The Best Western Formal Dresses for Females You Must Own


Dressing formally helps women feel more confident in a professional setting. At the same time, formal wear helps give a sophisticated look. Here is a detailed guide on what and how to buy a western formal dress for females. 

Formal wear for confident female professionals

Women can today look stylish as well as professional with a range of fitted ensembles. Here are some formal wear options that women can carry easily:

Solid shirts

Solid plain shirts are the first item you must consider while looking for formal wear. Classic shirts paired with well-fitted trousers or shirts can never go wrong. Women can opt for cotton, satin, and silk shirts. Cotton shirts work well in a hot environment but can also get creased quickly. A satin or silk shirt works best in moderate climates and helps achieve a more classy look.

Well-fitted trousers

Baggy or loosely-fitted clothes are a strict no. You must always try on your outfits and get them altered for a fitted look. You can also get customised trousers. While shopping for formal wear trousers, opt for plain trousers in darker shades such as ink blue, black, and grey. These trousers will match most shirts. If you are looking for more combinations, try beige and tan pants. In prints, simple and straight vertical lines work best in western formal dresses for females

Pencil skirt 

While selecting a pencil skirt, ensure that it perfectly fits your body type. A skirt is a fantastic option for any formal business event. Remember that the skirt should usually end just above the knee. It shouldn’t be too tight or short, either. But you are free to experiment with various cuts, hues, and materials. Formal wear skirts don’t always have to be black and pencil-shaped. You can also try an A-line or flared skirt. Wear it with a shirt that matches the hues of your skirt.

Business suits

For women, there are mainly two types of business suits: 

  • Trouser suit set

This set includes a pair of well-fitted trousers along with a blazer. They are available in a wide range and variety. Try to go for a simple trouser suit set, as it helps define your overall formal look. 

  • Skirt suit set

This is a must-have western formal dress for females. A skirt suit set helps define a woman’s feminine and bold sides. In addition, it helps enhance the overall appearance. If you love to experiment, this is the perfect option. Select a base-coloured satin shirt and pair a skirt suit set with it. You can select it in a colour of your choice. You can also opt for prints such as checks to pop in more colours to your outfit. 

The best part of a suit set is that it is available in various fabrics. For winter, you can even choose a suit set with heavy material. Corduroy suit sets are also common these days. 

Formal blouses

Western women’s formal attire frequently includes formal blouses. Blouses are appropriate for regular workplace wear and can provide a modest, smart-casual appearance. When choosing a formal top, go for solid colours, pastel hues, and blouses with round necklines or collars. Plaid, checkered, striped, or geometric patterns are all fantastic options for a formal look for ladies. You can easily pair this with your trousers, skirts, and suit sets. 

A-line one pieces

Another great western formal dress for females is a chic A-line, body-fitted piece. It helps provide a formal look without much effort. A classic monotone dress piece can never go wrong. Pair this with a contrasting blazer for a more professional look. Sport a high ponytail and slight heels. 

Another great option for dresses is a classic shirt dress. This must be well-fitted. You can pair it with a corset belt to get a more defined look. Sport a half hair-do and classic pumps.

Outfit inspirations can help you.

Selecting the right outfit and colours plays an important role in western formal dresses for females. Here are some outfit inspirations that you can pick –

  • Beige shirts with brown pants – This outfit helps you get a defined and structured look. It is subtle and perfect for a regular office day. Pair this with bellies for footwear to complete the look.
  • Mint green pencil skirt with a white shirt – This combination can never go wrong if you have an important meeting. The mint green pencil skirt helps add a touch of colour to the everlasting white.
  • An all-black suit with a black shirt – This bold outfit is perfect for any corporate party or event. It shall help you stand out from the crowd. Carry this look with pencil heels to give it an edge.
  • Tan and pink blazer with an off-white shirt – If you have a business meeting and cannot go wrong with your outfit, this is the look you want. Pait this with baby pink pants or tan pants with boots or bellies.


Many women buy formal wear from the same store or brand. As everyone’s clothing is the same, it becomes monotonous. Even as you adhere to the rules of corporate dressing, it is important for you to stand out. Select a suit that complements your surroundings and add any customisations you like to make it more trendy. This will help you look and feel distinctive and stand out from the crowd.

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