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What are the Benefits of Choosing an Instant Personal Loan in 2022?


Time has made personal finance planning a walk in the park with the greatest offers on instant personal loans. Just a few clicks and you will have your loan amount in your bank. You do not have to apply for personal loans with many documents for verification.

You do not need to wait in long lines to get approval for your loan. The disbursal time for loans has come down significantly. Many banks are willing to offer instant personal loans to promote their services. All it takes is verification of your documents. Once the bank is satisfied with your credentials, they will transfer the funds to your account instantly. In this article, we will shed some light on the benefits of instant personal loans.

Benefits of Instant Personal Loans

It is necessary to understand the benefits of an instant personal loan. Taking a loan is a major financial decision, which requires making the correct judgement. Let’s find out how choosing instant personal loans will benefit your personal financial planning in 2022.

Speedy delivery with instant personal loans

The word “instant” ensures that the fastest loan processing is done for personal loans. It may take anywhere between a few hours to a few days for your loan to process. Personal loans are already the fastest-processing loans over other types of loans. Instant personal loans cut down on the time that it takes to process a conventional loan. Once you guarantee that repayment will be done, the loan is yours.

No Security Against Instant Personal Loans

Personal loans are usually not secured. This means that you do not have to put anything on the line when asking for a loan. Since not much verification is needed due to a lack of security, it is easier to get approval for a personal loan. Hence, this is very risky for the loan providers. Because of this, the interest rates are generally high.

Multiple Uses of the Personal Loan

You do not have to specify where and how you are going to use the amount from the instant personal loan. It could be for anything, such as house renovation, IT equipment purchases, a vacation overseas, and so on. You can use the amount for more than one purpose as well. This feature is extremely useful in case you change your mind about the use of the loan funds. You can repay the funds earlier in that case.

Improving Credit Score

If you do not have a credit history, you can get an instant personal loan and repay it on time to get a good boost. With a good credit score, you can conduct more thorough personal financial planning for the future. You can also get better offers on other loans that carry stricter credit guidelines.

Paperless and with the Fewest Documents

Nowadays, most of your details and data are stored online with various banks and lenders. Instant personal loans do not require a huge amount of documentation, as your details can be found online. KYC is popularly used for this along with bank statements. This is why instant personal loans are considered paperless. Banks can verify your details through online records in no time. This improves the processing time of the loan.

Online channels for personal financial planning

Since most of your details are available online for verification, you do not need much paper to submit. With online instant personal loan options, you can apply for one from anywhere. The online process is as simple as following a few selections and clicking a few buttons. From application to disbursement, everything can be done digitally.

Cleaning Up Debts From Other EMIs

If you have many EMIs weighing on your salary, you can clear them all with a single instant personal loan. You will be left with only one EMI and a lot of peace of mind. You can pay off huge credit-card bills and other huge payments with a single loan. A personal loan is easier to repay as compared to heavy EMIs from other purchases.

Access to Special Offers with Super Benefits

Lenders and banks have the data for the possible borrowers online. Accordingly, they offer instant personal loan deals with the best terms based on financial information. If your credit score has improved, the lenders will present you with better offers. Therefore, looking at instant personal loan offers first when you feel the need for a loan is the best choice. The benefits offered include better interest rates, beneficial repayment terms, loan sanction terms, and so on.

The best solution for emergencies

There might be cases where you have an urgent need for funds. It may be a medical emergency, certain pending dues with the last date nearby, or a need for instant purchase. Getting into debt with unreliable sources can be dangerous in the long run. You can look for instant personal loan offers for quick disbursal of funds from reliable lenders such as Piramal Finance. Here, your needs are kept in mind, and the loan is disbursed quickly for your use.


If you have followed through with the points above, you must have understood the importance of personal loans. How instant personal loans are the best personal financial planning solutions today, is easily understandable. From their lack of heavy documentation to their quick processing and security-free terms, these factors make for the most beneficial loan terms to fulfil your demands. Piramal Finance experts can guide you when you wish to choose personal loans for the fulfilment of your dreams. With the guidance of a premier financial institution, you can find the best loan for your needs.