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Tips to Determine the Ideal Tenure of a Loan Against Property


Properties are an important asset, and they are expensive as well. You must be certain about your choice when selecting a lender to finance your needs. Nowadays, loans against property are quite popular and affordable. You can opt for them to get financial assistance in times of emergencies.

The amount and tenure of your loan against property are some factors you should consider before signing up for it.

To determine the ideal tenure of your loan, you must first understand what a loan against the property means. Next, you need to plan your finances well in advance. Simply put, you must be aware of all the pros and cons of taking a loan against your property

loan against property is a type of loan that allows you to borrow funds against your residential, commercial, or industrial property. This is a secured loan and is available at attractive interest rates. You can apply for this loan for business and personal reasons.

How to identify the ideal tenure for a loan against property

It is extremely important for you to set the appropriate tenure for the loan you take against your property. If you miscalculate and select the wrong tenure, your financial plans for the future will be affected. 

Choosing the right tenure for a loan against property can also help decrease your overall loan burden. Before taking any loan against property and fixing its tenurekeep in mind the following parameters:

Monthly Income 

Income plays a very important role in the repayment of any loan. See to it that your monthly income as a salaried person or as a self-employed person is sufficient to pay back the loan. After that, you can decide upon what should be the tenure of your loan against the property. 

If your salary is good enough, you can opt for a short-term loan and pay reasonable EMIs over time. On the other hand, if your salary is not that much, you should opt for a long-term tenure. This way, you get to pay small monthly EMIs that suit your pocket.

Loan Amount 

While taking a loan against your property, keep in mind that the higher the loan amount, the more EMIs you have to pay.

It is your responsibility to strike a balance between EMIs and loan tenure. The loan tenure can vary from 15 to 20 years. You need to keep in mind that a long-term loan means you have to pay higher interest to the lender. It is best to choose a tenure during which the interest burden is low. Your mortgage loan should not cost you a fortune to repay.

Applicant’s Age 

Your age helps your bank or lender confirm if you can pay back the loan you have applied for. As a rule, if you are a young applicant, you are more likely to get tenure as long as possible while applying for a loan against property. On the other hand, if you are nearing retirement age, you will get a short-term loan against property. 

You cannot do anything about your age affecting your loan tenure, but you can plan your finances accordingly. It will help you repay your loan on time, without affecting your necessary expenses.

Interest Rate and Monthly EMIs

Interest rates and monthly EMIs are two key factors you need to consider while choosing the right tenure for your loan against property. If you want to pay small EMIs, you should opt for a long loan repayment tenure. On the contrary, if you wish to pay less interest, you should opt for a short-term tenure for your loan against property

The interest amount that you pay differs based on the tenure that you chose. The selection of your payable EMIs and interest rate should be based on proper planning. You do not wish to end up with EMIs that are too difficult for you to manage.

Applicant’s Future and Financial Prospects 

While choosing an ideal tenure for your loan against property, you should keep in mind your present and future financial prospects. It helps you assess your loan repayment capacity.

Timely assessment and management of your finances guides you in selecting the apt tenure for your loan against property. It gives you useful insight into your current income, upcoming increments, and financial needs for the future. Using this information, you can become fully prepared to deal with unexpected financial issues without disturbing your loan EMIs.


Properties make up a very crucial part of our lives. Thus, it becomes very important for all of us to take the right decision regarding it. Do all the necessary research about financial planning, EMI tenure, and interest rate calculation before you sign up for a mortgage loan. 

Nowadays, loans against property are easily available in the market through various banks and financial entities. This gives you the flexibility to choose a loan based on your needs and paying capacity. 

Prior research will save you from getting confused and making silly decisions. The easiest way of determining the right tenure against property is using an EMI calculator for instant loans against a property.

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