Personal Loan

Which App Gives Personal Loan Without A Salary Slip?


What are your options when you have a financial emergency and need money immediately? Your best course of action is to apply for a personal loan. Personal loans are virtually always available from banks and other financial organizations, although the application procedure might be lengthy. The documentation process could be difficult. Additionally, you need a spotless credit history. Due to its inherent benefits, such as the finest apps in India for personal loans without a salary slip, it should be an appropriate substitute in these instances, such as:

  • Swift approvals and payments
  • Flexible qualifying requirements and high levels of flexibility
  • No need for collateral
  • Practical documentation
  • Convenient features

Apps that provide personal loans without requiring pay slips

A personal loan is like emergency money that someone can use when they don’t have enough money. There are no limits on how these loans can be used, so the money can be used for anything, like weddings, trips, or medical bills. It’s like the most comfortable financial cushion for people who want to borrow money.

Personal loans are easier to get and get paid off now that technology has improved. Not only do banking institutions and non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) offer loans these days, but so do several mobile apps.

Therefore, the next time you’re short on cash, consider using one of the instant personal loan application options available on your smartphone app store. In the rest of this article, we’ll give you a long list of the best personal loan applications in India, as well as important facts and features you need to know before applying for any of them.

  1. PaySense Loan

PaySense works with well-known banks and other financial institutions to offer personal loans online right away. You can use these personal loans, which range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh, for almost any emergency. But the most interesting thing about it is that it lets people get personal loans even if they have no credit history.

The application procedure, supporting materials, confirmation, and disbursement are all completed quickly. The rates of interest range from 16% to 36% per year. There is a maximum of 60 months to pay back the loan. PaySense lets people who work for a company or themselves get personal loans. PaySense and LazyPay are now one company.

  1. Kissht

Kissht is an app you can get from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It’s a good choice for people who don’t get paid, like students, freelancers, and small business owners.

Kissht has a 5-minute credit line based on QR codes. Kissht only needs your Aadhar card to figure out if you’re eligible for a loan, approve it, and put the money in your bank account. Interest rates range from 14% to 30% per year on loans of up to Rs 2 lakh. 100% digital makes it appealing.

  1. MoneyTapLoan

First, get MoneyTap from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Next, enter your age, city, PAN, and income to find out if you are eligible for a MoneyTap Credit Line. After KYC is done, you can start using the money.

MoneyTap provides personal loans of up to Rs 5 lakh at a monthly interest rate of 1.08–2.3%. Payback terms for borrowers are 36 months. The best thing about MoneyTap is that you can get approved in 4 to 5 minutes. It is India’s best app for an instant personal loan without salary slip because its API and design are safe.

4. Nira

Nira is one of the best fast loan applications in India for a personal loan without salary slips because it gives loans right away and is easy to sign up for. Nira looks at what’s on the internet to figure out your credit score.

Personal loans from Nira range from 3,000 to 5 lakhs at a rate of 1.5–2.5% per month. If you need to, this software can extend your credit period. The app lets you set up automatic withdrawals and deposits.

  1. mPokket

The mPokket app is a fast, short-term personal loan service for students and people with steady jobs. For loans between Rs 500 and Rs 30,000, interest rates start at 3.5% per month.

Applicants who get paid have to show pay stubs, but students can apply online with an ID. Loans can be approved online and paid out within 24 hours. People who want to borrow money don’t need a bank account because they can use digital wallets like Paytm.

  1. Dhani Card

Dhani Card is a great app for students, people with jobs, and people who work for themselves and need a quick personal loan. Loans of up to Rs 5 lakhs are available at 1-3.17% per month, depending on who is eligible, how much they want to borrow, and how long they want to pay it back.

The Dhani Card lets you borrow up to Rs 5 lakh with no interest. For a small monthly fee, you can see any doctor you want. This loan has three payments that don’t have any interest.

  1. Home Credit

Home Credit is one of the best apps for personal loans without salary slips because it lets people borrow up to Rs 2 lakh with just a PAN card and another form of ID/address verification. Loan amounts are based on credit scores. This software lets people with bad credit get personal loans.

The interest rate on this 26-month loan is between 2.4% and 3.3% per month. It’s one of the easiest ways for people aged 19 to 65 to get a personal loan without salary slips online.

  1. CASHe 

CASHe is easy to work with. Before setting credit limits, the user must upload documents and go through a verification process. This software could let many loans go through at once.

Personal loans from CASHe start at 1.75% and can go up to 5 lakhs. This app lets you make a deposit right away. Auto-debit from a bank account can be set up to make payments quickly and on time. With its Buy Now, Pay Later options, CASHe works with Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart, and other companies.

Final words

Personal loans have grown in popularity because they may be obtained quickly and with little paperwork. Additionally, this option enables customers to use the loan in any way they see fit to address their immediate financial needs. Also, these quick loan applications are popular right away because they don’t require collateral and have flexible terms for paying back the loan.

Piramal Finance (, is an Indian financial services company that is making its foray into retail lending, which includes personal loans, business loans, housing loans, and other consumer-focused finance products.


  1. What happens if the insurance runs out or is used during the time it takes to pay back the loan?

If the insurance runs out or a claim is made during the time the debt is being paid back, the interest amount must be paid until the maturity date.

  1. What is the procedure for getting an instant loan? 

If you are approved, the lender will usually respond within minutes and put funds into your bank account. However, even if you are authorized, it may take a business day or two, or even longer, to get the funds.

  1. What are the criteria for a personal loan? 

Instant loans are often not subject to a credit check. You must, however, give personal details, be at least 18 years old with proof Of identity, provide evidence of income (e.g., a pay slip), and have a bank account.