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Top 10 Best Mutual Funds For SIP To Invest In 2022 In India

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Mutual funds are ways to invest that pool the money of many people so that they can invest in a wide range of assets more cheaply and effectively. Mutual funds often have the best SIP to invest option for people who are investing for the first time. 

A SIP, or systematic investment plan, lets people make regular investments in a mutual fund (every week, month, or quarter). Those who invest in mutual funds for the long term may make more money with the best sip to invest.

Why You Should Find the Best Stock to Invest

SIPs might be good for people who have never invested in a mutual fund. The best SIPs give their participants a lot of money.

How SIP Investments Help People

The number of people who invest their own money will go up greatly in 2023. Most people who invest for the first time have little extra money and know how important it is to save and invest for the long term. In 2022, the best SIP to invest in will help low-income people make the most of their small monthly payments and earn better long-term returns. You can begin investing systematically with as little as Rs 100.

SIP Investment Helps Compared To Dollar

Dollar-cost averaging in India’s currency could help you if you invest in the best SIP mutual funds. You can put more money into your SIP investment when the market is going down, but you can put less money into it when the market is going up. This means the cost of buying fund units can be spread over a longer period.

The choice to branch out

You can start a systematic investing plan with most mutual fund plans. Depending on your goals, you might choose a few of the best SIP plans and invest different amounts in each. Using this method, you may make steady profits even when the market is going down or is very volatile. You can diversify your SIP investment portfolio by putting money into equity, debt, and hybrid funds.


You should be able to make all of your own investment decisions with the best SIP plan. You can join a SIP at any time or quit at any time. A SIP can be put on hold and then picked up again later. There is no other type of investment that gives you this much freedom.


A SIP investment is a plan for the long term. The amount invested is less important than how long it lasts. Your SIP investments grow much bigger over time as they add to each other. Even if you don’t have much money, you should start investing in mutual funds through a SIP as soon as possible.

Instils financial discipline.

Self-discipline is the most important skill to learn when investing in risky assets. You might be able to use the self-discipline you learn by finding the best SIP to invest in other parts of your life.

The Best SIP to Invest for Everyone

Advice for Investors Who Don’t Want to Take Risks

  • Expanding Direct Investment Plan (Large-cap Equity) for Axis Bluechip Fund (Large-cap Equity)
  • Direct Plan Growth from ICICI Prudential is a way to save money automatically every month (Hybrid)
  • Fund for Investing in Quantitative Infrastructure (Equity)
  • Debt risk fund for HDFC Credit Lending Direct Development Investment

For those who are willing to take a chance

  • Mirae Asset runs a large-capitalisation stock investment fund.
  • A look at the direct growth strategy of the Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund
  • Physiologically Sound Method for Rapid Growth of an Absolute Quantitative Fund
  • Baroda-BNP-Paribas Hybrid Fund

Other SIP investments

Blue-chip stock investors in the Kotak Bluechip Fund Blue-chip stock investors in Axis AXA BOI are a fund that focuses on smaller companies. It has a strategy for directly estimating future tax increases. It also has a reserve for delaying taxes on Mirae assets.

How SIP Investment Works

SIP investment lets investors put money into a mutual fund regularly. It is made for first-time investors or investors with small amounts of money who don’t want to put up a lot of money at once. 

The best SIP to invest in lets the investor put in a set amount regularly, like once a month, three times a year, or once a week. There are many ways to invest, such as in large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, multi-cap, and equity-linked schemes. The one you choose will depend on your financial goals. You can choose the best SIP investment for each class depending on your preferences.

Large-cap SIP investment

The mutual fund invests in companies with a market capitalisation of more than $250 billion in these plans. If you want to reduce your risk on the stock market but still get a good return, you might want to think about one of these programs.

Small-cap SIP investment

Small-cap mutual funds are a great option for investors who want their money to grow in value but are willing to take on more risk. People who want to put money into small businesses (those with a market cap of Rs 5,000 million or less) can use these programmes.

Equity-linked SIP plans

With equity-linked savings plans, investors can save on taxes and build wealth for the future at the same time. Investors can save tax under Section 80c of the Income Tax Act.

Some Benefits of SIP Investments

One of the many benefits of a SIP is that its effects grow over time. When you put your profits back into your business, “compounding” happens. Over time, the effect grows, increasing the return on investment. In addition, SIP has the following benefits:

  • Convenience.
  • At first, little money is needed.
  • Using standard instructions, it is easy to automate SIP deduction.
  • It makes it easier to save money and invest.


Historically, the best returns on investments have come from buying stocks. But not all investors will benefit from this plan. The best SIP to invest plans let people invest in stocks even if they only have a small amount to invest and don’t want to be affected by market volatility. Get the best SIP to invest plans with Piramal Finance.