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Top 10 Trusted Indian Mobile Brands For Best Phones


Smartphones have become popular gadgets for daily use. Among all the countries with massive populations, India has one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets. Because of the make-in-India initiative, smartphone shipments grew by 16 percent year-on-year in Q2 2022. The top ten Indian mobile companies for the best smartphones will be discussed in this article.

Ten best Indian mobile brands for robust phones

1.      LYF – Reliance Retail:

LYF is a part of Reliance Jio (parent company). It takes its culture forward by putting customers at the centre of its business. These Indian mobile phones come with 4G-enabled VoLTE features. It is the second-largest LTE smartphone supplier in India.

LYF builds smartphones with great user experiences (UX). It is among the top five brands in India. It also features HD voice calling, Wi-Fi (VoWi-FI), and high-definition (HD) video calling. It became popular in the market because of its affordable price range.

2.      Micromax:

Micromax Informatics is another well-known consumer electronics brand. It delivers high-quality Indian mobile phones with excellent features. It achieved a large-scale adoption of smartphones and advanced technologies in the Indian market. This largest phone manufacturing company produces budget-friendly smartphones for the Indian market. In 2010–2012, the company also introduced LED TVs and tablets into the market. This Indian mobile brand is popular among youths.

3.      Karbonn Mobile:

It is another of the leading Indian mobile companies that got started in 2009. It has multiple awards under its name. It is a joint venture of Jaina Group (from New Delhi) and UTL Group (from Bengaluru), with headquarters in New Delhi. They aim to benefit a large number of people with their smartphones. Within a short period, its popularity crossed borders – in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Middle East Asia.

4.      Xolo Phones:

This is another Indian mobile phone brand that has launched its smartphones with Intel processors. It is also the first Indian smartphone company to launch a 4G-enabled smartphone. It partners with AMD. Xolo is also known for introducing the first dual-camera phone in India. Naturally, the brand became a game changer in the domestic market. It is known for its premium smartphones with unique designs and incorporates new technologies.

5.      Lava International Ltd.:

This leading Indian mobile brand has expanded its business across multiple countries. Since 2009, it has remained at the forefront with cutting-edge mobile handsets as a part of the Make-in-India initiative. It is also known for its hardware, software, industrial handset designs, etc. With the aim of “Design in India” initiative, it took complete control over manufacturing and designing phones in India.

6.      Intex technologies:

It is a well-known Indian mobile brand that got incorporated in 1996. This Indian company has a strong presence in IT electronics, consumer durables, and smartphone accessories. The company aims to enhance Indian lives with smooth access to the latest technologies and IT products. Its mobile handsets serve millions of customers from all socioeconomic backgrounds, age groups, and rural and urban India.It has also extended its business to LED TVs.

7.      YU Televentures:

YU Televentures began manufacturing smartphones on December 18 December 2014. It is a joint venture between Micromax Informatics Limited and Cyanogen Inc. This company became a widespread Indian mobile brand and consumer-durable business. YU mobile as a brand has won the trust of millions of consumers with its quality and highly durable smartphones. It is one of the most trusted brands that delivers stylish smartphones with powerful features at an affordable cost. YU has the official Cyanogen OS rights in India. Recently, this brand has also started to manufacture smart TVs.

8.      i-Ball:

It is another homegrown tech accessory brand that has become popular for its mobile handsets and PCs. Since it foundation in 2001, this Indian mobile company has touched over 100 million users, 1 lac active retailers, 5000 (approx.) trade partners, and more than 500 service centres. It has now captured the tech-savvy Indian buyer.

9.      Spice Telecom:

Spice is a well-known Indian mobile manufacturing company. It disrupted the Indian mobile phone market over the past decade. Spice Telecom as a brand remains a trusted strategic partner despite the rapid technological shifts and massive disruptions in the smartphone industries.It provides excellent customer service. The business focuses on telecom-focused IT, fintech, and content solutions.

10.   Celkon Mobiles:

It is a well-known Indian mobile phone manufacturer that aims to eliminate the digital divide. It brings affordable technology to the market. This company has its headquarters in Hyderabad. It has manufacturing units in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It left its mark in other countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Nepal. It also delivers its smartphones in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, and other countries.


Smartphones have become an essential asset for our everyday tasks. We hope this article has given you a crisp idea of the top ten trusted Indian mobile phone brands. This article also highlighted some powerful business goals for these Indian mobile companies. Other well-known Indian mobile brands are Jivi Mobiles, Onida Mobiles, Loop Mobiles, etc. Piramal Finance is an excellent financing solution for shoppers looking for the best Indian mobile phones. Visit Piramal Finance’s website to learn more about their financial offerings and services, such as EMIs, personal loans, credit cards, etc.