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An Extensive Guide to Investing in the Best Midcap Funds in 2022

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Some investors search for the most reliable and secure household names. Others choose to own stock in startups and growing companies.

Midcap mutual funds are “perfect” for investors looking to strike a balance between growth and profitability. Here is a deeper look at the best midcap funds, with advice on how to pick the best midcap mutual funds:

What are Midcap Mutual Funds?

Midcap funds are equity mutual funds. Investors can invest in equity-linked securities of firms with market capitalizations. Midcap funds offer higher returns than large-cap funds. The size of the firm is important. When you decide to invest in equity-linked securities, it affects the range of risks and opportunities. Midcap companies frequently do better than benchmark and large-cap funds. This is workable as the underlying equities take advantage of the growth potential.

Who Should Invest in the Best Midcap Mutual Funds?

Midcap funds are available to investors searching for ways to increase their wealth. However, there are certain risks. Investors can access midcap funds in specific situations. For example, if they are prepared to tolerate the instability of these stocks in exchange for excellent profits.

Best Midcap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2022

Here are the best mid-cap funds for you to consider:

1. PGIM India Midcap Opportunities Fund

The main goal is to generate long-term capital by investing in equities and equity-related securities. Like with other mutual funds, success is not always assured.

2. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

The investment goal is to achieve long-term capital through equity and equity-related assets. The investment trust follows the NIFTY Midcap 150 Total Return Index.

3. Axis Midcap Fund

To generate long-term capital growth by focusing on mid-sized stock and equity-related securities. The fund’s primary goal is to invest in larger firms.

4. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund

The direct plan’s three-year return was 33.69%, which was higher than the normal plan’s return during the same time frame. The investment trust follows the NIFTY Midcap 150 Total Return Index.

5. Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 Fund

The investment goal is to generate long-term capital growth by investing in quality mid-cap firms. This scheme focuses on investing in firms with long-term advantages and growth prospects.

6. Invesco India Midcap Fund

The scheme aims to provide long-term financial gain through investments in a portfolio of mid-size companies’ equity and equity-related securities. However, there can be no assurance that the fund’s objectives will be achieved.

7. HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund

To provide long-term capital growth through a portfolio of equities and equity-related securities of small and midcap enterprises.

Why Should You Invest in Midcap?

Compared to large-cap funds, mid-cap companies have great growth potential. Thus, investing in the best mid-cap fund can benefit you in the long run. These companies are more powerful, specialized, and strong. It enables them to adjust to new technology and market changes more swiftly. It is also crucial to create a diversified portfolio for mutual fund investments that covers a variety of market capitalizations and industries.

  • Midcap funds have an advantage over small-cap competitors even if they might not be as steady as large-cap funds. Small-cap enterprises cannot access as much cash as mid-cap companies. Additionally, their market cap is substantially higher. The finest midcap mutual funds are well regarded for offering greater stability than small-cap funds.
  • You don’t have access to a single stock through a midcap fund. Instead, it gives you access to a selection of midcap equities and other assets in lower quantities. This implies that you don’t need to lose sleep and spend hours reviewing charts to research midcap stocks.
  • The best midcap fund has a reputation for producing higher returns than large-cap funds. The reason is the possibility of the growth of the midcap stocks. Despite being relatively well-known businesses, they are not the top competitors. Due to this, they can take risks and act quickly to produce profitable business judgments.
  • Midcap funds have good potential for long-term growth. Investors who invest in these mutual funds have a good chance of seeing substantial returns. Additionally, midcap mutual funds firms might one day grow to be large-cap firms.
  • They carry moderate risks as they are in the middle of the growth distribution and provide greater returns than large-cap equities. In addition to having a medium capitalization, they also have a greater ability to get loans and weather market storms.
  • Mid-cap companies have transactions at a lower price than large-cap stocks. This allows investors to purchase them at reasonable prices and generate positive returns. Large-cap stocks tend to trade at high prices. Mid-Cap funds are slowly developing a reputation in the industry. By purchasing funds early, investors might earn large profits.

Risks Associated with Midcap Funds

Mid-cap stocks are more unpredictable because they have smaller capital sizes and are not as long-standing as large caps. They may lag in terms of infrastructure and management. They might collapse in a bad market if they do not maintain the value appreciation.

Moreover, the markets are volatile, leading to a financial bubble when some mid-cap stocks produce huge returns. It can create huge losses if the bubble breaks. They may also fall prey to a value trap, in which they may become bankrupt if they continue to function with low profitability and little cash flow.


Investors should remember that a fund’s previous success does not guarantee that it will continue to perform well in the future. Before investing in midcap mutual funds, conduct thorough research. You may also speak with a licensed financial counsellor.

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