X Best Personal Finance Apps in India

Personal Finance

Let’s start with understanding personal finance. Personal finance is managing your finances and keeping track of your activities. It is a method of planning and budgeting. One can monitor how much they spend, save and invest. It is a vital source for making a structured plan. 

But what is a Personal Finance app?

A personal Finance app is an app that helps you achieve your financial target. Activities like how much one spends saves, and invests are given importance. This includes keeping numerical data of your economy. 

What is the need for a Personal Finance App?

A good personal finance app helps you analyze your expenses. It tells you everything you need to know about your bank account. Everything is calculated. The personal finance app also helps you monitor your credit score. Prominent characteristics of a personal finance app include a shared account, bill alerts, automatic bill payment, and even subscription management.

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Personal Finance Apps In India

The list of the best personal finance apps are:


Walnut safeguards and simplifies the monitoring of your monthly outlays. It helps you stick to your spending plan, make on-time payments, and increase your monthly savings.

The Walnut wealth manager software will assist you in tracking your monthly spending and savings. The Walnut system identifies the SMS messages in your device’s inbox and keeps a record of crucial data like expenditures, payments, and even trip reservations.

Walnut Prime is a quick credit line for buying, funds transfer, travelling, and several other uses that are made available to qualified consumers in addition to personal loans.


  • Pay close attention to the balances on your credit cards.
  • When sending money using BHIM UPI.
  • Find nearby ATMs that accept cash.
  • Check your bank account’s balance.
  • Organize your bookings for movies, events, trains, cabs, and more.

The wallet is a top-rated personal finance app created to help you manage your money more effectively. By consolidating all of your requirements for financial planning, it helps you pay for financial planning.

Through your wallet, you may examine weekly spending statements, manage your buying costs, instantly check everyday expenses by connecting your savings account, and discuss particular features with your family. With a wallet, you can handle your money whenever and wherever you want.

The financial meter and organizer tools in the Wallet financial planning app India let you simply manage your spending and increase your savings.


If you are looking to invest in the capital markets and correctly manage your assets, ET Markets is a great resource for you. It functions as a central hub for managing all of your activities.

The programme offers numerous features, including excellent technological charting, livestock markets and graphs, customer and industry information, free share price tips, and stock market updates.


Groww, with its main office in Bangalore, was established in 2016 by former workers of Flipkart. A wonderful app for investing in mutual funds is Groww. According to the requirements of the investors, it designates plans into those that offer high returns, tax savings, investments that outperform FDs and SIPs with an Rs. 500 minimum, and so on. Additionally, you can use the app to actively invest in shares and gold. To deliver real economic updates, the app is updated often. Through Groww, you can easily apply for an IPO.

  • PAYTM 

Capital markets are incredibly simple with Paytm Money. You can see your share statements, set up price monitors, and estimate fees while on the go.

Now follow every trading indicator in complete comfort. Paytm Money offers all the tools you require for a seamless trade, so you no longer need to visit other websites to establish alerts.


You might use this app only for your everyday personal finance concerns. The software will keep track of your spending for meals, vacations, education, and everything else you spend. It will evaluate your purchasing behaviour and provide reliable and accurate bill alerts.

In this manner, you may determine whether you are going over your limit and where your spending is focused most. The next time, don’t be shocked whenever a price unexpectedly appears.

  • CRED

By awarding customers interesting prizes and incentives every time a transaction is made, CRED promotes the settlement of credit card bills. This single app allows you to add all your credit cards so that you will be advised to pay them on time. Different billing periods are not a concern because CRED has you protected. The fact that you may exchange these credits for opulent goods makes paying bills even more enjoyable! Using CRED Rent Pay, you may make a rent payment regularly from the program.


Monefy helps keep track of your everyday expenses, payments and everything else you spend the cash on has never been simpler or more pleasurable. This makes Monefy one of the finest expenditure-tracking applications in India.

A money-tracking app is not all that Monefy is. It is among the top saving apps to help people manage their finances better.

Money keeps tabs on a user’s spending and assesses it against their monthly income and spending plan. Your regular budget is kept in fine condition by the financial planner software from Monefy. Consequently, it can also be the top app for tracking expenses.


You can manage your accounts, pay off the mortgage, save a tonne of money, and accomplish your investment goals more quickly with the aid of the YNAB planning programme and its straightforward approach.


Managing your money can be tricky. Know where and how to invest to avoid misleading circumstances. Find a good personal finance app for yourself. See what suits you and what makes you manage better. It all depends on you and your planning. 

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