What Is The Balance Enquiry Number?

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People are extra cautious about any bank-related work, especially those that deal with money withdrawals, balance enquiries, deposits, and alerts. For performing any actions or posing queries about such tasks, you can directly contact banks using their toll-free numbers. Technology has vastly developed, and banking has now come to your fingertips. All banking tasks are accomplished in seconds from any corner of the world. 

Bank Balance

The bank balance is the amount you have in your bank account. It’s the difference between the amount you have deposited in your account and withdrawals from your account. Once you have spent your money, you will get an SMS alert if you have opted for it, stating the balance of your bank account. Suppose you have not opted for the SMS alert feature; in that case, you can directly go to the nearest bank branch where you have your account. You can also call the bank’s balance enquiry number, provide them with the relevant details, and then the authorised team will check the balance and notify you. It’s just that simple to know your bank balance through this balance enquiry number.

Various Techniques to Check Balance

Missed call to the balance check number

Every bank has a toll-free number to check the bank balance, known as the balance enquiry number or balance check number. You need to call them, and the support team will ask you questions like the bank account number, account holder name, and date of birth for their confirmation. Once they check and validate the details, they will share your bank balance. As the banking sector needs high security, account holders should also be careful with their bank details. If your account details get leaked or you lose your bank passbook, which has all the information about your bank account, conmen may mishandle your bank account by engaging in fraudulent activities. So, one should keep their bank details private and safe.

Short Message Service (SMS)

There is an alternative to the call, which is the SMS option. You can send a message to the bank’s toll-free number regarding your query using this feature. The message you send should be in a particular format, as the system provides you with the details based on the message you send. The structure of the format varies from one bank to another. 

In Punjab National Bank, you need to send the message as BAL<space>Your Account number to check the bank balance. On the other hand, for the State Bank of India, you only need to send a message as BAL from your mobile number to the balance enquiry number that the bank uses. These all perform the same task, but the steps they follow vary. Similarly, other banks have their own formats for checking your bank account balance.

Internet banking

Customers can also use Internet banking or mobile banking for any queries related to their bank account. For that, you first need to set up an internet banking profile with the help of the concerned bank manager. Later, you can access your bank account by sitting at home or anywhere worldwide. Once the setup is done, you can carry out any activity, such as balance checking using the balance check number provided on the site, receiving SMS alert modifications, regulating card permissions, and controlling many more functions with a single tap. Once your Internet banking profile is set, you do not need to go to the bank for any physical queries. It is visible in your profile.

Mobile banking

Similar to Internet banking, you can also have all these options in your mobile banking. Mobile banking is nothing but an app where you can access all your bank account details. For this, you need to install the bank’s application and create your profile. The profile setup is not so complicated, as it requires some basic details such as your registered mobile number, date of birth, name, and some other details. In mobile banking, you can perform various actions such as balance assessments using the balance enquiry number, accessing recent transactions, and requesting the mini statement, which has all the details of your transactions. Through these, you can clearly understand what’s happening in your bank account.

Protective Measures for Fraudulent Activities

Due to strict monitoring and surveillance, banks are considered safe. However, you should be aware of all transactions in your account. With an increase in technology, there is also an increase in fraud activities. If you have conducted any incorrect transactions, you need not panic and go to the bank to inform the bank manager that you have made an incorrect transaction. 

According to the RBI, if you have carried out any incorrect transactions or found any fraudulent activity in your bank account, you must report it to the bank within 3 days of those activities. You can also register a complaint on the RBI page, noting that the transaction was incorrect, and the authorities will take action in 3 to 5 working days and update you with the procedure. The bank authorities can view the fraudulent activities by checking your bank balance. 

For this purpose, you need to call the balance check number. If it is more or less than your actual balance after any transaction, it will be considered fraudulent activity. If it is regarded as an erroneous transaction, the money debited from your account due to that incorrect transaction will be credited back to your account.


Following the steps mentioned earlier helps you learn about the balance checking procedure using the balance enquiry number and provides insight into various ways that might help you reach out to the bank for any queries. Piramal Finance offers you relevant information regarding multiple banks across India. For any banking loan-related query, you can visit the website. The financial experts will help you better understand your bank account.