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What Does Health Insurance Not Cover?


Health insurance and other types of insurance are very important. They ensure you have enough money in case of a medical emergency. So it can help you pay less for your huge hospital bills.

Several insurance companies add extra benefits to their health plans. But these benefits vary from one provider to the next.

The main goal of health insurance is to help pay for urgent medical costs. So you can make sure your health and well-being are safe. But not all treatments are emergencies. So, it is very important to find out what medical bills or fees your policy does not cover. Read on to learn about the costs that are not covered by health insurance.

Medical Charges Excluded From Health Insurance Policies

Here are some medical treatments that are excluded from health insurance policies: 

Dermat Bills

Your health insurance protects you from risks to your health. It gives money to help people get the medical care and attention they need. But elective surgeries like liposuction and Botox are not emergencies.

Now you might wonder, “What if you have an accident that changes your face?” Will your health insurance policy pay for it? Your insurance company may have different rules for these kinds of situations.

Some insurance companies might offer special benefits in the event of an accident or when the weather is bad. But you need to talk to your health insurance company about that. Don’t assume that your health insurance will pay for treatments that make you look better. Make sure you’ve talked to the provider about it. So you don’t do anything wrong.

Prexisting Health Conditions

This part of health insurance policies can differ from one company to the next. Some insurance companies might not cover the diseases that are out there. Diabetes and high blood pressure are examples of diseases that people already have.

Whether or not these diseases are covered by health insurance depends on the company. Some of them might have deals. So, they cover the disease that was already there, but only if you stay on their health insurance plan for 12 to 24 months.

Maternity Bills

Health insurance does not cover things like pregnancy and abortion.

Some moms have easy pregnancies, while others have hard ones. In either case, health insurance policies do not cover maternity costs.

But sometimes, being pregnant could put the mother’s life in danger. In these situations, insurers might help pay for an abortion. Don’t forget to tell the insurance company when you sign the health insurance policy.

If the mother’s life is in danger, you must show proof. Ask the doctor to talk about it with the insurance company so that health insurance pays for the bills. In some cases, the mother is the one who wants the abortion, but it’s not covered by health insurance.

Diagnostic Tests 

Health insurance does not cover the costs of diagnostic tests. A doctor might sometimes think that you have a disease. They will want to do scans and blood tests on you. Also, more medical tests may be done to get a full picture. The health insurance plan doesn’t pay for the costs of these tests.

But in certain situations, your insurance company might cover these costs. Some health insurance plans cover the costs of diagnosis. Sometimes the insurance company can pay the bills if they are part of the treatment for an illness.

Alternate Therapies 

Health insurance policies are liable to cover your urgent medical bills. But they might not bear the cost of all the therapies involved. Therapies like naturopathy, acupuncture, and pathology are sometimes required in the healing process. Yet these treatments are excluded from the health insurance policy. 

Do not rely solely on health insurance policies to cover all of your medical expenses. Contact your insurer and discuss all your doubts. Ask them about the treatment that will be covered to avoid any surprises. 

Mixed Charges

Do you have a long-term illness or a sudden injury? Your health insurance will pay for those costs. But other fees are not covered. Hospitals also charge you service fees on top of your medical bills.

Most health insurance plans, however, do not cover these costs. Even if you file a claim, the insurance company will not pay these bills.

Disorders Caused by Alcohol Overdose

Diseases caused by alcohol are not covered by health insurance. Health problems caused by drinking too much alcohol are not considered a crisis. A health insurance policy protects you from things like accidents and other diseases.

A lot of the time, the patients are sick with things like liver failure. But the insurance company won’t have to pay the bills since your mistake hurts you.

Health Fibers and Tonics 

When you sign a health insurance policy, read the terms thoroughly. Under all the clauses, you will find this one. Insurers do not cover charges for health add-ons. For example, supplements like protein shakes, tonics, and other vitamins are excluded. 

The health insurance policy includes only medicines prescribed by a doctor. In some cases, the prescription suggests a health supplement. Then your insurer has to compensate for that.


The insurer will not cover any activity by the policyholder that is self-harming. If the policyholder attempts suicide or injures themselves, they will need urgent treatment. The medical bills resulting from their injuries are excluded from the terms of a health insurance policy. 

The suicide attempt might be fatal in some cases. Still, the insurer will not be liable for other bills. The victim’s medical bills are not covered by his or her health insurance policy.


Now that you know what is not covered by health insurance, you can plan your budget better. It is crucial to know what your health insurance covers. It can keep you from using your savings to pay for medical bills. But you need to know what things aren’t covered by your health insurance. So it helps you avoid unexpected fees and save money for bills ahead of time.

Always take the time to read your health insurance policy carefully. It will help you figure out the rules so that you can choose the option that best meets your needs. Still, you need to ask your insurance company for help.

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