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If you keep your money in a jar, it just sits there and does not grow. But you can make good use of your money by putting it into trading stocks, and your money value will grow.

Stock trading means buying and selling a company’s shares. Since the Indian stock market has gone up a lot, it is very fruitful to invest in it.

The stock market is at its rising investments in interest and inflows. As a result, people are also learning more about the market. Thus, people are trying to trade stocks on their own. But this trading can be done only through trading platforms. An online portal, often known as a trading platform, uses technology to carry out deals on behalf of its members. There is no need to leave your house to do stock trading. You can trade online and from anywhere using apps built for that purpose. Let us look at the best online trading platforms you can use to grow your money.

The Best Online Trading Platforms

Here is a list of the best stock trading platforms you can use from the comfort of your mobile phone at home.

  1. Upstox Pro

This is the second-largest trading app. Upstox Pro was earlier named RKSV Securities. It does trade very quickly, all thanks to its user-friendly design. It also offers a great web- and mobile-based trading platform. Upstox Pro has been helped by giant investors, including Ratan Tata and Tiger Global Management.

You can use a web browser on your PC or mobile device to trade using Upstox Pro. It allows for the quick and easy trading of even large deals. Also, it happens to be the best option for traders.

The best features of Upstox Pro include:

  • Charts to guide your trading decisions.
  • Orders are covered.
  • Quick stock buying and selling.
  • Information about the rate of the stocks you like.

The pros of Upstox include:

  • Investing directly.
  • Simple-to-read charts.
  • Many types of orders, like limit, after-market, etc.

The only con so far is that some users report that the web version is tough to use.

  1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha is India’s top broker and offers India’s best online trading app, Kite, with over 5 million users. You can use it from a PC or a mobile device. The user interface is simple, and the screen is not jammed with elements that are not useful.

Since Kite has been created in-house by the Zerodha team, any issues are quickly solved. It is at the top of the list as it is very light and uses less bandwidth. One of its perks is that it executes deals at breakneck speeds.

The top features of Kite are:

  • 6 types of charts to aid in knowing the state of the market.
  • Advanced order options.
  • Gives market news.
  • A very easy-to-use app.

Some extra perks of using the Zerodha Kite app are:

  • The app is available in 10 languages.
  • Several charts are given to see the state of the market.
  • You can place a limit on your orders.

The major demerit is that there is no mutual fund trading or price notifications.

  1. Groww

One of the best stock trading platforms in India is Groww. The stock trading is also fairly error-free when done as per the user’s experience. The entire process is paperless, and the account is created in minutes.

The main features of the Groww stock trading platform are:

  • Offers advice on which asset type to select as part of its user help program. This program is based on user-defined criteria.
  • Tools for mutual funds can be used to compute the returns.
  • One-click trade interface that makes transactions quick and easy
  • The analysis tools have charts that aid in your trade study.
  • High levels of online security.

Groww has no account opening or maintenance charges, one of its perks. It also allows you to invest in gold, FDs, and international stocks.

  1. 5paisa Online Trading App

One of the most popular trading apps in India is 5Paisa.

The best features of the app include:

  • Exchanging your stocks.
  • Investing in mutual funds.
  • Money Exchange.
  • Auto-investing option based on your goals.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • All transactions are done with a single click.
  • The ability to research the market state with the use of advanced charts.

The advantages of using 5paisa are:

  • Research instruments.
  • Investing in cars.
  • Educational materials.
  • Zero commission for trading mutual funds.

The main demerit is that the charge for “trading on call” is Rs. 100 for each call.

  1. Angel Broking

Angel Broking is one of the best online trading platforms available in India. The Angel One Speed Pro existed for quite some time and was once known as “Angel Broking.” Initially, Angel Broking was a trading broker. But the company has recently unveiled its online trading platform. With over 1 crore members, Angel Broking is one of the most used stock trading platforms.

The best features of Angel Broking are:

  • Using expert-conducted research to analyze the industry.
  • Keeping your portfolio up to date.
  • Using small instances to create a varied portfolio.
  • Picking from pre-made portfolios.
  • Investing opportunities in foreign stocks.

The advantages of Angel Broking include:

  • Zero brokerage fees.
  • Portfolio administration.
  • Creating a low-cost portfolio by investing in tiny instances.

A demerit is that trading over the phone costs Rs. 20 for each completed order.


In India, several trading platforms are available that you can use to do stock trading. These platforms offer various value-added services, too. Investors, thus, find these online trading platforms more appealing.

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