Personal Loan

All You Need to Know About an Instant Personal Loan


A personal loan is becoming increasingly popular as a way to get cash when needed. Getting an instant personal loan can help a person pay for many things. Previously, personal loan request approval used to require a lot of paperwork, but as technology has improved, it’s now easier to get loans online. Most of the time, these loans are granted within hours or minutes after the papers are submitted. 

One can apply for a personal loan online from the comfort of their home by visiting the preferred lender’s website. 

A Green Approach: Paperless Online Quick Personal Loans 

A lot has changed in recent years regarding how people use banking services. Instead of waiting for days, many people now prefer quicker and easier banking options. Digital markets in the finance sector have made this possible. The government is already doing its bit to transform the economy into a digitised one, focusing on cashless infrastructure. Paperless personal loans show that the business is evolving. 

People in the digital age are looking for a quick solution to their money woes. Instant personal loans provided by various lenders suit the needs of these people. They assist in meeting their short-term financial needs. 

How do Paperless Instant Personal Loans Work? 

With the rise of the Internet, it is now much easier for banks to receive and check data files from people. People no longer need to go to the branch and fill out a loan request form by hand. They can apply online and get approval if they need an instant personal loan

There are many cases where instant personal loans with no paperwork can be helpful: 

  • Support during a financial crisis
  • During medical emergencies
  • Paying for unplanned wedding expenses 
  • For sudden repair of house

The Process to Get an Instant Personal Loan

Many lenders, from banks to NBFCs, give instant personal loans to their clients. You can choose to apply here for instant personal loans. Due to digitalisation, you can avail of these services via their official websites. You will get some application forms asking for personal and professional details. After you submit it, it will go for verification for further processing.

One can follow these simple steps to apply for a personal loan:

  • If the person has decided to get a personal loan right away, they should go to the lender’s website.
  • Look for the instant loan option. Fill it with correct information like home address, name, loan amount, and how much you earn. 
  • After this, a dialogue box will open. It asks you to upload relevant documents to support your personal information. This includes the last six months’ bank statement and ITR form.
  • You should use an instant loan EMI calculator to determine how much the EMI will be and how much the loan will cost.
  • After submitting documents and the online application form, you receive a call from the bank in a few hours. It is to confirm the loan needs and to get the person’s confirmation.
  • The documents are further verified, including your CIBIL scores. This determines your eligibility criteria.
  • The next call will provide information on the loan specifics, such as tenure, loan amount, interest rate, etc. The person must check these facts and sign the loan agreement form to indicate their interest in an instant personal loan.
  • Once the person agrees to the loan factors like principal amount, tenure, and interest rate, the loan application gets approved. Usually, the total amount gets credited to your given bank account in the same business days.

Features of an Instant Personal Loan

  • Simple and quick approval

The best thing about an instant personal loan is that the person can get it online. It’s easy to get approved and does not require much paperwork. Since an instant personal loan is processed online, it is granted faster than a regular personal loan. The person doesn’t have to go to the bank for loan approval due to digitalisation.

  • Takes some minutes to apply

In an emergency, filling out a 5-page application form is impossible. Banks are well aware of this need. So, they have made it easy to apply for an instant personal loan. They only need the person’s basic details. The person can then quickly and easily fill out the application form from home.

  • Pre-approved loans

The person can also get instant personal loans that a few lenders have already approved. Usually, borrowers have a pre-existing relationship with these lenders. This happens when you ask for personal loans from your own bank. You don’t need any paperwork. Since they already know their bank account details, these lenders can give pre-approved offers. These are based on what the person can afford to pay back. Once the pre-approved offer is accepted, your loan will get credited to your bank account on the same business day.

  • Lowered cost

By taking a digital approach, lenders can lower their total costs. This process can get rid of the cost of paper and printing. The person can benefit from the money saved by this method. 

  • High security

When one applies for a loan, one always runs the risk of losing crucial paper documents. This can be taken care of by making the whole process online. When the bank gets a document, it will check to see if it is genuine. Once the paperwork is approved, the loan amount is sent to the person’s bank account.

The person should carefully read the T&C of an instant personal loan agreement before signing it. They should also compare lenders to find the best rates and offers.


Nowadays, one can obtain a personal loan by completing a simple online application. It is a multi-purpose loan and may be used for many reasons. Also, because this is an unsecured loan, the person does not need to provide collateral. 

One can get an instant personal loan if one needs a loan right away. It gives the person access to the money right away. It needs little or no paperwork, making it easy for all.

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