Which Is The Best Laptop Brand In India?


A person in need of a laptop may get a wide variety of laptops in India, all thanks to the huge choices available in the market. But, picking the best laptop might be tough as every year all new laptops are released with new and better features. The top laptop brands in India are listed here to make the task simpler for you. All of the laptops on the list are the best in all crucial areas. The majority of techies find these gadgets to be quite flexible, handy, and useful. It can thus be a wise decision for others as well.

Laptops are now vital devices that play a very crucial role in our lives just like a smartphone. The best laptop brands in India have given us ample choice now. Not only are these laptops have the newest generation of processors and graphics chips, but they also have high-resolution displays. They also have great keyboards and smooth trackpads with gesture recognition. These laptops have nice potent speakers for fun home entertainment, long-lasting batteries, and great software like add-on services, security suites, and other programs.

Best Laptop Brand In India

  1.  HP [Hewlett-Packard]

With a huge market share, HP is one of the best laptop brands in India. One of the top makers of personal computers, various access devices, image and printing goods, as well as other technology, solutions, and services, is HP.

The firm sells to all types of buyers, from users to small- and medium-sized firms (“SMBs”), and major firms, as well as clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. HP laptops cater to the needs of all.

HP has been giving to the market laptops, desktops, and notebook PCs. They also have a huge variety of workstations, thin clients, commercial mobility devices, retail point-of-sale (“POS”) systems, displays, and other relevant peripherals. These devices of software, support, and services are for both personal as well as official use.

These laptops are loved by all. They function smoothly, are easy to use, and are very handy. HP has been aiming to give thin, lightweight laptops in a diverse price range.

  1. Lenovo

The history of Lenovo began more than 30 years ago, back in China, with a group of 11 engineers.  The laptop brand has been working well in improving its user experience with the technology. With $43 billion in sales, hundreds of millions of users, and four gadgets sold every second, the company has a track record of success. Lenovo gives great laptops at a good price. No doubt it is one of the best laptop brands in India.

  1. Dell Inc

As per the market share, Dell Inc. is India’s 3rd largest laptop maker, which makes laptops for both personal use and business desktops. It has a wide range of notebook PCs, thin clients, retail point-of-sale systems, displays, and other vital devices such as software, support, and services that are all provided by Personal Systems. Dell Laptops are priced on a little higher side but the quality they deliver is just amazing. If you are looking for a sturdy and tough laptop, Dell is all you need to see.

  1. Asus

A global maker of user electronics and computer hardware with its head office located in Taiwan, ASUS saw its origin back in 1989. As one of the top 3 sellers of user notebooks and the world’s top motherboard and gaming brands, ASUS is aiming to make products for the smart life of both today and tomorrow. 

With the ASUS ZenFoneTM series, the firm is now setting new standards in mobile technology. It is also quickly creating goods for virtual and augmented reality, IoT gadgets, and robotics technologies. If you are a techno freak and cannot afford to lose pace with the rapid growth in technology, you need to buy an ASUS Laptop. It will cater to all your needs and will keep your techno head up to date.

  1. Acer Inc

As per the market share and turnover, Acer is ranked no. 4 among the major laptop makers in India. The firm is among India’s leading makers of laptops.

With Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and Android OS, as well as the great quality of processors from Intel Corporation (“Intel”) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (“AMD”), both business and personal users want to invest their money in Acer Laptops. These laptops are sturdy, decently priced, and have all the features a good laptop must have. If you have long working hours and spend a lot of time on a laptop, then Acer is for you.

  1. Apple

The finest qualities of Apple laptops are the integrated, user-friendly interfaces, display, and power, as well as the top-notch user service. Apart from these features, the OS on Apple laptops is very less prone to errors than those on Windows. The brand’s perks include great laptop performance, a quick and responsive system, a long battery life, a Retina display that is ready to use, and accurate colour production. Apple laptops are costly. But, if it suits your budget, there is nothing better than Apple laptops.


The best laptops brand in India have a variety of features, such as fast read and write speeds, outstanding memory access times, a tonne of storage, a good keyboard, nice built-in speakers, a good display, a powerful GPU, improved CPUs, etc. They greatly enhance graphics support and aid in decreasing game latency. Therefore, choosing the laptop based on your requirements is quite necessary. Now that you know the best brands for laptops in India, buy your next laptop wisely. You can also check the official website of Piramal Finance to get easy financing options or for more related blogs. You can also explore their financial products and services, such as personal loans, credit cards, and financial calculators.