Top 10 Centre Table Designs In August 2022


There are things that guests notice when they arrive at a new home. Apart from the entrance, the drawing room grabs the visitors’ attention. Interior designers believe that the right furniture reduces the need for expensive centre pieces. It is crucial to spend on basic elements of home décor to impart simplicity.

A drawing room is the most important area of a house. To make it look more distinct, one can invest in non-traditional centre table designs. People usually invest in fancy sofa sets. But they often ignore the centre table or coffee table. However, these tables complement a designer couch when aligned correctly.

A good centre table design is stylish and practical. There is more to a centre table than its shape and size. Some latest table designs even come with storage. Therefore, a selection of centre tables for the drawing room must combine trendy designs with the spatial arrangement in the house.

Below is a list of the best centre table designs of August 2022 for those planning to go in for redecoration. Before moving on to the list, let’s get a quick rundown of traditional centre table designs.

Conventional Table Designs for the Drawing Room

Those who like conventional patterns can always go with wooden and glass centre tables. Traditionally designed tables provide familiarity and warmth to an interior. Consider the following types of conventional table designs for your home:

  1. Wooden Table
    Wooden furniture represents timelessness. The classic layout and finishing of the table lend a sense of serenity. Wooden tables made of teak or walnut offer both robustness and visual appeal.
  2. Glass Table
    A glass centre table is a mainstay in many households, as it showcases a hint of gloss in the living space. Most people invest in frosted glass so it doesn’t look too delicate to use. Glass centre table designs offer more interior styling. However, it is vital to buy a glass centre table with a strong metal base.

Top 10 centre table designs trending in 2022

1. Metal tables

A metal coffee table or centre table for the drawing room is a good furniture selection. Unlike a standard table option, it comes with patterns that elevate the simplicity of a room. Also, metal tables can support the weight of heavy objects such as fancy vases. However, metal tables with sharp edges and uneven surfaces should be avoided.

2. Rattan tables

People can also go with tables made with rattan material if they want to add an eco-friendly touch to their household. These centre tables are great for outdoor use. The latest designs of rattan tables with fine crafting can make them suitable for drawing room interiors as well. Plus, these tables are budget-friendly.

3. Acrylic centre tables

An acrylic coffee table or centre table is a design that comes with a cheaper glass alternative. But glass may not be a good choice in a household with children. This is why an acrylic table is an efficient investment. This table type can also be seen as an escape from conventional home interior patterns. Since it doesn’t have the design complexity of glass, it is the best option for the living area.

4. Modern design tables

Modern design tables comprise edgy patterns that add structural elements to the living area. One can go with a simple rectangular table with a crafted base. Again, oval-shaped centre tables can also elevate the appeal of the drawing room. Circular tables have a distinct centrepiece mark.

5. Minimal centre table

Those who prefer easy-going yet subtle designs can opt for minimalist table designs. In some ways, minimal designs add more edge to a drawing room by highlighting pragmatism. A minimal table pattern also reflects balance.

6. Abstract design centre table

An abstract design centre table is an apt furniture selection for those focusing on the dynamics of the living room. These tables usually come in a blend of different materials, such as metal, acrylic, and wood. These tables serve decorative and practical purposes.

7. Classically crafted table

Traditional furniture is never obsolete. You can always invest in a classic wooden or glass table to bring back the agelessness of the interior. A coffee table with an oval top made traditionally can add to the elegance of a traditional set of furniture.

8. Rustic centre table

The furniture of a house can customise the ambience no matter where we live. Those who want to add a hint of rural living to their house can consider buying a centre table with a rustic design. These tables come with carvings around the edges.

9. Coastal centre table

Coastal table designs have an ordinary structure with gaps around the base. These tables are designed to infuse light and create an airy ambience. These tables are usually made with a robust wooden base, while the top portion is made of glass or acrylic.

10. Vintage design table

Unlike conventional table designs, vintage furniture pieces are made with unique and reused materials. Made with reclaimed wood, these coffee tables light up the room with a friendly appeal.


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