What Is the Difference Between OTG and Microwave Oven in India?


There are many similarities between OTG (on-the-go) and microwave ovens. The differences between the two are also important.

An OTG is an electromagnetic appliance. It uses microwaves to cook food. Its portability allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. And that is how it got its name. It differs from microwave ovens. OTGs are smaller, lighter, and more affordable.

But OTGs may only be used to cook food. You cannot use them to rewarm beverages or thaw meals.

A microwave oven uses microwaves to cook food. It is a much larger device. Food is enclosed in a metal box in a microwave oven. The microwaves cook the food from all sides. Thicker foods, like a roast or a pizza, can be cooked quickly in this kind of oven.

What Is the Difference Between a Microwave Oven and an OTG Oven?

Do you want to purchase new kitchen equipment? Are you wondering if it should be an OTG or microwave oven? Here is all you need to know. Let’s start with the distinction between a microwave and an OTG.

1. Pre-heating and Food Preparation

OTGs and microwave ovens differ in usage, food preparation, and heating. Microwave ovens use microwave heating. OTGs use heatwave heating. Meal preparation and preheating take less time in microwave ovens than in OTGs.

Microwave ovens only need 5 to 6 minutes to preheat. OTGs require 14 to 15 minutes to heat up.

2. Functions

Microwave ovens dominate in terms of usability. They have refined controls. A simple digital display makes them easy to use. Microwaves have a range of cooking presets. In the preset mode, the device automatically modifies the cooking temperature and timer. 

OTGs feature mechanical controls. They can be confusing and difficult to operate.

3. Usage

You can decide what you need by understanding your usage. You use an OTG to bake, grill, and toast. If you bake professionally or enjoy baking, an OTG is a great choice.

The microwave oven is the best option for general cooking. Different foods can be prepared in the same machine. Pizza, noodles, chicken tikka, and rice—choose the best microwave oven in India to cook them all and more. A microwave oven is like a tool with several uses.

 4. Baking Quality

For quality on par with a professional baker, OTGs are the best option. OTGs have some limitations. But they are magical in helping you achieve excellent outcomes.

Considering the appliance’s fantastic adaptability, microwave ovens work well too. A high-quality microwave oven is good for baking and cooking.

How to Choose the Best One for You?

There is no one answer to this question. An OTG oven is great if you want a portable, lightweight device. It is ideal for hostel life or paying guest accommodation. It is useful in small spaces. A microwave oven is better if your kitchen needs a larger appliance. Because of its size, you will need to have more room. Think about how much space you have before choosing.

Benefits of a Microwave Oven

  • The microwave oven has a number of pre-set cooking options that make it easy to cook a wide variety of foods.
  • This equipment evenly cooks food, so you always receive reliable results.
  • It is adequate to cook many things at one time.
  • Basic models are reasonably priced.


The drawbacks of a microwave oven include its large size. It takes up a lot of room. Beginners may find it challenging to use.

Benefits of an OTG Oven

  • The OTG oven cooks food very quickly.
  • The equipment is small and lightweight; you can take it with you if needed.
  • It is affordable. So, it is a fantastic option for budget-conscious buyers. 


Cooking can be uneven. The OTG oven has fewer preset cooking settings.

Important Things to Consider While Selecting the Better Option for You

Cooking Needs

Your first decision is how much cooking you will do. Your needs should determine the type of device you need. An OTG oven is great for simple, basic cooking. If you are a beginner, it will serve you well.

The size of the family and its needs are also important. If you cook a lot, host parties, and enjoy experimenting with food, the microwave oven is a better choice. The size of the oven affects the cooking outcome. You should get a bigger oven if you want to roast or bake something. If you don’t use your oven frequently, get a smaller one.

Kitchen Space

You must assess how much space your kitchen has. An OTG fits into a small kitchen or kitchenette. If your kitchen is cramped, investing in a large oven is just not practical. Go for a large oven if you have lots of space.


What kind of budget are you working with for the oven? You can choose the size of the oven you want based on that. Take the oven’s energy efficiency into account. How much will it cost in electricity bills? Thinking about this is important. It may cost you more initially. But it will ultimately save you money.


Consider everything you need from an oven. Do you prefer an oven you can bake and roast in, one that heats food more quickly, or one that lets you cook food more evenly? Answering these questions will help you make a good choice.

Power Source

Do you prefer a gas- or electric-powered oven? Decide on the kitchen oven’s power supply. Choose one that is easily available where you live.


The OTG oven and microwave oven are practical. The best option for you will depend on your needs. An OTG oven will assist you in increasing your baking and grilling talents. The high-quality and best microwave oven in India will help you accomplish your goal of being a versatile chef. With a single device, you will be able to quickly and easily prepare a variety of recipes. If you need help with finances, you can always take the help of a financial expert like Piramal Finance. They will suggest what’s best for you and help you with availing of financial services and products, such as personal loan and credit card solutions.