What is Meant by Account Balance, and How to Check it?

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Are you going to the bank to check your account balance? Is it not tiring? With advanced technology, banking is possible at your fingertips! What is this all about? Let’s know in detail. Your account balance is the amount of money in your bank account. The total amount of money deposited in the account minus the total amount of money withdrawn from the bank account will give the balance in the account. But how do you check the balance? Let’s dive into the article to learn how to check the balance.

Different Ways to Check the Account Balance

The Traditional Way of Banking

People have visited the banks in person since the banks became functional. You can approach the bank and update your passbooks to check all the account transactions and balances. The banks also provide a detailed account statement upon your request, which contains a detailed list of every transaction in your account. You can request your account statement for a month, a quarter, a year, or a custom range of dates. You can track all your transactions and know the balance after every transaction. So, this option is challenging and takes a lot of time to see the balance amount.

Just a Call for Balance Check 

The banks moved a step closer to helping people without internet connectivity. Phone banking is the new, more innovative way to bank. If your mobile number is linked to your bank account, it is easy to get the balance. As a part of the Know-Your-Customer campaign and making it mandatory, the RBI has issued guidelines to have customers’ mobile numbers, ID proofs, and address proofs linked to their bank accounts. This move made banking a step closer for people living in areas without internet connectivity. With just a missed call, you can check your bank balance.

Based on the bank, the number used is different.

If you have a State Bank of India account.

  • Make sure the mobile number you are using is linked to your bank account.
  • Give a missed call to 919223766666 from your registered mobile number.
  • Wait for the message from SBI that displays your account balance.
  • This also shows the last five transactions in your account.

For customers having an account in Punjab National Bank.

  • Primarily, register your mobile number with the bank account.
  • 1800-180-2223 is the number you have to call to report a missed call from your registered mobile number.
  • If the number provided above does not work, you may try giving a missed call to 0120-230-3090.
  • The message received from PNB displays the account balance.

For Indian Bank customers.

  • After registering your mobile number with your concerned bank, leave a missed call on 8108781085 to perform the balance check.
  • This drops a message with the bank balance on your phone.

Customers who have Union Bank accounts.

  • Union Bank also offers missed call services for customers who register mobile numbers.
  • A single missed call to 09223008586 will provide you with your bank account balance.

Similarly, every bank provides you with a specific number to find your balance in your bank account.

SMS (Simple Way)

Same as the above, you can also send a single SMS to the specific numbers mentioned on the bank’s official website. For exact keywords to perform the balance check, see the details below. 

In the State Bank of India account.

  • Register for SMS banking by visiting the nearest branch of the state bank.
  • Send SMS “BAL” to the same number used for the missed call, as mentioned earlier.
  • Alternatively, send ‘MSTMT’ to the same number to obtain a list of your five most recent transactions. It also shows the balance in the account.

If your account is at Punjab National Bank.

  • Send an SMS with the message BAL<space>Your Account number or send MINSTMT<space>Your account number.
  • This delivers the message containing the balance in your bank account to your phone.

For customers with Indian Bank accounts.

  • Indian Bank has a unique system in place that makes it stand out. 
  • The customer needs to register for mobile banking and generate an MPIN.
  • Anywhere 94443-94443 offers a lot of services. Before that, reach out to the bank nearby to learn more about MPIN and mobile banking.

Internet banking: Everything in one place

The easiest method to check your account balance is by accessing internet banking.

After visiting the nearest branch of your bank, register for the internet banking facility. Once registered for internet banking, all you have to do is activate and log in to your account. With the internet banking facility, you can check your account balance and statement, perform fund transfers, do a balance check after the fund is transferred, and many more things.

The only disadvantage is the lack of high-speed internet in most locations. Therefore, find which is more suitable for you from the above ways. Internet banking will suit you if you live in an area with good internet connectivity and the internet is reasonably priced. Mobile banking is far more convenient if you live in a location with poor internet facilities. Hence, finding the bank balance also depends on your accessibility. 

Becoming smart: knowing the account balance

Knowing the above information makes it very clear that understanding the balance in your bank account is not difficult. The information above lets one quickly find the total money in their account. Contact Piramal Finance for more information on all banking services. We offer complete banking information, including personal loans and customised financial guidance, with all the leading banks in the country.