Top Reasons You Should Not Miss The COVID-19 Vaccine


Multiple diseases can be fatal to human beings. Bacteria or viruses cause most of them. There was a time when measles and chicken pox were considered fatal diseases. Thanks to vaccines, we do not have to worry about such diseases. Yet, we have often wondered about the power of vaccines until recently.

During the massive global havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the only hope was developing a vaccine formulation. And it proved to be the answer to one of the biggest pandemics in history. Yet many people were against vaccinations, with anti-vaccine protests. Some protestors said, “We don’t want to inject anything like this into my body.” This has affected the medicine industry negatively. It has also declined trust in scientific experts and political leaders.

This is called vaccine hesitancy, where people fear vaccines. This happened more for new ones like COVID vaccines during the pandemic. The situation arises because of misinformation and a lack of proper knowledge. But vaccines, like the COVID-19 vaccines, are essential to individuals and the global community.

It’s safe to say that we have surpassed the major pandemic period, but COVID-19 is not over. There are multiple variants around that are still affecting the human immune system. Your immune system is at risk if you are affected by any variant without being vaccinated.

So, vaccination is the only way to fight the pandemic. For proper information, follow legitimate platforms. You can follow government-led educational platforms like the Cowin App, which ensures that people can get accurate information and reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Reasons to Not Miss the COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. The sooner you get vaccinated, the better. The longer the virus spreads, the greater the potential for more lethal or contagious variants to develop. This puts everyone at risk. The Omicron, another new variant of COVID-19, is a painful reminder of this. While most countries vaccinate their populations against COVID-19, countries with low vaccine supplies have seen severe increases in infection rates. This potentially introduced many novel variants. 
  2. When you become infected, your family may also be at risk. Usually, viruses spread through the air, water, etc. Viruses like COVID-19 are potent and can contaminate the air faster, so infants and older people are at greater risk. This is because of a lack of immunity. Now, when adults who are primary caregivers come in contact with infected people, they either get infected or become asymptomatic carriers. This increases the chances of affecting people, especially those with low immunity levels. Therefore, getting vaccinated is an important step to keep your family safe to a large extent. However, no COVID-19 vaccination gives 100% protection. So you must stay updated with the right information. Follow the Cowin App to know more. 
  3. People with allergies can also get the vaccination. Multiple myths were circulating on multiple social media platforms about the cons of vaccines. One of them was why people with allergies should not take vaccines, etc. The CDC has issued an official statement to debunk such myths. According to the CDC, those who are allergic to particular foods, latex, or other common allergens can get the COVID-19 vaccine without fear. But you can tell your doctor if you have ever had a severe adverse reaction to any vaccine ingredients. However, there have been multiple tests before approval for any adverse reactions. 
  4. Vaccines boost immunity. But it is no other immunity-boosting drink.While there have been many debates about the immunity system during the whole pandemic, many have misinterpreted the information. First, no magical drink can instantly improve the immune system. This is more true for young infants and older adults with low immunity. It takes a long time for the immune system to build after following the right lifestyle and a healthy, balanced diet. It keeps you healthy. But there is no proof that it prevents viruses and bacteria from affecting your body. Second, the COVID-19 vaccines are affecting and increasing your immune system. But it makes your body strong enough to fight against one certain disease. Here, it’s the COVID-19 virus and its variants. Drinking instant immunity-boosting drinks is not the same as taking vaccines. Therefore, take COVID-19 dosages to keep yourself safe from the deadly viruses. 
  5. There are no COVID vaccines that can infect you with COVID. Many people mistakenly believe that you will also become infected because the COVID-19 vaccine contains a strand of the virus. Being infected with the vaccine’s inactive virus poses no risk because that is not how a virus affects the body. 
  6. Safe for children, adults, and all age groups. All government bodies like the CDC and WHO have confirmed that people aged five and older can take the vaccine safely. Scientists completed clinical trials with thousands of adults and children before the CDC allowed their use and distribution in the public domain. 
  7. For infected people, taking the vaccine will provide additional protection. Your immune system is at risk if you’re affected by a variant without vaccination. After your recovery, you may have developed some immunity. However, it is unknown for how long it protected you from developing the virus again. The protection provided by the COVID-19 vaccine after infection is greater than the immunity of those who had COVID-19 but weren’t vaccinated.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

Yes. All the vaccines against COVID-19 were safe. There were multiple trials and tests to evaluate the efficacy of these vaccines.

Around 63.9% of people around the globe have received the COVID-19 vaccine with no major side effects. People have reported experiencing a slight fever, pain, and soreness for 48–72 hours after getting vaccinated.

We heard a great analogy from professor Shane Crotty, who works in vaccine development, who said, “It’s no different from going to the gym and getting sore muscles.” Minor discomfort can be a sign that “good things are happening.” Immunity must sometimes be earned, “just like those biceps you so desperately wanted.”


Many people are hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Reasons include the vaccines’ novelty and quick development, as well as the politicisation of the pandemic. Healthcare practitioners must remain informed on emerging data from the Cowin App to support patients in making informed decisions about vaccines required to help end the pandemic.

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