Easy Steps To Checking Bank Balance Through Account Number

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Various chores that once required time and effort now look simple thanks to technological advancement in the digital age. Regarding banking and financial transactions, this is of utmost importance. You may perform various actions with a single click, including money transfer, bank balance check, deposit, and other similar tasks.

It’s important to monitor your bank balance because we conduct many daily transactions. One can stay aware of mistakes or scams straightaway by making it a practice of running a bank balance enquiry regularly.

Due to digital advancement, an individual can now check their bank account balance in various ways. Email, push notifications, SMS, online banking, UPI, and other methods are all possible. The following methods described below can be used for quick balance enquiry.

Understanding Account Balances

It’s important to be aware of the form of the account balance you are looking at while checking your bank balance.

One should be aware that

  • While using the bank’s app or other online procedures, the bank displays the available balance.
  • This typically indicates how much a person may withdraw or spend that day.
  • The available balance could be less or more than what is displayed.
  • The problem is not that the bank displays an incorrect balance. Rather, it hides the pending transactions.
  • It’s possible that the deposits or pending bill payments won’t have cleared by then.

Key information required for checking the account balance

  • Bank account number
  • Mobile number registered with the bank
  • Login details for net banking

Checking your account balance is a simple step.


These days, the most convenient way of bank balance enquiry is through UPI and other banking apps. UPI is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep tabs on your bank balance.

  • You can install a UPI app if you have various bank accounts and don’t want to install so many apps.
  • There are various UPI apps available where you can register.
  • To register on UPI, it is imperative to install the UPI app on your mobile phone with your registered mobile number.
  • It auto-detects the accounts related to the number and lets you choose the account you wish to add. The UPI app lets you choose the PIN to make secure transactions.
  • On entering the PIN, you can also transact and view your account balance.

Missed call balance

  • Banks provide balance updates when customers use one of their registered mobile phones to make a missed call.
  • You need to call the balance enquiry number from your registered mobile number.

Customer Care

  • This method allows you to call the bank to find out the amount.
  • However, if the bank’s system is not automated, this operation cannot be done 24/7.
  • Nowadays, much of the system is mechanized.
  • Once you enter specific facts like bank account information, etc., they will instantly advise you of the balance.

Text Messages

SMS is yet another practical method for doing a bank balance check.

  • For each transaction, you will immediately receive balance updates along with the amount credited or debited.
  • This only happens if you select the option for SMS notifications while setting up the bank account.
  • You don’t need to take any more steps, such as entering usernames or passwords.
  • If you haven’t chosen this method, stop by the bank office and inquire about the SMS option. Then fill out a form to get updates.
  • Additionally, you may use your registered mobile phone to make a bank balance enquiry by sending an SMS to the bank’s number. 

Utilise an ATM

To check the balance of an account, one can also use an ATM. You only need to go to any ATM and take the following actions:

  • Insert your card into the designated slot.
  • Enter your ATM PIN when asked.
  • Scroll through the options and select “balance enquiry.”

It would display the balance. The procedure at different ATMs is largely the same. However, it depends on the ATM at that specific bank.

Using your bank’s ATM is recommended because using an alternative ATM may result in fees. You can be charged extra if you use a different ATM after a predefined free transaction limit.

Net Banking

This approach makes it simple for everyone to make a bank balance enquiry at any time.

  • One must access the bank’s official website and fill out the necessary fields to get started. Using a bank’s mobile app is one option. 
  • One must seek options like “Account Access” or “Login” for most of the portals.
  • You must register if this is your first time using the app or website by selecting “The first-time user.”

Pre-set balance alerts

  • Ask the bank to send you a notification whenever your bank account has a low balance if you prefer not to check the balance of your account regularly.
  • Your bank will notify you immediately if there is a large withdrawal or low balance.
  • You may adjust the quantity and other factors for these notifications while setting up alerts.

Bank Tellers

  • If nothing seems to work for you, you can call the bank and speak to someone in a physical location with regional branches.
  • Compared to automated calls, chatting with a teller differs from other options since you are speaking to someone and not dealing with a machine.
  • You can call a particular number each bank provides to speak with a teller. Unfortunately, access to tellers is becoming increasingly challenging.
  • Since most banks now do their business entirely online, they are less likely to employ tellers, or they might charge you more for calling a teller.

We hope you found the information on various methods of bank balance checks informative. Experts at Piramal Finance can help you understand how to use banking and other financial services optimally. Piramal Finance also provides loans at attractive interest rates, so browse various options with us.