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The Most Important Things to Keep in Mind while Availing of a Home Loan in 2022


Have you been saving to buy a new house for a long time? The search for the ideal home should be accompanied by an equally careful search for a suitable home loan. Housing loans are a good option because saving up for a down payment and closing costs can take a long time. And a home loan allows you to do that without giving up on other dreams. As long as you keep some things in mind, the process of your home loan application, approval, and repayment will be smooth.

Things to Consider before Getting a Home Loan

1. Save for a Down Payment

It is vital to plan your finances before buying property. You should set aside a fixed amount each month, and your budget should reflect that. This sum will be deposited into escrow as a down payment. Depending on the type of housing loan and the lender, your down payment can be anywhere from 2.25-20% of the property’s purchase price.

Setting up a direct deposit from your checking or payroll account into a savings account is a great way to automatically save money every month. If you cannot afford a sizable down payment, a zero-down home loan may be a good option. These housing loans require no initial payment from the borrower, so they are a good choice for first-time homebuyers with limited financial resources.

2. Find Out your Credit Rating

People with excellent credit ratings are more likely to be given competitive interest rates. A high credit score assures the lender that you will repay your debts on time and in the manner agreed upon.

Request a copy of your credit report, so you can see your credit profile as potential lenders see it. Knowing this will equip you to take steps toward raising your credit rating. You can obtain your credit score via many websites for a fee.

To qualify for a housing loan with the best interest rates, your CIBIL score should be at least 750. According to CIBIL data, 80% of home loan applications are approved for borrowers with credit scores of 750 or higher. If your CIBIL score is low, your application for a home loan may be denied, or you may be granted a home loan at a much higher interest rate.

3. Maintain Order in Your Financial Paperwork.

When applying for a housing loan, you will need to gather and submit several financial documents. If you have all of these papers prepared and in order, the process will take no time. ID proofs and pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements from the past few months are some of the most crucial documents to keep on hand.

4. Use a Home Loan Calculator

Using a home loan calculator will help you assess what you can reasonably borrow. These easy-to-use EMI calculators for home loans are widely accessible online, and they display monthly payments under various criteria (with different home prices, interest rates, down payments, etc.). They can be used by people who want to take out a home loan to check how much they can afford to borrow based on their income.

5. Compare Home Loan Lenders

Be careful of supposedly competitive interest rates on housing loans. A home loan’s interest rate is not the only aspect that can vary. You need to be aware of everything that goes into figuring out the cost of the home loan. This includes processing fees, foreclosure fees, and other hidden charges.

6. Choose the Home Loan That Suits You

You should not assume that a fixed-rate home loan is the best option just because it provides stability. A floating interest rate, on the other hand, follows the market and changes in tandem with a base rate. Each person’s financial circumstance varies, so it is crucial to check all your housing loan options before making a final decision.

7. Maintain Your Credit Score while Waiting for Approval

Before deciding whether or not to grant a home loan, most financers look at the applicant’s credit history. They can, however, recheck your credit reports before approving the housing loan. This allows them to confirm that you are a dependable debt-payer with a high credit score. So, after the lender approves your housing loan application, you should not lag in your payments.

If you can wait until your housing loan is approved before applying for any other home loans, that’s even better. This is because getting your credit score checked repeatedly over a short period can reduce it by a few points.

8. Read the Loan Policies Carefully

Before signing the housing loan agreement, ensure that you fully understand all the terms and conditions. It is vital to read the fine print and understand all that is expected of you. If you need help understanding the fine print, you should get in touch with your lender.


Housing loans are crucial in helping you to buy the home of your dreams. While paying off a large debt or making use of a luxury home facility may seem worthwhile, it is equally critical to consider the negative aspects. To find the best deal, apply for a housing loan after checking the features and interest rates offered by different lenders.

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