Personal Loan

What Are the Key Factors While Choosing a Personal Loan?


People have aspirations, and these dreams inspire them to work hard. These aspirations involve vital and emotionally rewarding life goals, such as having a fairy tale wedding, a pure home to call your own, switching the day job for self-employment, or beginning a new life in a distant place. 

When you make your goals a reality, you will face many hurdles. These difficulties might manifest as a lack of support, excessive ambitions, concentration, or money limits. While the other problems need some problem-solving, the last one may be overcome with a simple answer: a personal loan. Check personal loan eligibility to know which factors to analyze to get the best loan. 

Reasons To Take A Personal Loan

The personal loan is simpler since it needs less paperwork and does not need a security or guarantor. So, read the reasons to check personal loan eligibility that suits you the best:

  • Consolidation of debts.
  • Weddings and other family social events
  • Paying off credit card debt
  • To pay for holidays.
  • To purchase a high-end household appliance.

So, no matter why you want a personal loan, here are a few tips to help you find the best loan for you so that you can check personal loan eligibility:

  • Capacity

Before anything else, the bank will look at your payment potential. When seeking a loan, the debtor must provide the bank with a letter allowing people to check your credit record. Banks will look at your payment record with others and the number of loans you now have. The bank will then examine your income and compute your coverage for the debt service ratio. A bank typically sets a minimum coverage for a debt service ratio of 1.2 times.

  • Assets

To cover its risk, a bank may request assets or safety from the applicant. Even the most resilient firms might experience a period of loss owing to unforeseen factors that may impair a firm’s capacity to repay a debt. The amount of security a bank can request is determined by available assets, including real estate, firm assets, equipment, current account deposits, FDs, etc.

  • Lenders 

A personal loan is the most common product that banks provide. People are often bombarded with texts and calls offering loans with tempting terms and rates.

Using an internet platform to make an educated choice is the best option. On such sites, you can compare the many lenders, the terms, and the loan rates, and you will be notified of the bargains these many lenders are offering.

  • Age

In addition to the above reasons, banks consider your age when analyzing a loan form. Banks prefer to lend to people aged 30 to 50 because they are considered financially stable. Those in this age bracket have worked for a while and have plenty of time to repay the loan. People over 60 may have trouble getting a loan and may have to put up collateral before banks will give them one.

  • Loan Amount and Repayment Plan

Banks consider the repayment time and the loan amount. A person with a shorter payback duration is frequently preferred. For example, a person who requests a loan repayment time of 2-3 years will be given priority over those who request a longer payback period of ten years, and so on.

  • Credit rating 

A credit score, also known as a CIBIL score, is a vital indicator of your qualifications for a bank loan. Before applying for a personal loan, you must verify your credit score, or CIBIL rating.

While a higher credit score increases your chances of getting a personal loan authorized, it also affects the sanctioned loan balance and loan terms, such as the interest rate and EMIs.

Your credit score reflects your financial situation. It provides the lender with a better understanding of your ability to repay debt. A credit score of 750 or more is suitable for getting a personal loan on favorable terms.

  • Rates of interest 

A slew of lenders may contact you with attractive and slightly low rates. As appealing as this offer may be, be aware that when you select such low-rate loans, you may pay more due to many other unfavorable loan terms.

Before applying for a personal loan, you should deeply study and analyze loan rates from several lenders.

Another vital aspect is how loan rates are computed. In most cases, loan rates set using the declining balance system are regarded as ideal.

  • Origination fees 

Loans may have origin costs from some lenders. The fee is a set sum that must be paid once a loan form has been submitted to the bank or verified.

Learning the rate at which different lenders charge these costs will assist you in making the proper decision and avoiding expensive fees.

  • Pre-payment fines and foreclosure 

Other expenses to be careful of are foreclosure and pre-payment penalties. These are fees that apply if the borrower intends to pay off their loan well before the end of the term.

While some banks opt not to charge for closure costs, the majority charge between 2% and 5% of the outstanding amount.

By comparing these fees, you can find lenders who are the most flexible about full or partial payments.

  • Other costs

Review the loan terms carefully to see if there are any other fees, like administrative fees, loan processing fees, etc., that are not listed above.

Check the lender’s website or loan form paperwork for these fees. Knowing these extra fees can help determine how much you will be billed when applying for a personal loan.


A personal loan might be an excellent way to solve money troubles. A personal loan could assist you in paying utility bills, medical bills, credit card bills, or school fees.

However, it is a critical decision that necessitates careful consideration of several factors. You should consider why you want a personal loan, your goals, assets, and income, previous duties, and your capacity to repay the loan.

There are many additional aspects to consider while selecting a personal loan. That has already been explored in this blog; when choosing a lender for personal loans, it is vital to evaluate all of these elements. Commit to a lender that provides reasonable rates and a flexible payback time to ensure your long-term financial wellness. Piramal Finance might be a viable choice for you. You can check out their webpage to check personal loan eligibility and explore products and services.