Personal Loan

Tips to Save Your Money Through a Personal Loan in 2022


Do you want to take a personal loan?

Do you fear the additional expenses a personal loan can incur?

If yes, your fears are justified. People are frequently required to pay more than the stipulated amount. It happens for many reasons, like additional interest, wrong credit valuation, non-timely payments, and many more. Therefore, before you take the loan, you should know more about the causes that might incur higher loan costs. In addition, you must also gain knowledge about saving money through a personal loan in 2022.

The following article will shed light on some of the best ways to make saving money easier when you have a personal loan. So, without further ado, let’s look at the illustrations!

Bring down the principal amount with frequent payments 

Most creditors charge extra for the prepayment of loans. Prepayment is a technique where you can pay the loan amount much earlier than the due date. By doing so, you are cutting off the source of income for the creditor. As a result, the person can charge you extra for a penalty. 

Therefore, the best way to reduce your principal amount is by making more frequent payments. The monthly interest bill will also reduce as the principal amount decreases. Some options include partial payments, multiple monthly payments, flexible payments, etc. Therefore, reducing the principal amount over time won’t be a problem.

The automatic debit of the monthly installment amount 

One of the best ways to save money on a personal loan is through automatic debit. Once you do this, the money will automatically be deducted from your account. Therefore, you won’t forget about making the payments manually. The creditor won’t charge any late payment interest on the total amount due. Besides, it will ease your life and help you manage two to three credits simultaneously. 

Since you will pay the amount on time, your credit score will also improve. As a result, enabling automatic debit on your loan will benefit you in a variety of ways. For this, you have to connect with your bank, where the account is, and submit an application. They will process the automatic debit settings. Once applied, the money will be deducted automatically on a particular date from your account.

Choosing a personal loan with an appropriate interest rate 

Do not jump straight onto any personal loan. If you compare the interest rates on different loans, you will know how they differ. It usually depends on an unsecured or secured loan. Apart from this, several other influencing factors exist, like your credit score, income, principal amount, and many other such attributes. 

Therefore, choose a personal loan whose interest rate is within your budget and equivalent to the stipulated amount. To do so, compare the rates offered by different creditors, and you will easily know how much to pay.

Avoiding delays in paying the installment amount  

Do not cause delays in paying the installment amount. If you are late, you need to pay more than the decided amount. Usually, the late payment interest charged is higher than what you would normally pay as interest only. So, the best option will be to pay the monthly installment amount before your due date without any grace period. 

Also, you can set reminders that will help you know your due date. Check the generated invoice to learn more about the days left to pay the installment minus late payment interest charges. If there are financial emergencies, connect with the creditor and ask for an extension. 

Keeping the credit score as high as possible 

It is important to ensure the credit score is as high as possible. The credit score exemplifies your credit report, ability to pay off debts on time, and several other attributes. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of loan approval will be. 

Furthermore, you can reduce the risks associated with a high credit score. This will further bring down the payable interest rate for the personal loan, helping you save lots of bucks each month. If your credit score drops suddenly between the loan tenure and the maturity date, the creditor may raise your interest payable amount. Therefore, be very sure about your credit card and maintain it properly. 

Accelerating part payments for the loan 

Sometimes, you might have extra funds in your account. Instead of preserving that fund to pay the monthly installment for the next month or tenure, you can use it for partial payment. By “part payment,” we mean paying half of the monthly installment in the current month. This will help you manage your finances next month, especially if you expect a financial crisis. 

For example, if you pay INR 1000 per month as an installment, your part payment amount will be INR 500. Instead of paying this amount in December, you can pay it in November. Therefore, in December, you can pay only INR 500 and use the rest of the fund for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Choosing the right loan repayment plan 

Last but not least, you have to choose a proper loan repayment plan with which you can easily pay off your debts without suffering any compensation. For example, suppose you are unable to repay the loan by the due date. If you choose a flexible repayment plan, negotiations will be possible. You can negotiate with your creditor and request that they extend the repayment term. 

As a result, you will get enough time to pay the rest of the debt without suffering from late payment interest charges. Apart from this, there will be no need to foreclose the loan or settle the debt due to non-payment. With negotiations, adjusting the payment terms will help you further extend the loan’s maturity date. 


In this article, we walked you through some of the best ways to save money through personal loans in 2022. Your job will be to find a financier who can shed light on these factors in a better way. Also, you can consult a financer to learn more about different interest rates and repayment plans. Finding the right person can become difficult as there are so many options. So, you can consult with Piramal Finance, as the company has gained enough experience in loans and credits.