you submit your application online. If you are interested in applying, please check out our website or download our mobile app. As soon as you begin the application process, several questions concerning yourself and your background will need to be answered. 

Some of these are the fundamentals, such as significant documents and pertinent financial information. In addition, a fee of 530 must be paid in order to register. After the application process, you will be informed as to whether or not you have been accepted to receive an EMI Network Card.


With an EMI Network Card in your wallet, you won’t have to make a lump-sum payment for expensive purchases like electronics and household appliances since you can spread out the cost over many months. If you can satisfy the few straightforward conditions, achieving this objective should not present too much of a challenge for you. Get the best EMI Network card with Piramal Finance