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What Are the Benefits of Using the Personal Loan EMI Calculator?


Personal loans need no collateral. They are paid quickly. They can be used for various purposes like growing your business or paying for college, vacations, emergencies, and more. Therefore, personal loans have become very popular over the years.

When looking for funding, unsecured personal loans are often the best choice for most needs. They are easily accessible. You can use these funds to pay for college tuition, fund home renovations, deal with emergencies, or anything else. To get the most out of it, it’s best to take out a personal loan with terms tailored for you.

The easiest way to identify such offers is to compare them with our personal loan EMI calculator.

Some of the most important factors to consider before taking out a personal loan are the interest rate, repayment capacity, and term of the loan.

Manually calculating personal loan EMIs can be inefficient. Worse, they can be inaccurate.

Therefore, it is best to use a personal loan EMI calculator. You can use this calculator to see if a personal loan is right for you.

What is a personal loan EMI calculator?

When you take out a personal loan, you have to pay the principal and interest together. The personal loan EMI calculator is a tool used to calculate the amount paid each month.

Always check this amount on the EMI calculator for a personal loan before taking one out. This will give you an idea of ​​how much you will have to pay monthly during your tenure. This helps you see the impact on your expenses and lifestyle due to the personal loan EMI.

The personal loan EMI calculator displays the interest rate paid on the main loan amounts for various terms. It uses metrics like desired loan amount, estimated interest rate, and desired loan term. You can enter different interest rates within the specified range limits. This helps you see how much EMI you will pay for each interest rate.

For proof of identity, you’ll need a copy of your PAN and driver’s license, Aadhar card, voter card, or passport.

You’ll also need the following, as applicable to you.

  • Address salary slips (for hired professionals).
  • Proof of income for the last 3 months (if self-employed).
  • Savings bank account statement (if employed).
  • Bank statements from the last 6 months (if you are self-employed).

Personal loan interest rates vary from bank to bank. It is very important to compare the interest rates offered by different banks to find the best bank for you with the lowest interest rates in the personal loan market.

5 benefits of the personal loan EMI calculator

Some of the main advantages of this calculator are as follows.

  • You can align the EMI with your monthly budget.Calculating the EMI of a personal loan will give you an idea of ​​how much you will have to pay each month. You can schedule all monthly expenses over the life of the loan to easily fit into your personal loan EMI.
  • You can make decisions by changing the factors that affect EMI.Loan amount, monthly interest rate, and term play a very important role in determining EMI. EMI is directly proportional to the loan amount and interest rate and vice versa.
  • An EMI calculator for a personal loan helps ensure you have a sound credit rating.Calculate your EMI before you take out a personal loan. This will help you to be prepared to manage your loan repayment funds in the time allotted. Never miss an EMI. This helps avoid bad credit.
  • It helps you save time and get accurate results.A personal loan EMI calculator saves you a lot of time by performing all the complex calculations in seconds. Doing the calculations manually can be error-prone. Using the EMI calculator is error-free and gives fairly accurate results.
  • A personal loan EMI calculator is user-friendly and easy to access.It is available online. It is very easy to use. Simply enter the loan principal, interest rate, and loan term to calculate your monthly repayment amount. This makes it easy for users to calculate monthly charges from anywhere at any time.

Clearly, a personal loan EMI calculator has many benefits. Some of the most important ones have been discussed above. When you are ready to take out a personal loan, use our calculator to easily get accurate results. And before applying for one, evaluate all the factors. Clarify factors such as repayment capacity and the repayment period.


Personal loans have become more popular in recent years. They don’t need collateral. They can be used for various purposes. They have slightly higher interest rates than other loans such as mortgages, etc. Many borrowers do not require collateral and work well during emergencies and financial constraints.

Using the EMI calculator for personal loans is now the top choice for borrowers over offline calculators. Piramal Finance understands that by facilitating personal loans, your life revolves around repayment. Therefore, as with any financial decision, we recommend taking out a personal loan only after evaluating factors such as loan size, repayment capacity, interest rate, and loan term. The personal loan EMI calculator is the only way to ensure accuracy and clarity when applying for a personal loan. Visit Piramal Finance today to know more.