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Travel Insurance Can Protect You on Your Road Trip


Road trip memories are one of the best events in our lives. Fantastic views and your favourite playlist lead to joyful memories. Travel insurance can keep you safe on a trip. Are you searching for travel insurance? This article will tell you all that you need to know.

Travel insurance is for people when they go on domestic or international travel. It includes many benefits. If you fall ill during travel, your insurance plan will take care of it. This includes your hospitalisation expenses too. There could be cancellations or delays in your travel. Travel insurance is helpful in such cases as well. If in case you lose your luggage or documents, insurance again helps.

Travel insurance will protect you from departure to return. You can choose travel insurance plans based on your needs. It includes flight choices and bookings. Travel insurance covers many trips in the policy period. Details such as travel date, traveller details, and coverage required are needed for travel insurance. You can buy travel insurance online too. There are many portals like Piramal Finance to help you buy travel insurance online.

Main features of road trip insurance

On-trip financial support

You are protected if you become lost in the middle of your journey. You get cash for an emergency hotel stay and travel reimbursement up to the covered amount.

Low Annual Fee Relief

Get a sum of money insured for an emergency during a trip at a small annual cost. It’s a good strategy to avoid spending money you don’t need to, especially if your car breaks down.

Blocking of Debit/Credit Cards

With just one phone call, you can prevent the unauthorised use of your lost or forgotten debit or credit card and protect your money.

This blog covers vital aspects of travel insurance. Read on to learn more.

Covers prepaid costs after cancellation

You do many things before your trip: You book hotel rooms. You find tickets for must-see sites. Your rent cars. Make sure you have travel insurance too. This helps when there is a change in plans. Travel insurance covers prepaid costs if there is a cancellation of the trip.

If you or a group member falls sick, you may have to cancel the trip. Travel insurance can help here. Sometimes a death in the family may lead to the scrapping of travel plans. The travel agency may default. Bad weather can change plans. There are many reasons for trip cancellation. Travel insurance helps in all of these cases.

Some road trip travel insurance policies cover trip interruptions due to traffic and accidents. If a highway closure results in delays, travel insurance will help you. 

Covers medical expenses and evacuation

A person may fall sick during a trip. They may even need a medical evacuation. Someone might need a doctor during a road trip. Travel insurance can take care of all these expenses, plus other emergencies.

Some of the incidents falling under medical emergencies include acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth because of injury, sudden illness, injury, accidents, or death while travelling.

Annual travel insurance plan

There is great fun in travelling. A travel insurance plan will give you more freedom to do this. An annual insurance plan gives you safety. It covers any mishaps during your trip.

These plans give you more flexibility. Annual travel insurance plans include rental car damage and theft coverage. It helps with trip cancellation. It also helps if there is an interruption in the trip because of an emergency.

You can look for an annual travel insurance plan, based on the travel frequency, destination, trip duration, the number of travellers, and the claim procedure.

Car insurance policy for your road trip

A suitable car insurance policy is useful for every trip. You can look for travel insurance online.

Apart from travel insurance, you can get add-ons for your road trips.

Roadside assistance

This is useful if your car breaks down. The insurance company will send a mechanic to fix your car. Your car can be towed to the closest garage too.

Passenger cover

Travel insurance plans are very detailed. You can get personal accident coverage of Rs. 15 lakh. The experts at Piramal Finance will give you more information.

Personal belongings cover

You may carry costly gadgets like laptops and smartphones on your trip. They may get damaged in an accident. The belongings add-on helps in this case.

Delayed trips

There could be many reasons for a delayed trip. Traffic jams and road diversions are common. It may be difficult to reach places in remote areas. When you search for travel insurance online, look for this too.

Maternity and baby cover

Not all agencies offer this facility in their travel insurance package. Luckily, in India, some travel agencies provide this add-on under their travel insurance plan. If anyone in your travel group is pregnant, you can also look for these perks.

A road trip is a fun experience. It gives you a chance to get to know your fellow travellers better. Enjoy your road trip instead of worrying about insurance.

Bottom line

Use travel insurance to enjoy your road trip to the fullest. Sudden and unfavourable situations arise during a trip. There may be more risks in foreign trips. Piramal Finance has many travel insurance plans online. Its platform has branded road trip products. You can find offers and discounts too. Head to the website to know more. Buy travel insurance online with ease with Piramal Finance. Read the policy carefully to understand the coverage, limitations, and other details.

If you need help, you can contact the experts at Piramal Finance. They have a one-stop platform for all information on financial and banking services. Update your knowledge on key services and products, such as personal loans and insurance coverage, by reading the blogs on their website.