Bigha to Square Meter Conversion

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When it comes to measuring land, various units are used around the world. In India, one of the commonly used units is the bigha. However, knowing the equivalent measurement in a more universally recognised unit, such as square meters, is essential if you want to buy or sell land.

Are you aware of the conversion rate from bigha to square meter? Knowing the equivalent measurement in a more universally recognised unit, such as square meters, is essential if you want to buy or sell land in India. This information can be beneficial when applying for a loan against property. By understanding the conversion process and using the provided conversion chart, you can make more informed decisions about the land you are dealing with. Ensure you have the knowledge and be prepared for your next loan application.

 Let us learn about the conversion from bigha to square meters and provide a helpful chart.


What is a Bigha?

A bigha is a unit of measurement used in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh to measure land. It is commonly used in rural areas and is equivalent to approximately 1,600 square meters. However, the exact measurement of a bigha can vary depending on the region and the type of land being measured. For example, a bigha of agricultural land may be larger than a bigha of residential land.


Converting Bigha to Square Meter

To convert from bigha to square meters, you can use a simple formula: 1 bigha = 1,600 square meters. This means that if you have 2 bighas of land, it would be equivalent to 3,200 square meters. Similarly, if you have 0.5 bigha of land, it would equal 800 square meters. It is important to note that this conversion is an approximation and may not be exact in all cases.


Conversion Chart

To make the conversion process easier, here is a conversion chart for bigha to square meter:


Square Meter (Sqm)

1 Bigha to Square Meter


2 Bigha to Square Meter


3 Bigha to Square Meter


4 Bigha to Square Meter


5 Bigha to Square Meter


6 Bigha to Square Meter


7 Bigha to Square Meter


8 Bigha to Square Meter


9 Bigha to Square Meter


10 Bigha to Square Meter


11 Bigha to Square Meter


12 Bigha to Square Meter


13 Bigha to Square Meter


14 Bigha to Square Meter


15 Bigha to Square Meter


16 Bigha to Square Meter


17 Bigha to Square Meter


18 Bigha to Square Meter


19 Bigha to Square Meter


20 Bigha to Square Meter



Using an Area Calculator

Use an online area calculator if you are uncomfortable with math or want a quick and accurate conversion. This calculator allows you to input the measurement in bigha and automatically convert it to square meters. Some calculators even allow you to choose the measured land type to provide a more accurate conversion.



Knowing the conversion from bigha to square meters can be helpful when buying or selling land in India. With the help of this article and the provided conversion chart, you can easily make the conversion and better understand the land you are dealing with when taking your loan against the land or property.