Complete Guide To Check Your Bank Account Balance On Your Phone

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The digital world has made it easy and convenient to do many banking and financial tasks on your phone. You can go to the bank to find out how much money is in your account. Many banks give customers more than one way to check their bank account balance

There are some popular ways to check your bank account balance on your phone. The most popular ways are – SMS notifications, email, push notifications, internet banking, and many others. Here, you know how to check your bank account balance without going to the branch.

Check your Bank Account balance online

You can check your account balance anytime by going to the bank’s website on your phone and logging in. You can use this service by visiting the bank’s website and looking at your account information. Most of the time, look for something like “Login.” 

When you visit for the first time, click “Register” or “First-time user” to sign up. Online banking allows you to check your bank account balance at any time of the day or night. You can do several other banking tasks and transactions with such a facility.

Use Mobile Apps to check your Bank Account balance

You can easily check your bank account balance anywhere and anytime on your phone, tablet, or other devices. Most banks have apps or websites designed for mobile devices that let you confirm your account balance online. You can use banking apps for some banking and money-related tasks. Some banks sometimes let you use your phone to deposit checks.

Use Text Messaging to check your Bank Account balance

Setting-up text messaging with your bank is the fastest way to use your phone to see your bank account balance. Most banks give their account holders this choice. Once the bank gives you this service for your mobile number, you can ask for a quick balance update. You can receive this as a text message at any time. 

Once you turn on the automatic messages, you will get instant messages. You will receive them if there is a change to your account balance or a financial transaction. This service, which sends push notifications to the phone, is also called a message alert service.

Use the UPI App to check your Bank Account balance

A UPI app is the easiest and most effective way to check your bank account balance on your phone. You can get any UPI app from the App store or the Play store. Begin the registration process once you’ve got it on your phone. Enter the bank’s registered phone number and click “generate OTP.” Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) and sign in to the app. 

You need to write down the bank information. Once done, the UPI will automatically find the account linked to your mobile number. It will show you the last four digits of that account. Your new UPI ID will be made as soon as you confirm it. Once your identity has been confirmed, the UPI code you select will be activated. You can keep using the UPI app to check your balance and make financial transactions.

Make a Missed Call to check your Bank Account balance

A consumer can make a missed call from the registered phone number to the bank’s toll-free number. After that, the bank account balance updates are sent as text messages. You must do a few basic things to get updates on your missed call balance, as shown below.

You must have a registered cell phone number to get a balance update through such a missed call. You will only get updates on your balance if the phone number is in the bank’s database. The number you registered should work to create a missed call and get an SMS. But your bank has to offer this service.

Call Customer Service to check your Bank Account Balance

If none of these work, you could call the bank to find out the balance. But unlike the other options, there are several restrictions. You cannot access your account balance at any time of day or night. 

You can only do this if the bank’s system is automated. Machines now do most things. You’ll be asked to give certain information, like your bank account number. After that, they’ll let you know your balance immediately.

Advantages of Mobile Banking

  • Accessibility At Any time and From Any Location

You can do a lot of everyday banking tasks without going to a branch. One of the best things about online banking is that it gives you this freedom. You can deposit cheques, and pay the bills. You can transfer money from the privacy of your home, your workplace, or even a trusted friend’s home. 

Log on to Online Banking, and you can take care of many of your banking tasks with just a few clicks. Just keep in mind the importance of having a safe Wi-Fi network. Be very careful about banking on a network where you didn’t put in a password.

  • Saves Time

Mobile banking apps can help you deposit that check when you’re ready. Another advantage of mobile banking is that you can check your accounts anytime. You don’t have to wait in line; only log on and do it. On your own time.

  • Easy-to-use

You can use internet banking if you’ve visited a website before. Some features, such as alerts and Bill Pay, may require configuration. But everything else is easy once you’ve done that. Select which tabs hold your most-used financial tasks so you can conduct them with one click next time.


There is a rise in digital technologies in the finance industry. Many jobs that used to take a lot of time have become easier. Before, if you wanted to do banking or check your bank account balance, you had to go to the nearest bank branch. Now, you can choose from several other options. You can do a lot of different banking tasks with just one click. From checking your bank account balance to transferring and depositing money etc.

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