What is balance enquiry number and how it works?


These days, when businesses are expanding and time is the new oil, it’s quite a tedious job for the new-age working professionals and entrepreneurs to visit their banking branches just to get the details about their bank balance. 

Banks nowadays provide balance inquiry numbers that enable their customer to get the required info within seconds. For example, the Balance Enquiry Number for Bank of India is +919015135135, and Canara Bank Balance Enquiry Number is +919015483483.

There is no need to go to the bank to check your account balance. Banks have implemented a variety of techniques for clients to check their bank accounts. Internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking, phone banking, SMS notifications, Balance on Missed Calls, Toll-free lines, and many more are examples. Over the phone is one of the most convenient ways to check your bank balance.

Indian Bank Balance Check Number

Indian Bank provides its customers with a single toll-free number 9444394443, which is a one-stop solution for all urgent banking requirements which includes Balance Enquiry, Last 3 Transactions Details and Deposited Cheque Details.

The user simply needs to give a missed call to this number to get the relevant information.

Note: It is mandatory, that the mobile number must be linked to the Customer’s Bank Account.

Validation Keywords and Syntax for Indian Bank SMS Banking

1BALAVLBalance EnquiryBALAVL <Ac no> <MPIN>
2LATRANLast 3 TransactionLATRAN <Ano> <MPIN> LATRAN <MPIN> For default account
3CHQSTSIssued Cheque status EnquiryCHQSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> CHQSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
4DCHSTSDeposited Cheque Status EnquiryDCHSTS <chq no> <Ac no> <MPIN> DCHSTS <chq no> <MPIN> For default account
5CHGPINChange Mobile Banking PINCHGPIN <New MPIN> <OMPIN>
6HELPHelp on How to UseHELP <Code> <MPIN>

An important thing to note: Customers are advised to keep their password/PIN private.

How to Check Your Indian Bank Account Balance Via SMS

Customers who do not have an internet connection or online accounts with Indian Bank can check their account balance by SMS. To do so, the customer must register his or her mobile number at the home branch using the SMS banking application form, and once the MPIN and confirmation message that his or her number has been registered is received, the customer can use the SMS facility. The procedure should be followed:

  • Register your mobile phone number with Indian Bank at the branch where you have your account.
  • Once you’ve received your MPIN, call Indian Bank at 94443-94443 and enter your balance in the manner provided below.
  • Indian Bank will then react to your request by giving you an SMS with your account balance.
  • Customers can use the SMS service to not only check their account balance but also to request a mini-statement and track the status of a cheque they have issued.
  • (For example, if a client wishes to check his balance and his account number is 762584521, and his MPIN is 4582, he must write “BALAVL 762584521 4582” and send it to 9444394443; following confirmation, the user will receive an SMS with the balance outstanding.)

How to Check the Balance of an Indian Bank Account Using the Missed Call Service

If the consumer has registered his or her cellphone number with an Indian Bank savings account, he or she can utilize the missed call service to find out the amount. Customers must take the following actions to use this service:

  • Customers must first register their phone numbers with Indian Bank to access the service.
  • The consumer must then make a missed call to 09289592895 to determine their balance.
  • When the bank receives a missed call from a customer, it sends the customer an SMS with their account balance.

How to Check Your Indian Bank Account Balance Using Online Banking

Customers who have an Indian Bank internet banking account can check their account balance by following the instructions below:

  • Visit Indian Bank’s online banking service.
  • From the main page, select ‘personal banking.’
  • Enter your user ID and password to gain access to your account.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the bank to proceed.
  • After you’ve logged in, navigate to the ‘accounts’ option on the left side of the website.
  • When you do this, the screen will show your account balance. Select ‘detailed statement’ to see your most recent transactions.

How to Check Your Indian Bank Account Balance Using the IndPay Mobile App

Customers of Indian Bank may also use the mobile app to check their account balance by following the procedures listed. Before all this, the customer must download the Indpay App

  • Enter your login and password into the IndPay mobile banking app.
  • To advance, you must agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After logging into the app, select ‘accounts.’
  • As soon as you do this, the app will reveal your account balance. You have the option of reviewing your account’s complete statement as well.


Balance inquiry number provided by banks hence plays an important role, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs where their time has a significant value. Piramal Finance has been a pioneer in providing finance-related tips and tricks to our audience since 2017. For more such tips and tricks please visit Piramal Finance


1. Is it possible to check another Indian Bank customer’s balance through Balance Enquiry Number?

No, it is not feasible. You may only view your account balance with the Balance Enquiry Number provided your mobile number is registered in the banking records.

2. Is there a fee for utilizing the Indian Bank SMS and Balance Enquiry Number service?

Regular SMS rates will apply to the Indian Bank SMS service. Aside from that, Indian Bank does not charge for both SMS and missed call services.

3. Is it necessary to register my cellphone number for internet banking and the IndPay app?

Yes, you must enter your cellphone number when signing up for internet banking and the IndPay app. You can change your password and receive notification messages for every transaction made using your internet banking account and the IndPay mobile app by registering your mobile number.