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Ways to Plan Personal Loan EMI Repayment Smartly


Calculating finances and EMIs can be tough. One always needs to be conscious while dealing with loan finances. Personal loan repayment is vital. It affects your Cibil score. This can affect your financial future. A good credit score allows you to obtain credit from banks and other financial firms. This type of credit is less costly than credit obtained from informal sources.

Planning Personal Loan EMI Repayment Smartly

  1. Fix the amount of the loan based on your needs.You should only borrow what you need and nothing more. If a credit line is inflated, one may believe that they can get hold of more money than needed. But this may make loan repayment more difficult in the coming days. EMIs are directly equal to the amount of loan taken. The finest manner to deal with them is to borrow funds per your needs.
  2. Consider Purchasing Insurance When Choosing Larger LoanA loan protection insurance policy can be extremely beneficial when taking out a large loan. This way, you will not bear the brunt of a missed EMI payment for any given month. Loan protection insurance is designed to help borrowers. If the borrower fails to pay the loan EMI, the loan protection insurance company is required to pay off the remaining EMIs for the borrowed amount. As a result, if you apply for a large loan, remember to purchase a protection plan as well.
  3. Make a budgetCreating a rough prediction of your expenses can assist you in strategizing the timely payment of your EMI. When you know how you distribute your expenses, you will automatically reduce unnecessary spending. You will also save where necessary. This plays a vital role in your Personal loan repayment. 
  4. Pay on TimeWhen you borrow some of the money, make certain that you repay it timely. This is to make sure that you do not miss any paybacks. This will assist in lessening the pressure of the bill and the pressure of delayed deposit. Furthermore, instead of making the minimum EMI payment, it is preferable to give out the whole chunk.
  5. Keep track of your expensesIt is unnecessary to mention the influence of adequate price handling for fiscal sufficiency. Regardless of age or position in life, everyone must plan a budget and handle payments to save. Reduce non-essential spending. Even the slightest but steady drift in savings rate can help you pay your loan EMIs on time.
  6. Increase repayments as income risesA rational borrower’s primary goal should be repayment. If your work pays an extra or you receive monthly overpayments, you can utilize this added-on money to pay off a portion of your loan ahead of plan. 
  7. Consolidation of debtMany experts recommend debt consolidation in case you are burdened with various dues to pay back. It entails combining all paybacks, such as credit card bills, into a single refund. This will save you time. It allows you to make only one payment per month. Banks occasionally make appealing offers to consolidate existing loans. It also assists borrowers in lowering their far-reaching debts.
  8. Check the Small PrintMany firms charge their customers hidden fees. The majority of these are efficiently included in a tedious contract. The majority of customers do not read. You should be aware of the added fees. Before signing the bond, learn to read it thoroughly. It contains important loan guidelines and tariffs. Avoid having to pay any unexpected fees. Fees that can extend the sum of repayment and thus your EMI.

Key Points

  • Though the exact amount of the lowest personal loan amount varies by lending firm, most lenders have set their lowest personal loan principal amount at Rs. 30,000.
  • The duration would be fixed based on your income and experience, which could range from 12 to 60 months.
  • Get a firm grasp on your financial situation and devise a plan for making personal loan repayment with ease. If you choose a larger personal loan, you can think about taking security. 
  • The principal sum of money is directly related to the monthly instalments. This means that as the former rises, the latter rises as well, and vice versa. Once you’ve determined the EMI, you can afford and the term you want, you can fix the loan amount you are planning accordingly.
  • A low EMI offer is the result of a low-interest rate, a long repayment term, or a combination of the two. As a result, if you choose the lower EMI option, you may end up paying significantly more in interest to your lender. Before making a decision, use online tools such as the personal loan EMI calculator to calculate your interest payments over the loan term and your personal loan repayment capacity.
  • Your lender’s interest rate will be an important factor in fixing the personal loan repayment.  You can choose the lender with the cheapest rate. This will assist you in lowering your EMIs on personal loans.
  • Despite having good count in credit and being qualified for a larger loan, do not apply for a loan that is larger than what you truly require. Being cautious while loaning will make personal loan repayment easier.


A timely personal loan repayment aids in the management of your monthly budget. Also, the improvement or maintenance of your credit score.  The repayment amount’s interest rate is determined by the eligibility criteria met and varies by applicant. Missing EMI payments as a borrower can result in significant financial hardship. It increases your dues for the coming times. It also takes down the CIBIL results. As a result, payment of your dues should be a top priority at all times. You can see Piramal Finance’s acceptability for a loan and confirm your bond.

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