Personal Loan

What Are the Features and Benefits of an Instant Personal Loan


It’s highly likely that despite your best efforts, you will fall short in terms of cash to cover unforeseen expenses. At such times, you require some extra cash to cover those expenses, which can be almost anything. Instant personal loans are a common way to quickly receive the money you need. Applying for a personal loan online is quick and easy, and if you need more than Rs. 20 lakh, you may acquire it quickly with adjustable EMIs that span from 5 to 7 years.

What is an Instant Loan?

These days, banks work more efficiently than they did a couple of years ago. Banking processes are becoming increasingly paperless and quick. Further, there is a rising need for rapid loans online to cover unforeseen costs such as medical crises, the acquisition of a major asset, wedding or trip expenses, automobile or house maintenance costs, and more. Increasing numbers of people are opting for instant personal loans because of how quickly they can be disbursed post-application.

What Are the Different Types of Instant Loans?

Here are some examples of widespread forms of quick loans:

Short-Term Personal Loans (STPLs):

STPLs are gaining traction in India, where borrowers can acquire a loan for as little as Rs. 1,000. Many NBFCs and online lenders now provide these services. It’s the best option for solving money problems at the end of the month. You may apply for an STPL Loan online or through the mobile app, and once approved, the funds will be sent to your account in a matter of minutes.

Personal Loans: 

Most people turn to this type of loan when faced with a financial emergency since it is the most widely available unsecured lending option. Numerous financial institutions (FIs) and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) provide this loan with amounts ranging from 30,000 to 40,000,000. This loan often has a higher interest rate than a secured loan, but you can return it whenever you choose over a longer period.

Top-Up Loan: 

A top-up loan is a loan taken out in addition to another loan, usually a mortgage or personal loan, and used to pay for unexpected expenses or make necessary improvements to one’s house. This loan may be processed quickly with no effort on your part because the bank already has the necessary information on file.

Loan Against Credit Card: 

Depending on your payment history and credit limit, your credit card issuer may extend you this form of loan if you have a credit card. Loans that have already been authorized can be processed promptly and disbursed to the borrower. You may also apply for this loan by contacting your credit card company.

Insurance and Savings Loans:

A variety of financial institutions (both banks and NBFCs) will provide you with a loan if you have a small amount of money in things like insurance policies, bank deposits, or NSCCs (NSCs). The term “demand loan” can also be used to describe this type of borrowing. However, the sum you can borrow is determined by the cash value of your policy or NSCs at the time of maturity. Borrow up to 90% of your savings value if you have a good repayment history.

What Are the Top Features and Benefits of Instant Personal Loans?

Paperless Approval: 

Certain documentation may be required by the lender in order for your loan application to be approved. However, when applying for a personal loan online, all paperwork is handled digitally. In addition, if you are a client who has already been pre-approved, you will need to submit very little paperwork.

No Collateral: 

Quick personal loans are unsecured loans. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about providing security or collateral for this.

Instant Disbursal: 

If you need money quickly, a fast personal loan is a good option because of the speed with which approved funds are deposited into your account once the loan has been finalized.

Almost No Waiting Time:

Instant personal loans have a far quicker turnaround time compared to traditional loans.

Flexible Loan Terms:

A borrower of an instant personal loan has several repayment options. This means that you can select a repayment term that best suits your needs within the confines of the lender’s maximum loan payback period.

Variable Loan Amounts:

People who want immediate personal loans can ask for any amount between the minimum the lender requires and the most the lender will give.

Competitive rates:

A low-interest loan is more likely to be provided to someone with a high credit score. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce the cost of the loan.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Instant Loans?

The following are the prerequisites for applying for a payday loan online:

  • One’s credit score is essential for obtaining a low-interest, no-hassle personal loan in a short amount of time. Keeping your credit score above 750 is highly recommended.
  • Prospective borrowers applying for a quick personal loan must be of the minimum age required by the lender. The minimum and maximum ages may change depending on whether you’re an employee or a business owner. Before applying for a quick personal loan, it is important to find out how old you have to be to meet the minimum age requirement of any financial institution you are interested in.
  • Employment status: Most lending companies will give instant personal loans to both people who work for a company and those who work for themselves.

There are several sources to turn to when you need a fast personal loan. Unfortunately, even these types of lenders require at least four or five business days. However, an instant personal loan is the best and fastest option if you need a loan quickly.


Instant Loan is the fastest disbursing loan. The funds will be sent into your bank account within minutes of approval. A personal loan application can also be obtained online with a few mobile clicks.

No collateral is needed, and you can apply for a personal loan at any time and from anywhere.

Several banks and NBFCs provide Instant Personal Loans. Consult a professional financial firm, such as Piramal Finance, if you have any doubts. Their specialists may be able to assist you in determining how much money you need to borrow and where you can make purchases.