All You Need To Know About Bank Balance Enquiry Process

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In the digital age, technological improvements have resulted in a variety of procedures that took time and effort to do a simple activity. Financial and banking transactions, for example, can be completed without visiting a bank. With the click of a button, you can transfer money, check balance enquiry, deposit money, and perform other similar tasks. With so many transactions every day, it’s important to maintain track of your bank balance. A habit of balance enquiry keeps you alert about possible fraud immediately.

Balance Enquiry Methods

Your account balance can be checked in a variety of ways. The methods listed below are some of the most commonly used for quickly checking the balance:

Online Login

Are you seeking a quick way to check the balance of your bank account? To begin, go to the bank’s official website and provide the necessary information. For the majority of mobile apps, look for options such as “Account Login” or “Account Access.” If you are a first-time user of the official bank website or banking app, you must first register yourself by selecting “The First-Time User.”

Complete the following steps to register:

  • Enter your bank account number, registered email address, registered cell phone number, debit/credit card number, and CVV code. Please submit the form. An OTP (one-time password) will be generated.
  • After entering the OTP sent to your mobile number, enter the new username and password. The online account has been created.

To check your balance, enter your official login and password. Apart from checking bank balances online, one can also transfer money between banks, pay bills, and so on.

Balance Enquiry Text Messages

Another handy way to check your balance is by SMS. When creating a new account, select the option for SMS notifications when filling out the bank account form. You will be notified of balance changes and the amount debited or credited for each transaction. Other details, such as usernames and passwords, are not necessary. You can visit a bank branch, request an SMS option, and then fill out a form to receive updates.

You can also use the Balance Check Number to get your account details. All you have to do is text your registered mobile number to the bank’s number. You will also receive frequent balance updates if you choose this option.

Utilize an ATM

ATMs can also be used to check bank balance enquiry. Visit any ATM and follow the procedures below:

  • Insert the card and enter the 4-digit pin
  • Choose the option of ‘balance inquiry’
  • Your account balance would appear on the screen

The approach is essentially the same for most ATMs. You should use your bank’s ATM because using another ATM may result in paying some extra charges.

Contact the Bank

If you don’t feel comfortable with the other methods, you can call the bank to check your balance. However, unlike the other choices, you can only check your bank balance at any time if the bank has a computerized system. This is because machines now do the majority of the work. You’ll be asked for details such as your bank account number, and they’ll immediately tell you your bank balance amount.

Setting Up Notifications

If you don’t want to get regular updates on the bank balance, you can ask the bank to send you an alert if your account balance is low. If you make a substantial withdrawal or have a low amount, your bank will swiftly tell you about the balance inquiry. When you set up such notifications, you may adjust the amount and other characteristics of them.

Engaging a Teller in Conversation

If nothing else works, you can call the bank and speak with a bank executive. It differs from the other option described above (contact the bank). When you speak with a bank executive, you actually speak with a person as opposed to automated calls.

Every bank provides a phone number where you can speak with a bank executive. However, access to tellers is becoming increasingly restricted. Because the majority of banks have moved to online processes.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) App

Checking your bank account balance with UPI is quick and simple. Follow the steps below to check your bank balance query over UPI for the first time.

  • Install the official banking UPI app on your device.
  • Check that the mobile device running UPI software has a registered mobile phone sim card with enough balance to send an SMS.
  • When you activate the app, it will ask for your bank name and registered mobile number if your phone allows dual SIM.
  • The registration process has started. To authenticate your phone number, the app will send you an SMS.
  • Following verification, the UPI will ask you to create a UPI pin (not an ATM card pin) and will issue you with a UPI ID.
  • Choose four digits password. Your registration process is now concluded.

Dialing Missed Call

When a consumer makes a missed call with their registered mobile number, banks send them a balance update. Only a registered mobile phone number is necessary to get an update through SMS. Make sure that your phone number is registered with the bank so that you can receive balance updates.

To make a missed call or get an SMS, the number must be functioning.


With all the modern facilities available now, Balance Enquiry has become an easy job. You can check your account balance with a click. Instead of visiting a bank and standing in a queue for long, you can now open an online application to get most of your tasks done. Check the official website of Piramal Finance to understand how balance enquiry works and how you can get a hold of your bank account. You will get many informative articles to read on their website and a chance to explore the wide range of products and services they deal in.