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Using an FD calculator online lets you know how much your fixed deposit will be in value at maturity, given the interest, you will get and how often you compound it.

In this piece, we will know the best way for computing FD Returns using FD Interest Rates Calculator.

One safe investment option that can be useful in balancing your money is a fixed deposit, often known as an FD or a term deposit. The FD Calculator is a great tool to know how much and for how long to put in an FD.

What is a Fixed Deposit? 

Almost all the banks and NBFCs in India treat fixed deposit accounts as a kind of term investment. The rate of interest on these deposits is higher than the average, but only in special cases. These deposits keep your money safe for a set time between 7 days and 10 years.

Using an FD calculator, you can know the total amount of interest you will earn and get when the FD matures. Easily usable via the Piramal homepage, it is a user-friendly tool.

How is the FD Interest calculated?

Interest on deposits with banks is computed using the simple interest method and the no. of days in the term if it is less than six months.

The rate of return on FDs for a term of six months or longer is calculated by doing a sum of profits from each quarter to the initial money invested and then dividing the total by four.

For the monthly interest payout option, an interest rate is used that is less than the ongoing market rate. If you have picked a quarterly interest payment, then the interest will be calculated and paid to you every three months.

The FD maturity amount calculator works with this formula:

A = P(1+r/n)^n*t


A = the principal amount due at maturity

P = the initial principal payment.

r = interest rate, 

t = time in years, and 

n = how often interest is to be compounded.

What is the FD Calculator?

An FD calculator can help an investor know the value of their fixed deposit at maturity. A Fixed Deposit calculator can also help you to get an idea of your interest profits before you invest. A principal amount, interest rate, and the number of years are to be input into the FD calculator. In the end, you will have more money than you started and also a maturity value.

The computed value given by the fixed deposit interest rates calculator is an estimate and the real returns may differ. With Piramal’s easy and quick online FD calculator, you can find out when your FD is likely to mature.

To what end does using an FD calculator help you?

Knowing the FD maturity amount might be a tricky and time-consuming task. If done manually, there are chances of wrong calculation and thus, errors in results. To avoid such errors, you should use an FD calculator.

  • There are many things to consider when calculating FD maturity. By an easy inputting your details into a fixed deposit calculator, you may quickly and easily get the results you need.
  • It reduces a lot of time spent on these tough computations.
  • Fixed Deposit Interest calculator can check the various FDs available from many banks and compare the money you will get on maturity of the FD and also the interest rates. When you have access to all the data, you can make a good choice for sure.

Perks of knowing the FD Interest & Rates using an FD Calculator

As per your needs, you may choose a fixed deposit of any term from 7 days to 10 years. You can tweak the settings on the calculator to know which FD term will get you to your chosen goal. This tool is easy to use, accurate, and quick, and the best thing is it can be used free of cost. Also, you can use this tool as many times as you want with different inputs.

You can also change the payout time of the FD or the compounding period. The interest on an FD is compounded, so you will need to choose a payout term that fits with the proper compounding period.

Once you have chosen a sum to invest, you can calculate your returns on investment and your net worth. When you have a target amount in mind, you are looking at things backwards. The money to be invested is the result of inputting the maturity money at the end of the FD term.

The Bottom Line

In India, an FD is a widely used and safe form of saving and investment. It gives fixed returns for sure and can be held for varying periods. Also, an FD is a great way to grow your wealth with the least risk of loss. Almost all banks and financial companies give this service, which can help you to get a stable and safe financial future.

A smart public needs a smart tool! You can know when your FD will mature and how much interest you will earn by using Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator. You can use a fixed deposit calculator to measure the rate of interest given by different banks’ FDs. Piramal gives an easy yet useful online FD calculator to help you to make your investment choice.