Unit Conversions For Length, Area, And Volume


When you are buying a home, you need to focus on many aspects. One of the key aspects is the area of the house as you will have to pay the price based on the area. Unless you can perform unit conversions correctly, there are high chances of making mistakes. Any error by you in this aspect can cause some serious issues later on. Hence, whenever you are buying a property or machinery, you need to use a unit conversion calculator.

It is a free online tool that allows you to convert units from one to another easily. Whether it is length, area, or volume, the unit conversion calculator can surely help you out. It will help you complete the process quickly and remove any chances of errors. Before you start, you need to learn that in India, the metric system is used for most purposes. So, you must be well versed in it.

Read on to learn more about unit conversions and how you can perform them easily.

Metric System for Length, Area, and Volume

In India, the metric system is used for all purposes, whether it is length, area, or volume. The metric system is used across the country for unit conversions. Here are some key aspects of the metric system that you must know:

  • Basic Unit: The basic units under the metric system are metres, grams, and litres.
  • Purpose: if you want to find out the area of a property or the capacity of a machine, you need to know all about the metric system.
  • Unit Conversions: It is possible to convert from one metric unit to another with a simple formula. You can easily convert from smaller units to larger units, and vice-versa.
  • Usage: Metric system is widely used in India and European countries. Land size, property area, and machine capacity are all defined using the metric system.
  • Benefits: When you have to change from one unit to another, the metric system is easy to use. This is not the case with an imperial system which is very hard to convert from one unit to another.

Unit Conversion Calculator

Many units are used under the metric system, but not all units can be used every time. You will need to undertake unit conversions i.,e. convert one unit to another. The purpose can be any, but it is vital to know all about using a unit conversion calculator.

It is a free online tool that can be used through a website or mobile app. Many platforms offer this feature. So, you can select any of the apps or websites you prefer.

Here are the steps you must follow to use a unit conversion calculator:

  • You must have the data ready with you. It means all the units that you want to convert must be noted somewhere.
  • Now, open your browser and type ‘unit conversion for the area’ or ‘unit conversion for volume’ as per your needs.
  • Several links will open on the screen. Choose any of them according to your choice.
  • You can also get an app for the same from the Play Store or App Store. Based on your choice, it can be a free app or a paid app.
  • You can select any type of unit conversion you want i.e. length, area, or volume. Once you opt for it, the unit conversion calculator will show the relevant unit conversions.
  • Now, the unit conversion calculator will open on your screen. Firstly, here you will need to select the base unit i.e. unit in which the data is present. Select the unit from a drop-down menu and then enter the figure in the blank field.
  • Next, you need to select the resulting unit i.e. the unit in which you want the answer. This option will also have a drop-down menu.
  • After you select both unit options, click on the calculate button.
  • The result will be visible on your screen. You can note it down on a piece of paper for ready reference.
  • If you are using an app, you can take a screenshot for easy reference.

The results which you will get are accurate and quick. You can repeat this process as many times that you want for different unit conversions. Avoid doing this manually as there are many chances of an error which can prove very costly later on. You can shuffle between various online tools to verify your results. As it is free to use, you can use a unit conversion calculator as many times as you want.

Common Area Units Used in India

Original UnitResulting Unit
1 sq. mtr.10.7 sq. ft.
1 sq. in.0.006 sq. ft.
1 sq. ft.0.09 sq. mtr.
1 sq. km.247.1 acres.
1 sq. yd.0.83 sq mtr.
1 acre.4886.9 gaj.
1 hectare.2.50 acres.

Common Length Units Used in India

Original UnitResulting Unit
1 inch0.02 mtr
1 foot0.30 mtr
1 km1000 mtr
1 mtr1 mtr

Common Volume Units Used in India

Original UnitResulting Unit
1 cu mtr.1000 ltr.
1 barrel.159 ltr.
1 cu ft.28.3 ltr.
1 litre.1 ltr.
1 gallon.3.78 ltr.
1 pint.0.4 ltr.

You must learn about various vital units of length, area, and volume. This will come in handy when you have to convert from one unit to another for any given purpose. To learn more about unit conversions, visit Piramal Finance. They offer many blogs and articles to help improve your skills in finance. They also have various loans and finance options to meet your urgent financial needs with great deals and offers.