The Top 10 Best Fuel Credit Cards in India in 2022


The rising cost of fuel is a result of the surge in the number of vehicles on the road. It’s impossible to control these costs without fuel credit cards, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. The best part about fuel credit cards is that they offer several benefits, including fuel waivers.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Credit Cards For Fuel and the special features that have made them the best ones.

IndianOil Citi Credit Card

IndianOil and CitiBank together introduced the IndianOil Citi Credit Card. This credit card is one of the best fuel credit cards, that can offer you several benefits and discounts. It also offers several discounts on products and services other than fuel, such as on Vivo, Tribe, Zomato, Amazon, etc. 

Card Highlights 

  • You get 4 Turbo Points each time you spend INR 150
  • No upper limit for reward points (even for non-fuel purchases) or surcharge waivers
  • You can redeem points easily
  • Good welcome benefits

IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card

IndianOil, in collaboration with HDFC Bank, has introduced one of the best fuel credit cards for car users. Not to mention, it is also a reward-based fuel credit card. But there is a limit to how many reward points you can get and a minimum transaction amount for the waiver.

Card Highlights

  • No specific welcome benefit 
  • The upper limit for non-fuel and fuel-related reward points
  • Fuel in exchange for reward points at Indian Oil pumps

ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card

The ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for fuel in India. It has been launched jointly by ICICI Bank and HPCL. You can also make other non-fuel purchases through the HP Pay app.

Card Highlights

  • No upper limits for reward points on fuel and non-fuel transactions
  • Welcome benefits include transactions on the HP Pay app
  • Reward points are easily redeemable at any HPCL petrol pump.

BPCL SBI Credit Card

Bharat Petroleum, in partnership with SBI, has launched this fuel credit card which offers huge savings on fuel purchases of up to 4%. You can also use this fuel card to get a loan from SBI.

Card Highlights

  • Get a loan from SBI based on the credit limit
  • Good reward points and no redemption limit
  • You don’t need a specific petrol pump to get the fuel surcharge waiver
  • An upper limit (1300 points) exists on the reward points

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

This fuel credit card launched by none other than Standard Chartered, is suitable for purchasing fuel at any company’s petrol pump all over the country. Although, you do not get a surcharge waiver, there are several other benefits to using this fuel credit card.

Card Highlights

  • 5% cashback on paying specific bills
  • Maximum cashback limit per month
  • Reward points can be redeemed for discounts, coupons, or vouchers mentioned in the company catalog

IndianOil Axis Bank Credit Card

This card is one of the best fuel credit cards that has introduced EDGE reward points. These points not only have a great value (around 4% of the purchase), but it offers you several benefits like discounts in restaurants, booking hotels, or any buying merchandise like Flipkart or Myntra.

Card Highlights

  • There are no maximum rewards points for non-fuel purchases
  • A 20% discount is offered at partner restaurants through reward points 
  • With reward points, the annual fee can be waived 
  • You can use these reward points for other merchandise on sites like Flipkart and Myntra or to book hotels too.
  • The surcharge waiver will be applicable at any petrol station.

HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card 

HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card offers several benefits for fuel and non-fuel purchases. And don’t forget that it has a very low maintenance charge, putting it on the list of best credit cards for fuel. From fuel purchases to grocery shopping and booking train tickets, you get access to an array of benefits when using this card.

Card Highlights

  • 5% cashback per month on all fuel-related purchases
  • Nominal joining and renewal fees (INR 500 each)
  • Cashback on recharges through the fuel credit card 
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions of INR 400 to 5000

ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card 

This is one of the best fuel credit cards in India, offering several benefits on fuel and non-fuel purchases. You can also get 2 reward points each time you spend INR 100, which you can use to book show tickets on BookMyShow or spend on shopping.

Card Highlights

  • 2 reward points on spending INR 100 each time
  • Very nominal joining fees (INR 199 and applicable taxes)
  • The annual fee can be waived based on the spending 
  • Reward points can be redeemed against fuel and other transactions
  • Offers on BookMyShow

HPCL Bank of Baroda (BoB) ENERGIE Credit Card

This is one of the best credit cards for fuel and can only be used at any HPCL petrol pump. This card is loaded with benefits, such as high reward points for spending comparatively small amounts of money as well as attractive welcome benefits.

Card Highlights

  • 24 reward points for spending INR 150 on fuel-related purchases
  • 1% waiver in fuel surcharge
  • 25% discount on booking movie tickets
  • 10 reward points for every INR 150 spent in department stores
  • The card can be used at HPCL petrol pumps only

BPCL SBI Card Octane 

This one is regarded as one of India’s best fuel credit cards, as it offers a huge joining benefit if you are a new customer. How huge? 6000 reward points huge! And the reward rate is comparatively higher than that of other fuel credit cards. What’s more? You can also access airport lounges as complimentary gifts.

Card Highlights

  • 25 reward points after spending INR 100 every time on fuel-related purchases
  • 10 reward points after spending INR 100 for groceries every time
  • Around 7.25% value back for fuel transactions 
  • Milestone benefits for the customers in the form of gift vouchers
  • 6000 reward points as a welcome gift for new members
  • Annual fee can be waived based on spending
  • Customers can benefit from complimentary airport lounge access


Looking for a credit card to minimize your fuel costs? The cards mentioned above can help you achieve this. However, if you seem confused about making the right choice, Piramal Finance can help you select the best credit card, based on your needs. Here’s another word of advice: go through several finance blogs and user reviews before deciding which fuel card suits your needs the best. All in all, remember, a fuel credit card must offer you surcharge waivers and other relevant discounts to help you minimize your fuel costs. In case of any doubt, connect with a financial expert like Piramal Finance and get the easy and customised credit card and personal loan solutions.