What Is the Simplest Method of Calculating EMI?

Personal Finance

To get a loan, you must ensure that the EMI is not too high. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment, which is how the loan is paid back. Once the loan is approved, the bank charges the EMI monthly over the loan’s repayment period. Each EMI is made up of both the principal and the interest on the loan.

Calculating the personal loan greatly impacts the ability to repay the loan. It is the first thing you should do if you plan to take out a personal loan. Traditionally, a mathematical formula has been used to decide the EMI rate. The formula is based on the kind of loan interest that is assessed. 

But now, there is no need to remember the mathematical formula and go through the hassle process. There are EMI calculators available, which make it very simple to decide the loan EMI. Read this article to learn how to calculate EMI by using EMI calculators and their benefits. 

What Is an EMI Calculator?

You may use the EMI calculator to calculate the personal loan EMI. Loan factors such as the principal amount, term, and rate must be added, and the EMI is easily calculated. You can calculate the personal loan EMI of many types of loans.

For example, a personal loan calculator can be used to calculate the personal loan EMI of a loan. Many personal loan calculators are free. They can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may compare or calculate multiple personal loan EMIs as often as you want.

Benefits of Using an Online Personal Loan EMI Calculator

  1. Aids in the choosing of offers in terms of cost

Choosing offers is one of the reasons to calculate personal loan EMI. And given how simple it is to use an EMI calculator, people can compare offers or loan terms. You may review the repayment details for many loan term options here until you find choices that fit your needs. 

This idea also applies when comparing many loan offers. If you know the lending rate provided, all users have to do is calculate personal loan EMI & interest cost and then narrow down the choices based on pricing. After finishing this stage and choosing the best offer for a bank loan, apply with confidence, knowing that you have chosen a tool that will work in your favour.

  1. Simple to use

One of the main perks of using the EMI calculator to calculate personal loan EMI is its simplicity. It is simple to use and guides you through each step. Suppose the lender appreciates the comfort and clarity of the clients. In that case, lenders will go out of their way to ensure that the borrower knows how to use the EMI calculator.

All you have to do is go to the lender’s website. Then, input the loan balance you want, the chosen rate, and the payback time you choose. A loan’s payback time might vary from one to five years.

  1. Saves time 

One of the main benefits of using the EMI calculator to calculate personal loan EMI is that it saves time by providing quick and precise answers. EMI calculator is available online, saving you the time and effort of going to the bank, standing in lines, and waiting for your loan EMI to be computed. 

The remainder of the loan process is then completed. Also, the time taking process of submitting a slew of difficult paperwork or phoning an agent to compute the loan balance and borrowing costs is removed. You may use the system on the road, during a break at work, or even on holiday at the other end of the world since it is available online. All you need is a good network.

  1. Exact outcomes

The quality of the findings is one of the major benefits of using the EMI calculator. There is always the chance of wrong data when using a manual system to determine how much rate is due. 

You do not need to use a pencil and paper and risk miscalculating the rate due. Also, you do not need to sit down and manually test many rate pairings, desired loan rates, & loan tenures.

When using the EMI calculator, users save time and obtain fast results for many loan alternatives within seconds or minutes. Also, the algorithm allows you to adjust the elements causing your EMI and try out many loans without negatively impacting your credit score.

What is the Use of the EMI Calculator?

With an EMI calculator, you can learn the details given below:

  • The amount of the EMI
  • The total amount of interest taken on the loan
  • The total cost of the loan

You can modify the loan term or balance to get an EMI that you can afford. 

The Process to Use an Online EMI Calculator

There are many steps to calculate the personal loan EMI. These are as follows: 

  • Step 1: Visit any reliable website.
  • Step 2: Click on the calculator tab to access the EMI calculator page.
  • Step 3: Decide the type of loan needed. This may be a house loan, a personal loan, a vehicle loan, and so on.
  • Step 4: You must now provide the proper details. This includes the loan amount, principle, rate, and loan time.
  • Step 5: The EMI calculator will show the payable EMI amount after entering the details.
  • Step 6: You may try other combinations to find the best fit EMI amount.


Loans are now a vital part of many people’s lives. They help in reaching certain life goals. 

EMI is the most important term to keep in mind when it comes to loans. There are many EMI calculators that you can use to calculate personal loan EMI. This includes personal loan calculators, home loan calculators, and business loan calculators. They may be used to calculate the personal loan EMI of various types of loans.

When you enter the needed data into an EMI calculator, it makes calculations based on the EMI calculation formula. Then, it provides the EMI you must pay monthly in seconds.

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